Subject: Good, Bad and Stuff
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2000 12:16:50 -0700
From: George Crongeyer <>

Thank you for providing this excellent and enjoyable venue for our OCS class and it's members. I read all the messages and I am sure you do a little judicious editing on those you forward. Like Quentin K. I too hated OCS. Every minute. Tried to get out but was talked out of it by Mr. Woodfork(?) of 58A and a couple of classmates, Gay and Robinson. After the third week I did whatever I had to to get out with a commission. My guiding star was "nothing is so bad that it can't get worse". I did not especially care for being an officer for many reasons best not included in e-mail. I retired as soon as I had 10 years commissioned time. Of course reserve officers had to get out at 20, until the Tet Offensive came along and I could have stayed in a while longer. After OCS I just did not enjoy being in the Air Force as much as I did prior to entering OCS. A few messages back I think Gordon B asked if anyone thought there was a place for OCS as we knew it in today's Air Force. No! And there wasn't then either. I never understood what I was supposed to be when I got out of there. Still don't. Training men to be officers by running in circles and
screaming at them till they give in and resign. Which psychopath did that help? Was I their bad dream ... or were they mine?

Someone in our class observed that it was the classmates who make for any good memories. He or she was so right.!!!

Therefore please keep on keeping on. Think of the great cathartic environment you have provided. And the sooth will set you free.

As for some of Gordon's observations about our trip back to Scott after graduation, I think he has misled a few. Not out of meanness but due to a feebleness. I'm sure his bride unit, Florence the Fair, would agree with me that the trip was a long and meandering delight. Especially when Gordon was explaining to four or five Arkansas good ol' boys at some village gas station why the French put the engine in the trunk of the cozy Renault Dauphine we traveled in. They even put down their black powder rifles to follow Gordon's story. As I remember, Gordon only had to buy four squirrels so we could leave the good company of his
interesting friends.

Gordon may argue a point or two but you know who to believe ;-)

George Crongeyer