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Some genealogy newsgroups

     You can visit these newsgroups and "toggle" back to my web page by pressing the "Alt" + "Tab" keys on your computer. Remember to read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) before you post to these newsgroups! In addition, before you post any messages to these newsgroups you should read some of the Getting started information that I have gathered, including the well written article Writing a Good Norwegian Research Query by Linda K. Schwartz, the web master of Norway Genealogy - WorldGenWeb web site.

     Note: If you post a message to a newsgroup using your real e-mail address you are inviting "Spam" (unsolicited commercial offers, many of which are fraudulent). "Search robots" are constantly searching through newsgroups for e-mail addresses which are then gathered and sold to various companies that send out "Spam" e-mail. To avoid becoming a victim of "Spam" use a separate e-mail / newsgroup program when you post to a newsgroup. In this separate e-mail / newsgroup program you can either use a fake e-mail address or an e-mail address that you have set up at a free e-mail service such as or In my personal opinion, you are much better off by not using newsgroups, and instead subscribing to the [email protected] mailing list, since you do not have to worry about "Spam" when you are subscribed to a mailing list.


Background information:

An Introduction to Usenet News by Tim McLellan explains what newsgroups and Usenet News (Net News) is all about.

Basic newsgroup and mailing list "Netiquette" FAQ should be read before you post anything to a newsgroup.


Newsgroups in English:

soc.genealogy.nordic is an unmoderated newsgroup for genealogy and family history discussion among people researching ancestors, relatives, or others who have a genealogical connection to any people in any part of the Nordic countries. The scope of the group reflects language, history, migrations, and the realities of researching public records and genealogical data archives, and includes questions of local customs and history, or of regional or national history which effected lives of these people.

soc.genealogy.methods is a moderated newsgroup for the discussion of genealogical (but non-computing) resources and methods, and for the analysis of particular research problems. Postings from both experienced and inexperienced participants is welcomed. Examples of topics are:

  1. Records and other resources, primary and secondary, public or private: anything related to locating, accessing, evaluating, interpreting, and/or preserving them;
  2. Ways of organizing your research;
  3. Evidence, proof, evaluation of conflicting sources;
  4. Patterns and conditions of life in the past; laws, trades, migration routes, folkways, economic conditions, etc. which can help interpret the evidence we find as well as provide an ancestral context;
  5. Interdisciplinary discussions (demographics, genetics, medicine, stylistic analysis, law, etc.).
soc.genealogy.misc is an unmoderated Usenet newgroup which is intended for any genealogy-related posting which is not appropriate for one of the other soc.genealogy.* groups. Possible topics include time-sensitive and/or wide audience announcements and requests; information about personal experiences and contacts; and solicitation of other researcher's opinions. Other topics include:
  1. Questions about which soc.genealogy.* group is appropriate for a given question;
  2. Announcements (special events; new products and services, etc.);
  3. General advisories (scams, finds in used bookstores, etc.);
  4. Wide audience requests: (does anybody have this book; advice about researchers in, or travel to a particular location; etc.);
  5. Requests for opinions on ways to handle particular family situations;
  6. Sharing of personal experiences that do not illustrate methods of general applicability;
  7. Discussions about unusual names or nicknames, etc.
soc.genealogy.computing is an unmoderated newsgroup for the discussion of computer based genealogical tools & resources of any type. Including: Software, Hardware, On-line resources, Other computer related resources, such as CD based data, other electronic forums, i.e, BBS's, anouncements of recent availability of, and discussion of shareware or commercial software and services are acceptable, but advertisements from vendors, including "for sale" posts from individuals are not.

soc.genealogy.surnames a moderated newsgroup for surname queries & tafels. Moderation is intended to increase the value of the group archive by insuring all posts include subject lines in a few specific standard formats. This will aid in scanning the newgroup and searching the message archives. A tafel is a well defined format for a query about several surnames. Queries that include Surname, Place and Date are the more useful, especially in searching for popular surnames.


Norwegian newsgroups:

     You can post in English and receive answers in English on these newsgroups. Please note that many Internet Service Providers (ISP's) do not subscribe to these newsgroups. If you receive an error message -- "Newsgroup does not exist" --when you click on the following links, use the link to the search engine.

  no.fritid.slektsforsking.diverse (Norwegian genealogy) is for discussion on any topic related to genealogy in Norway. This newsgroup is in Norwegian, but since most Norwegians speak and write English fairly well, requests in English will be understood.  Unfortunately, very few ISP's in the US subscribe to the newsfeed that carries this newsgroup.  You can, however, access this newsgroup through Google search: no.fritid.slektsforsking.diverse.

  no.fritid.slektsforsking.etterlysing (Norwegian genealogy - "Searching for" announcements) is comparable to soc.genealogy.surnames, and is used for posting queries concerning specific Norwegian ancestors. For more general queries, use the newsgroup no.fritid.slektsforsking.diverse.  Unfortunately, very few ISP's in the US subscribe to the newsfeed that carries this newsgroup.  You can, however, access this newsgroup through Google search: no.fritid.slektsforsking.etterlysing.


Other genealogy newsgroups:

I have listed all of the newsgroups that cover Norwegian - American genealogy above. There are other newsgroups, however, such as soc.genealogy.german, etc. John Fuller and Christine Gaunt maintain a complete list of all genealogy related newsgroups. The list is sponsored by

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