FROM: Ed , Monday Jan. 20, 2003


1958-1959:Training Officer in a basic training squadron.  Trying to pay off my bills!


1959-1960:  Comm. Officer course at Keesler.  Flunked slide rule twice.


1960-1961: Comm. Officer at Charleston AFB. Paid off bills. Bought new car.


1961-1963:  OIC of Comm. Det. in The Congo!  Katanga Uprising. Shot at! Hit!


1964-1965:  Project Officer for establishing 4th and 5th Mobile Comm. Groups. Captain at The Pentagon. Poor again!


1966-1969:  Comm. inspector on USAFE ORI Team in Germany. Reward for being Project Officer. Developed taste for German wine.


1969-1969: Comm. Staff Officer course at Keesler. Just in time for Hurricane Camille!!


1969-1970: 25th AD at McChord AFB. Career broadening.


1970-1971: BMEWS at Clear AS, Alaska. Perfected fly fishing technique.


1972-1974: Tactical Comm R&D at Hq AFCC at Richards-Gebaur AFB. Developed taste for Kansas City barbecue.


1974-1975: Tactical Comm planning OIC at Hq EAME at Lindsey AS, Germany. Back to Wiesbaden and German wine!


1975-1977: Commander of 1st and 2nd Mobile Comm. Groups. Later,1st Combat Comm. Group. 2nd MOB passed first ORI in 23 years! Found a Sponsor.


1977-1979: Chief of Plans and Requirements, Hq NATO, Brussels, Belgium. Developed a taste for French food and wine and perfected my tennis and golf games.


1979-1980: Commander, 1842nd Electronic Engineering Group at Scott AFB. Small fish in a big bowl.


1980-1983: Commander, 1945th Comm. Group at Rhein-Main AB, Germany. Renewed my appreciation for German wine.


1 August 1983. My Sponsor retired. Having been promoted to my level of incompetency in the early 70’s… they finally got me out the Main Gate. I worked for British Aerospace in England for four years (I had picked up an MS along the way). Returned to my original hometown on The Emerald Coast where I own a large real estate brokerage. Having perfected my appreciation for good food, fine wine, golf, tennis, fishing, and watching pretty girls in their bikinis’…….. I try to spend as much time enjoying them all as I can and still pay the bills.