Military Assignments
(and subsequent civil employ)

J. Colvig 

3 January 1951 – 1 July 1978


3 Jan 1951: Sworn into the USAF @ Cleveland, Ohio…… took a train to Lackland AFB, Texas with several other recruits.  Lived in tents for about 30 days. 

Feb –May 1951:  Supply School, Lowry AFB, Colorado. Finished basic training while awaiting entry into an 8 week course in AF Supply.  Mid March to mid May attended Supply school on the “C” shift……6 PM to Midnight, six days a week…

Involved breakfast at lunch time, lunch at supper time, and supper at 1230 AM…. 

May-Aug 1951:  81st Fighter Wing, Larson AFB, WA (81st Supply Squadron). Training ground for Moon visitors. 

Aug 1951-Sep 1954:  81st Supply Squadron, RAF Station Bentwaters, Suffolk, England. Warm beer, fish and chips, darts, two daughters, and rough and tumble football. 

6 Oct ’54 – 6 Jan ’55:  Early Out….89 day break in service. Many jobs. All low paying.  Mr. Eisenhower's recession.  Back to the open arms of the USAF. 

6 Jan ’55 – mid Dec 1957:  The Air Base Group, Griffiss AFB, N.Y.  A new son and T/Sgt stripes in August  1955.  A 6 month TDY to Ernest Harmon AFB, Stephenville, Newfoundland,  ended in early December 1957  with notification to report to Lackland for OCS. 

Dec ’57 – Jun 20, 1958:  Participated in Officer Candidate School, Lackland AFB, TX., Class 58-B, Thundering Third Squadron.  

July ’58 – Jul ’59:  705th AC & W Squadron, Remote, King Salmon AFS, Alaska. Held  eleven different jobs simultaneously.  Primarily Base Fuels Officer; also Provost Marshal, Base Security Officer, Club Officer, Postal Officer, Salvage Officer, Class A Pay Agent, BOQ-VOQ, Fund Council, Disposal Officer, CAP Liaison Officer, BX Officer, Salvage Officer, and also ran the official Drill team that greeted visiting  Dignitaries….. (VIP Fishermen).  Being a 2/Lt can be a busy rank. Also served as river guide and  VIP escort during fishing season.  Fished with Jimmy Doolittle, Under Secretary of the Air Force McIntrye, and assorted dignitaries…..Mary Martin, and sundry performers stopped to see us, but never for very long. 

Jul ’59 – Jun ’63:  Base Fuels Officer, 354th TAC Fighter Wing (Supply Squadron).

Attended Squadron Officer School, Class 61-C.  Served as Project Officer for the service test of the AF/E32-R2 Air Transportable Hydrant Fueling System later adopted into the AF inventory. Tour extensively to Panama, The Congo, Florida.. during the Cuban Crisis, and elsewhere in the world proving this proto type system. 

Jun 63 – Jul ’67:  13th Air Force Fuels Officer, Clark AB, Philippines. Involved in developing base fuels capabilities in Viet Nam, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, and also in New Zealand, in support of special exercises. 

Jul ’67 – Feb ’69: Headquarters, Strategic Air Command, Offutt AFB., Neb.  Staff Fuels Officer. 

Feb ’69 – Feb ’70:  Advisor to Hqs VNAF, Tan San Nhut AB, RVN.  Lived with the wee folk…..envied  my brothers in the real AF. 

Feb ’70 – Jun ’73: Hqs USAF, Pentagon.  Air Staff Fuels Officer 

Jun ’73 – Jun ’76: Procurement Officer, Defense Fuels Supply Center, Cameron Station, Virginia……. 6 miles down the road from the Pentagon…. was given $0.42 travel pay for the PCS move…… Had to go to Bolling AFB 35 miles distant to pick up the check and PCS Orders.  Figures. 

Jun ’76 – 1 Jul 1978: Chief, Air Force Fuels Worldwide Technical Assistance Team, Kelly AFB, Tx.  Constant TDY.  

1 July 1978:  Retired from the USAF with 27 years, 2 months, and 27 days active duty……didn’t stay 30 because I didn’t want to make it a career!!! 

1 June 1978 -  September 1982: Chief of  Operations, Supply, and Transportation, Amoriet Petroleum Company, Laguna Niguel, California. Bought, sold, traded, shipped, terminaled  bulk fuels and distillates …primarily in California, but often involved foreign cargoes. 

October 1982 – December 1988:  Supply Operations, British Petroleum North America, San Pedro, California. Same as above, but on a grander scale. 

December 1988 – December 1992:  Industrial Sales Manager, Pacific Northwest, British Petroleum,  Edmonds, WA.  Sales area included Alaska, Western Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California south to, and including, Bakersfield, California. 

December 1992: Leaped forth into retirement for the third time…..moved to Kerrville, Texas. 

Current Occupation:  Taxpayer and casual observer of the passing scene.


Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 04:37:20 -0800
From: Jim & Lane Colvig

Hello again., Ollie..

Thanks for you rapid response...I called up and printed the two inputs from you and Hal Reddish, and will work up soon as I toy with this magic machine a bit and master some of it's mystic abilities....after all, I'm a "note and spindle" guy newly introduced to the PC.!!

Seriously, I marvel at the creativity you injected into "OUR" page. That had to have taken a while and lots of determination. We, your classmates, and USAF History, owe you more than any of us know. The page can only get better as time wears on.....and more meaningful to more people. We're living "dinosaurs" of a sort already,
and to my mind we owe it to each other and to posterity to keep those memorable OCS months well as the history of our ensuing years.

Thanks again.

I'll be in touch.

Best regards,

Your "First Day" account sounds much like mine, but mercifully I arrived early afternoon amidst pandemonium rife with "Hallway Announcements", scampering Second Classmen wild eyed with disbelief, and the ever present First Class. It only took a few First Class to terrorize great hosts of Second Class. My first roomies were Carl Kelley and Bob Fields.

We proved ourselves completely inept from the outset...ricocheting around trying to get "organized" and pass the word on each cute little nuance we learned....lest we flush our classmates by not doing so.....for example, on how to tie our robe belts in a square knot and be sure the ends were tucked in a pocket.....a REAL BIG item. Just one of
many that seemed critical at the time.

Talking about this makes it seem like yesterday. Will give you the item I sent John about supervising the first ramp Saturday after we became First Class.....We were all 3 month veterans in the Texas sun, and were nut brown......not so the pale new guys...the uniform of the day was shorts, knee socks, short sleeve shirts, and pith helmets. You know the outcome....more later.


Jim Colvig