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Nord Trøndelag

Formerly called "Nordre Trondhjem", includes Stjørdalen, Inndalen, Steinkjær, Namsos, Levanger.

Nord Trøndelag resources - from the LDS Family History Library online catalog.  For information about specific parishes, use the online catalog's Place search page.

DIS Nord Trøndelag is the local chapter of DIS-Norge.

Arild Køhl is from Steinkjær. He is researching the surname Koehl/Køhl/Köhl and has over 2,800 names so far!

Håvard Johnsen is researching ancestors in Nord Trøndelag and in Nordland. (His relatives come mainly from these places: Spillum and Klinga in Namsos, Sømna, Fosnes; Homstad i Overhalla; Bersaas i Tingvold, Gausdal, and Nesna).

Bergstranda Gazette is Lars Bartnes' web site where you can read about local church-history, chalets and steamboat-traffic and more from this community in the Trondheims-fjord.

Glassblowers in Norway and emigration to America is Inger Marie Hanssen's wonderful web site about the history of glassblower families in Norway, mainly the Bruun, Wenzel and Erich family that came to Norway in the 17th century.

Stjørdal historielag founded in 1978, this club has published several books from the Stjørdal valley. "If you are looking for information about ancestors or relatives that might come from anywhere in the Stjørdal area (Stjørdal, Hegra, Lånke, Skatval, Meråker, Elvran, Forradal, Flora, Skjelstadmark or Hell) feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you.".

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