Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 14:48:38 -0500
From: "Philip Agee" <>
Thanks Ollie, for posting the message. I've had a number of responses. In fact I found a couple of mistakes in that message and send you a new version herewith. 

Greetings, Phil

I send warmest greetings to all, and assure you that my association with you in OCS was an experience I've never forgotten. As everyone knows I didn't make a career in the USAF. And as I recently wrote Jack Walsh, life has had its ups and downs for me as for anyone. I've lived in lots of places from Latin America to Paris, London, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Havana. 

The past 25 years, after 12 in the CIA, have been hyper-active with research, writing
books and articles, teaching in university, lecturing in Europe and America
(including 100's in the States), and now at 65 trying to start a little business for travel to Cuba. Over the years I've had a trainload of media reports condemning me with false or misleading accusations, my US passport was revoked in 1979, I was expelled from 5 NATO countries under US pressure, and for all I know they'll now indict me in Washington under the Trading with the Enemy Act.

Happily both my sons are university graduates and computer professionals in New York City. They make their way under their own steam and with much success. My second marriage (22 years on Monday) is to a classical ballet dancer from New York when we met, and who is now becoming a free-lance ballet mistress teaching mostly European companies. As for health, I've had an aneurysm of the aorta and prostate cancer, both completely cured by surgery. I'll spare everybody the grimy details of this life---they're mostly in my books---and simply say I'm glad I'm still around to challenge what I've thought for a long time is not fair.

I imagine there are those members of 58B who disapprove of what I have done.
But if anyone of you out there is curious about this fascinating country, and want
to visit, check out and get in touch.

Best to all, 

Philip Agee


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