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How to find relatives in Norway and in the USA

    There are several ways to find relatives in Norway or in the United States. Try entering the surname that you are researching in one of the search-engines listed below. If you find potential relatives, write them a letter and then follow up with a telephone call about a week later.

    Please note: Norwegian "white pages" (i.e., home telephone numbers) are not available on the Internet (as of December 22, 1999). Furthermore, there are no plans for making these telephone numbers available on the Internet in the near future.

    In addition to searching for telephone numbers/street addresses or e-mail addresses, make sure that you also search through the links that I have provided to various "Surname Queries" on my web site -- look on the page "Queries, Surname Searches and My Guestbook".

Search engines for the USA: is my favorite choice for finding telephone numbers and e-mail addresses in the USA and in Canada. Among other things, this search engine gives you access to, Switchboard, and Infospace.

All In One is a compilation of various forms-based search tools found on the Internet.

Yahoo's People Search for searching telephone numbers as well as e-mail addresses.

Searching for People covers many different search techniques.

Your Family allows you to search the web to find out if a relative has a web page!

Reunion Hall is dedicated to bringing together high school alumni from around the world, and to re-link former classmates. It can also, of course, be used for genealogy purposes!

The Seeker Magazine is another internet database devoted to reuniting high school alumni, lost relatives, etc.

Search engines for Norway:

Gule Sider - the Norwegian Yellow Pages with business listings (in English). From Telenor - the Norwegian telephone company.

Kvasir is a Norwegian Internet search engine.  I have created an interface in English that will allow you to use Kvasir to search for homepages of potential relatives.  Kvasir's links to homepages primarily consists of those who use SOL - a Norwegian Internet Service Provider, but it also includes a few others who use other ISP's.  Even though the results will be displayed in Norwegian, this search engine is quite easy to use.  You can either type in the surname that you are researching in the search field below, or just click your way to the surname of your choice. (Start by clicking on the first letter of the surname and a long page will load up with links to the home pages of persons whose last name starts with the letter that you clicked).

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You can also use the Euroferret search engine (my favorite choice) to do a search by clicking on the logo below:

Norwegian e-mail addresses

Find e-mail addresses of relatives in Norway!

    Unfortunately only a small fraction of Norwegian e-mail addresses are available on search engines. However, there is always the possibility that a relative might be listed, so if you find a potential relative, send an e-mail and see what happens!
    Kvasir's Search Center is in Norwegian, but you can scroll down to the search field for "E-post og hjemmesider" (e-mail and homepages) and enter the surname that you are researching.  (You do not need to change the drop-down menu that says "Kvasir personkatalog").  Who knows, perhaps a cousin of yours in Norway has an e-mail address and a homepage?

    Yahoo! Advanced E-mail search - Even though it is based in the US, Yahoo's advanced e-mail search can be used to search for Norwegian e-mail addresses.  Enter the last name that you are researching and then enter NO (for Norway) in the country field.

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