The Family Photo Historian has lots of information on how to organize and preserve old photographs.

Photography as a tool in genealogy is a great web page with tips on how to date old photographs.

Photographs & Memories Cyndi Howell has several links on the topic of preserving your family's treasures.

The November/December, 1996 issue of Ancestry (vol. 14, no. 6) had a seven page article entitled "Historic Photography: Identification and Preservation". This article also has a bibliography with ten books on this subject.

To identify the year that a photograph was taken, examine details in the photograph such as clothing styles, household implements, various manufactured items, lamps (gas or electric), etc. The book "Care and Identification of 19th Century Photographic Prints" by James M. Reilly, covers these approaches in detail. Mr. Reilly is the director of the Image Permanence Institute at the Rochester Institute of Technology. His book was published by Eastman Kodak in 1986.

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Although I moved from Norway to the United States more than 20 years ago, I visit my parents each Christmas at their home in Oslo. During my visit in 1993, my father and I spent an afternoon with his uncle and aunt, Olav and Lillemor. They knew that I had lived in the United States for many years, and had a wonderful Christmas present for me: a genealogy book that one of our relatives, Arnar Føllesdal, had written about our family. Uncle Olav explained that I was not the only one in our family who had emigrated to the United States: "In the 1880's and 1890's five nephews of your great, great grandmother also emigrated to America" Uncle Olav said. Then he added the magic words: "We don't know what happened to them!" That's all it took -- I was hooked on genealogy!

In the five years that have passed since Uncle Olav gave me that book, I have managed to locate the descendants of three of these five nephews. I am still working on the last two, but in the process of searching I have learned a great deal about the history of Norwegian - American emigration, ship building in the late 1800's, the history of the Red River Valley, and a slew of other things. Equally important, I have met some really nice people. Not all of them are related to me; in fact, most of them are not. They are fellow "genies" who, like myself, share a fascinating hobby: searching for our ancestors.

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Are you are wondering how I find all of these Norwegian - American web sites? Here is my little "secret": Instead of relying on Yahoo, Lycos or Infoseek, I use search engines referred to as "parallel search engines." These search engines search the World Wide Web by using the resources of many different search engines at the same time:
[Muscat's Euroferret | Dogpile | MetaCrawler ]
[SavvySearch | All In One | Inference Find ]
I also use DejaNews, and on a regular basis I visit
[Yahoo's collection of such search engines]

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The Boston skyline is a live camera view. My father was a Harvard graduate student when a cute little baby was born here in 1958! :-)

Oslo is another live camera view. I was five years old when our family moved back to Norway and settled in Oslo.

Norske Folkeeventyr (Norwegian fairytales) are now on-line, but only in Norwegian. My grandmother -- "Mormor" -- (Helga Heyerdahl) used to read these to me when I was a child.

The University of California, Santa Cruz - my alma mater! Go slugs!

Santa Clara University Law School where I received my law degree in 1988.

My big brother - Andreas also has a web page..... but it's not as nice as "Ancestors from Norway".... nyah, nyah, nyah ;-)

My brother Olav also has a web page..... for his business: Sandvika Bil Utleie. This car rental business is the place to rent a car if you are going to Norway! It's close to the Fornebu airport and has competitive prices! (His web page is in Norwegian, but you can send him an e-mail and he will get back to you in English with prices, availability, etc.)

Stein Føllesdal also has a nice web page. His paternal grandfather, Jostein Føllesdal, was a younger brother of my paternal grandfather, Trygve Føllesdal, so Stein and I are 2nd cousins!

Joar Stautland is another 2nd cousin.  He is studying chemistry at the university in Trondheim, and is the grandson of Magne Føllesdal, another younger brother of my grandfather, Trygve Føllesdal.

Trygve Føllesdal is another grandson of Magne Føllesdal. He is a teacher at Vilberg ungdomsskole in Eidsvoll.

Tore Reimers is also a grandson of Magne Føllesdal.  He is a pilot for the Norwegian airline Braathens SAFE.

Oddbjørn Føllesdal is the son of Magne Føllesdal.

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Do you get tired of telemarketing calls or junk mail? The PRC has a web page with information on how to stop it! There are laws that prohibit invasion of privacy!

Speaking of laws, The Declaration of Independence is on the web. So are The Federalist Papers and The U.S. Constitution.

American Memory at the Library of Congress is another great web page to visit.

My Virtual Reference Desk is an absolutely amazing web page! Links to on-line encyclopedias, newspapers, legal resources, history resources..... the list goes on and on.

GateCam transmits live from San Francisco right to your PC screen!

Norwegian Newspapers on the net is a web page with links to all of the Norwegian newspapers currently available on the net, even Verdens Gang!

SantaLady makes beautiful olde-world Santa dolls. In addition, she is interested in genealogy and has some great genealogy information on her web page! You can also read a brief history of Santa and sign the Santa bulletin board.

Kathy Gilbert is also interested in genealogy. Her web page has lots of information on her ancestors (English, Scottish, Danish, and American). She also has a great collection of links to web pages where you can get icons and graphics for your own web page.

Salon Magazine always has some great articles!

Mother Jones is another source for great articles!

The Electric Postcard allows you to send a birthday card, Christmas card, etc. by e-mail. Best of all -- it's free!

The Virtual Florist allows you to send cards with beautiful flowers by e-mail, and it's free!

I'm My Own Grandpa! is a really funny song -- the lyrics are guaranteed to give a genealogist a headache!

A Prairie Home Companion from the Minnesota Public Radio has its own little web page.

ZIA Museums and Exhibits Resources is a collection of links to museums and exhibits.

John Koehler has a really neat and eclectic collection of links to various web pages, ranging from music resources to a web site for spy buffs!

ColorServe Pro is a very useful web page: it consists of a color wheel to help you select text, link, and background colors for your web page.

Well, that's all folks!
Thank you for visiting my web page!
As I mentioned earlier, your are visitor number:
to my web site!
I hope you have found my little road map on
Norwegian - American genealogy useful.
Happy hunting :-)
John Follesdal

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