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Sogn og Fjordane

    Sogn og Fjordane (which was called "Nordre Bergenhus amt" until January 1, 1919) is located on the west coast of Norway, and is known for its fjords, mountains, glaciers and waterfalls. It includes three major areas: Nordfjord, Sunnfjord, and Sogn. From Sogn og Fjordane alone some 43,000 people emigrated to America between 1839 and 1924.
    Sogn og Fjordane covers an area of 18,620 square kilometers, and contains Norway's longest fjord, the Sognefjord, and also Europe's largest glacier, the Jostedalsbreen. In addition, this county contains Europe's deepest lake, Hornindalsvatnet, which is 514 meters deep. The agricultural activities include raising cattle and sheep, as well as growing fruit trees. Fishing is also an important economic activity, with Måløy serving as an important fishing center. Tourism is another important economic activity, Olden and Loen in Nordfjord have been important tourist destinations for more than a century.

The picture shows the Fjording,
a horse breed from Sogn og Fjordane.

    My father's ancestors came from Nordfjord in Sogn og Fjordane. I am therefore always interested in hearing from other Norwegian-Americans with ancestors from Nordfjord. Some of the surnames/farm names that I am researching in Nordfjord are: FØLLESDAL, HANEBREKKE, HJELLE, and MYROLD in Eid parish; AUFLEM, BERGSET, FOSNES, ROSET, SØLVBERG, TEIGEN, TONNING and YTTREIDE in Innvik and Utvik parishes. You can get in contact with me and others who are researching ancestors from Sogn og Fjordane in my guestbook, which is dedicated only to this area of Norway!

My Sogn og Fjordane guestbook:

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1. Genealogy organizations

DIS-Norge Sogn og Fjordane - an online, Norwegian genealogy group. Part of DIS-Norge (in Norwegian).

Nordfjordlaget Established in 1909, the Nordfjord Lag is an association in the Unites States of people whose ancestors came from Nordfjord.

Sognefjordlaget has a very nice web page. If your ancestors came from Sognefjorden make sure to stop by this web page and sign up as a member!

Sogn & Fjordane Fylkesarkivet (County Archives) has, among other things, a searchable database of emigrants from Sogn og Fjordane. The Emigration Archives was established to document the emigration of more than 43,000 people who left Sogn og Fjordane for America between 1839 and 1924. Make sure to also check out the Fjord Heritage Club and all of the other parts of this web site!


2. Sogn og Fjordane resources


3. Sogn og Fjordane 'kommuner'

Sogn og Fjordane is a "fylke" (county) that covers three major areas: Nordfjord,
Sunnfjord, and Sogn. Here is a list of the "kommuner" (municipalities) in each of these
three areas:



4. Sogn og Fjordane maps

Small interactive map of Norway - shows where Sogn og Fjordane is located. Click on Sogn og Fjordane and you can see a small map of Sogn og Fjordane showing each of the 'kommune' (municipalities) of this 'fylke'.

Large map of Sogn og Fjordane from the NORWAY LIST Web Site. Kommune names are underlined,


5. Sogn og Fjordane genealogy query pages

Sogn og Fjordane queries from's "Norway Message Boards"

Slektsbiblioteket Queries is a new and very promising Norway query page.

Slektsforskerbasen from DIS-Norge (in English) mailing list archives is another often overlooked resource. You can search the archive to find out if others are researching the same families or places in Norway, and then contact them.

6. Sogn og Fjordane museums

Attractions in Sogn og Fjordane from the web site of


7. Miscellaneous Sogn og Fjordane web sites

Halvard Johan Bostad has a lot of information about genealogy in the Sognefjorden district, including Luster municipality and the Luster Bygdebok.

Knut A. Furrevik is from Sogn and has a very nice home page with information about his ancestors from the farms Furrevik, Fløipollen, Vaulen, Volden (Plassen), Grønnevik, and Vatsøy. (In Norwegian)

Stig Samuelsen's Slektsforskerside - with ancestors from Førde, Fjaler, og Naustdal. (In Norwegian)

Arne Moen's homepage - with ancestors from Indre Sogn.

Nils Aksel Horveis Slektsgranskning side with ancestors from Fjaler and Årdal. (In Norwegian)

Svein Aandalen slektside with ancestors from Årdal.

Olav Langeland's hjemmeside with ancestors from Balestrand.

Bengt Kvammen's hjemmeside with ancestors from Rogaland, Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane, and Vest-Agder (In Norwegian).

Vegard Røine Stenerud's hjemmeside with ancestors from Eid and Hornindal.

Jan Eri with ancestors from Lærdal, Lavik, Oppedal, and Luster.

Vidar Øverlie from Tananger with ancestors from Eid, Høyanger, and Stryn in Nordfjord, and also from Møre og Romsdal, Sør-Trøndelag and a few other counties.

Leiv Skjerve's hjemmeside - with ancestors from Volda, Innvik and Gloppen.

The Anderson - Dahl Web Page by Sandra Anderson Peyton at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign includes information about Jacob Mathias Anderson and Gunhild Dahl who emigrated from Eid to the US.

The Skarsten Family's little cave includes information about the Skarstein farm on the island of Bremanger on the outer part of the fjord Nordfjord, and more.

Hopperstad of Vik i Sogn - the family of Johannes Rognaldson Vange and Inger Guttormsdatter Hove from Vik.

Arne Moen's genealogy page is in Norwegian, but he has information in English about his ancestors from Sogn og Fjordane.

Erdahl and Hammer genealogy page. "I have two direct lines back to Norway. The first is mostly from Sogn og Fjordane, parishes of Innvik and Luster.... The second line is my Hammer line. I have not yet determined where in Norway this bunch came from but recent evidence strongly points to Gran, Hadeland (Hilden/Hildeneiet/Hammer farms).


8. Local newspapers in Sogn og Fjordane

Contact relatives in Norway by sending a query to the local newspaper in Norway where your ancestors lived!

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