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                                                     April 8, 2000

                                                     My Biography


I grew up in the Canton/Massillon area in Ohio and graduated from Washington High School in Massillon on June 9, 1949. Six days later I was on a train bound for Lackland AFB and Basic Training. After basic was Technical School at Lowry AFB for Machine Accounting ??? What the hell is that, I wondered. But continued the upward progress from Unit Record Machines and Punched cards through IBM Computers with Magnetic Tape and later with Disk Drives. Learned a lot of programming languages, went on to Computer Timesharing and then to Personal Computers. Could never get away from that field and now canít even spell programmer. Finally graduated to plain old USER.

                1950 My first duty station was Chanute AFB, Rantoul, IL where I progressed to S/Sgt.

                1953 After President Truman gave me an extra year, I re-enlisted and was on my way to Korea on the USS Mitchell when the Armistice was signed and we were in the middle of the Pacific Ocean enroute to the Replacement Depot in Japan. Korea was phasing back and I wound up staying in Japan for three years at Tachikawa AB.

                1956 Returned to US at Orlando AFB, FL, promoted to TSgt and applied for OCS.

                1958 Transferred to Parks AFB, CA where I was notified to report to Lackland for Officer Training. You guys all know about the next six months.

                After commissioning, was assigned as Statistical Services Officer at Kincheloe AFB, MI where I found our classmate Ben Cacciamani in the Personnel Office.

                Left active duty in 1960 due to personal problems and worked at 1st National Bank of Orlando, now Sun Trust Banks, while staying in the active reserves.

                1962 Resolved my personal situation and applied for recall to active duty and ordered to Myrtle Beach AFB, SC.

                1964 Transferred to McConnell AFB, KS after promotion to Captain. Received AF Commendation Medal for transforming the worst Data Processing base in TAC into 1st place.

                1966 Selected for duty with CINCPAC Joint Staff in Hawaii. CINCPAC station was a Marine Base, Camp H. M. Smith, HI and my office was at Kunia in the middle of Oahu in an underground 3 story building beneath a pineapple field. The CINCPAC was Adm. McCain, father of our present Senator, and the sword he wore when in full dress was bigger than he was. My first boss was a Navy Commander, followed by an Army Major. It was a most interesting assignment and worked closely with both the Operations and Intelligence staffs. I accepted my Regular Commission and was selected for promotion to Major. Received Joint Services Commendation Medal.

                1969-1971 Transferred to Hq USAF Personnel Center, Randolph AFB, TX after my CINCPAC tour and implemented the Weighted Airmanís Promotion System (WAPS). After being alerted for transfer to Washington, DC, I chose to retire before the L/C promotion board convened. Awarded a 2nd AF Commendation Medal

                Have worked for General Electricís Timesharing Division as a District Technical Support Manager until a major reorganization eliminated my district. I then worked for United Airlines in a Quality Assurance role until that project with IBM was later abandoned. Next jobs were on major consulting projects until I decided to permanently retire.

                I enjoyed all my AF roles and assignments while sometimes reflecting on some of the more enjoyable fringe benefits. Bachelor Officers at Myrtle Beach always escorted the Sun Fun USA Pageant contestants every year. Wichita, KS was a great place for a Bachelor. Hawaii is where Louisa and I were married. San Antonio is where we bought our 1st home (now part of Universal City).

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Hi Ollie,

Here is a current picture of Louisa and me taken on a recent cruise. We enjoy these cruises and will be taking our 35th Thanksgiving week aboard the Grand Princess, round trip from Ft Lauderdale.

I have also been very heavily into Genealogy in the last 15 years and can take some lines back to the 1400s in England. My research includes WALLACE, HOUSEHOLDER, WRIGHT, THOMAS, ORR, ECKLEY, EARL, GOODSELL, STREATOR, FITCH, BOWMAN, FAST, RALPH, and CALLAWAY plus others.

Bob Wallace
1st Squadron
Major, Retired


Bob and Louisa Wallace