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Welcome to Norway! - Sports


From ODIN - The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Tour des Fjordes '93 - Description of a biking itinerary from Bergen, over Borgund, Hemsedal etc., finally ending in Motola in Sweden. Some pictures.

GoSki Norway - Overview of ski resorts in Norway.

My Birkebeiner in Norway - An account of the Birkebeiner race, from the viewpoint of a foreigner.

NUNSC - Norway Guide - "You haven't been skiing, until you've skied in Norway." How to organise a skiing trip to Norway, as seen from a British point of view. With pictures of the outdoors life.

Anorak - Ski Daily - Norwegian Ski Report.  Latest snow reports, weather, route quality, how many tours are open etc.

Vålerenga Fotballklubb - in Norwegian

Oslo Parachute Club - in English and Norwegian.

Anglers Guide to Norway

Kristiansundcup Cup - annual spearfishing competition.

Mustad Scandinavian Open Fly Tying Competition 96 - largest international fly tying competition where amateurs and professionals can participate with all kind of flies.

Norwegian fly shop - a one-stop shopping guide to sportfishing in Norway.

Cycling in Norway

Thorolf's cycling Pages - list of UCI professional riders, and a result service for Norwegian Cycling.

Norway Cup - a soccer-tournament for boys and girls under 16 yrs. 25,000 people join each year. Over 3000 matches are being played over one week.

Norwegian football - Updated and historical results and tables from Norwegian league, cup and national team.

Golf in Norway

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