Subject: On-line!
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 12:31:55 -0500
From: "Charles P. Clawson"

Dear Ollie

I really enjoy reading all the comments from all of our classmates, but I especially appreciate your time, effort & obvious regard for all of us! You always were a 'special' guy and deserve all the accolades you are receiving and a whole lot you're not!!! HA!

I am not 'on-line', just on e-mail, but I'd surely like to see all the info you've received! I am privileged to be a part - even though very small - of Class 58B, and you all probably have the distinction of being a part of an Air Force OCS class that produced both and AF 2nd LT and an Army Chief Warrant Officer!  HA! Any way, after OCS, I was sent back to the inactive reserve in Indiana, but in those days, companies were not obligated to hold your position, and mine wasn't! So, I enlisted as an AF E-5, was assigned to SAC as an airborne radio op & ass'st boomer [OJT] and flew for 4 years! Then I was grounded, cross-trained into Comm/Nav repair & wound up as an E-6 Comm/Nav/Inerital [AFSC 30170/4] repairman on F-4's! In 67, I was appointed a CWO, US Army, Ft. Huachuca [AF wouldn't recall me even tho' I had finally upped my education], but the Army was very happy to give me a warrant! At the same time, we lost our son [our daughter lives near us,
2 grandchildren, now], I had 2 tours to RVN, aviation, obtained a degree from UNO, in '71, retired from AD in '75, back to school, Florida Inst of Tech, MS in Mgmt, worked for Civil Service until '84 - resigned to go on missions work along the border of Mexico for 2 years, back to Virginia, started an independent church in '88, and here we are! Best thing that ever happened to me was to become a Christian in '78 - been the best years of our lives!! Please visit with my family!!

Well, short & brief [ just like traditional church sermons are suppose to be! HA!]. Have to get ready for tonight's service - Daniel & Revelation for the next ?? weeks - then on to bigger and greater things! Take good care of yourself and give my regards and best wishes for a warm, merry and eventful CHRISTmas! God Bless -

In HIS Service,

Chuck & Tina Clawson [Mr. Bubbles]