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Subject:  Re: 58B Web
Date:  Thu, 06 Jan 2000 23:46:46 -0500
From:  James E Kent <>

You have and I'm sure you will continue to do a great job in this endeavor. First, keep'em coming!!! Also, an update on me...I was Adjutant of the Friendly Fourth during our First Class days. Left OCS, but stayed at Lackland at my request! Then to Keesler for about four very exciting and memorable years as Squadron Commander. To Tripoli, Libya in '63, also as Squadron Commander for three years, picked up for Regular, promoted to Major and headed for the Pentagon for four of the hardest years of my life ('66 to '70). Assistant Executive Officer to the Deputy Chief of Systems and Logistics---12 to l6 hours daily!!! And then I was fortunate enough to pick my last assignment, which was to my home town of Valdosta, Ga. and home of Moody Air Force Base. I came here as the Wing Executive Officer and loved every minute of it and especially the day in early '71 when I was informed I would be on the next promotion list to LC. However, days later the Wing Commander called me in to inform me I was headed for Saigon---No, no, no. I desperately tried to get out of it because of two teen age sons and a wife with medical problems which I felt needed my attention more so than going to Viet Nam. I retired instead. Stayed in Valdosta, still here, had a couple of very interesting jobs since retirement and have assisted both my sons to get commissions in the Army, of all things! 
However, the oldest retired as an LTC last year and my other son is a major looking for promotion next year. Prostate Cancer got me in Dec '95, but after a massive operation, I was assured I would be okay and thankfully, all is well, with a PSA of .01. My wife and I just celebrated our 45th and looking toward the big "50". Sorry for the "one paragraph", but was trying to condense. Do be good and keep up the good work.


Jim Kent....