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Subject: OCS Class 58B
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 23:48:23 EST

I am a complete novice on the computer hope I am sending this correctly.

I agree with most of the responses I have seen regarding an OCS Association. Have one if they like but let's keep 58B a separate entity. I am sorry that I missed the reunion but had granddaughter and husband getting their degrees following week in Colorado. I did get a copy of the video and thought it was an outstanding piece of work. Except I thought the guys and gals in my class were much younger.

I will try to recall some of my memories. I think I was the oldest (DOB 3-30-31) and had the most service (2-03-48). Could have been the ugliest (not sure of that might have some competition). Anyway Raynsford straight out of basic was my first roommate. When first class came in they never questioned me, always Raynsford and then raised hell with me for me not educating him. Also, in the 4th we had a Mr. Co-op that was voted on and on breaks if he wore the torn robe could do about anything if didn't fall for first class trying to trick him. Anyway I had it for 3 weeks and first class said only one week per person, they never caught me. I think Ed Garcia was next one.

After graduation I was assigned to the 463rd Troop Carrier Wing as a new Survival Equipment Officer. My office for a couple months was my car, while trying to locate a building for consolidation of equipment. Tested arctic gear in Thule for the Antarctica flights. Then I was off to a classified assignment to Germany, 1945 AACS Rhine Main AFB. Great duty as Supply Officer in communications. I had crypto top secret clearance and operations officer did not. So I was visitor for crypto. Now on to Scott AFB as Command Equipment Management Officer, for Air Force Communication Service. I was on duty when the Vietnam conflict began. So therefore I became the contact for all communications in activating bases. Spent about 10 days month in Sec. of Defense Office. Made a couple of trips to Hawaii and Oklahoma. Spent less than 5 days month at home for about 7-8 months. Next assignment Madrid Spain with the Spanish Communications Region. Had sites all over Mediterranean including Greece, Turkey, Libya, Italy and the various islands. Visited various ones about once a month. Could not have asked for better assignments. Now off to Korea with the UN Command and was project officer for Koreans in Vietnam. Final assignment was with Defense Supply Agency in Philadelphia. Worked on Navy installation lived on Army Post only AF Officer there. Any way retired in Oct 72 with 25 years service credit. Worked as Staff Manager for insurance company for five years. Moved to Florida had painting business for while. I delivered brochures for the attractions for nine years and now am just loafing. Hope I did this right if not let me know.




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