OCS Class 58B

OC Ollis Before & After OCS 

Year 1932.  Ollie says: "No doubt about it, I will grow up and cause problems for a group of folks known as 58A."


Ollie was told that there were women behind every tree in Greenland. He is on the hunt in 1962.


Ollie, awarded the "order pour Le merite (Blue Max)"
Retirement June 1977


Loraine pins on the "Golden Bar", June 20, 1958. Oh, what a happy day!!


Assignments following OCS:

DATE                      LOCATION                                                  JOB
Jul 58                       Keesler AFB, MS                                 Student,  Air Traffic Control School.
Nov 58                     Mather AFB, CA                                  Flight Facilities Officer
Jun 61                      Williams AFB, AZ                                 Detachment Commander, Air Traffic Control Unit
Jun 62                      Sonderstrom AFB, Greenland             Air Traffic Controller
Jun 63                      Kingsley Field, OR                               Detachment Commander, Air Traffic Control Unit
Jun 67                      Howard AFB, Canal Zone                    Squadron Commander
Jun 70                      Griffiss AFB, NY                                  Inspector General Team Chief
Jun 72                      Utapao AFB, Thailand                          Flight Facilities Officer
Jun 73                      Pentagon, Washington, DC                  Action Officer, Responsible for the Air Safety in the 
                                                                                                Berlin Air Corridors.
Jun 77                      Pentagon, Washington, DC                  Retirement

Upon retirement, took a position at the University of Georgia (UGA), Athens, Georgia.  I served as the Hospital Engineer at the UGA Health Service for 18 years and retired from there in April 1995.


Loraine and Ollie, June 1977, 19 years after OCS. Retirement at the Pentagon. Being from Georgia my cake was to represent a "PEANUT", also in honor of President Carter.