Second Generation

7. Hannah PHILBRICK was born in 1625 in Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England. She died in 1699 at the age of 74.

Hannah PHILBRICK and Philip LEWIS were married.

Philip LEWIS was born about 1624 in England.32 He died in 1701 at the age of 77.32

According to Noyes et al (p. 430): Phillip appeared at Strawberry Bank before 1640, was taxed in Dover in 1649, and owned a lot on Dover NEck in 1652. He and Hannah moved to Greenland where he owned a sawmill and a corn mill. He was a selectman in Portsmouth in 1660-1662, 1668, and 1681-1683.

Hannah PHILBRICK-7137 and Philip LEWIS-7139 had the following children:



Phillip LEWIS Jr.26,32 was born (date unknown). GDMNH Note: Phillip was "drunk in 1679, not in [father's] will."



Thomas LEWIS26,32 was born (date unknown). GDMNH Note: p. 430: "... had store bill in Portsm. in 1686, owed money to Wm. Ardell of Boston in 1687, drunk and disob. to fa. in 1692, taxed in Greenl. 1693; not in [father's] will."



Jotham LEWIS26 was born (date unknown).



Hannah LEWIS-19356.



Abraham LEWIS-19354.
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