Third Generation

34. Mary WALL was born in January 1656.44

Mary WALL and Sergeant John MARSTON were married on 5 December 1677.44 She was granted administration on his estate Feb. 15, 1699/1700, John Tuck, millwright, and Ephraim Marston, husbandman, being her sureties; inventory of Sergt. Marston £282; widow Mary Marston made her will Jan. 5, 1731/32, leaving her estate to her son Jonathan, son-in-law Benjamin Hobbs, daughters Abigail Smith and Mehitable Batchelder.

Sergeant John MARSTON, son of Thomas MARSTON and Mary ESTOW, died on 24 October 1699.44

Mary WALL-25339 and Sergeant John MARSTON-25340 had the following children:



Jonathan MARSTON-26018.



Mary MARSTON-26019.



Abigail MARSTON-26020.



Mehitable MARSTON-19940.
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