OC T/Sgt Quinn




'Defending "The Alamo" with John Wayne.'


John Quinn with John Ford the director (Quiet Man, Grapes of Wrath, etc.), from 
"The Alamo" set, in Texas, October 1959

John Quinn out front in 1968.


John Quinn still out front in 1970.
John's last role as Squadron Commander of Group Headquarters


Here's the pretty Mary Crosby, Bing's daughter, who was star of a "Tales From The Crypt" and I was a corpse at her wedding.  She is a sweetheart.
We were at the Hollywood Cemetery to film this show.


Ollie, this is the closest I got to being General.  We were doing a TV movie "Guts and Glory" about Ollie North. In one scene, I got to the 'Oval Office' and shook hands with the actor playing President Reagan.  David Keith and Terry O'Quin were the stars in this 1990 pic. These projects were very enjoyable even if I wasn't the star


This is as close to Admiral I could get.  That's the talented Lloyd Bridges at the Hollywood Cemetery where we were shooting scenes from the spoof film "Hot Shots."  I was working with the camera crew as Lloyd's stand-in on that project which was another fun job.
Lloyd came out of the hospital, with a bad flu, to do scenes one day.  He was another dedicated pro and a nice man as well.