The Myrold brothers

I am searching for the descendants of five brothers who emigrated to the USA from the Myrold farm in Eid, Nordfjord. They were the children of Anders Jonson (born at the Hanebrekke farm) and Karoline Danielsdatter (born at the F´┐Żllesdal farm). Anders Jonson was the older brother of Jon Jonson, my great-great-grandfather, and Karoline Danielsdatter was the older sister of Eline Danielsdatter, my great-great-grandmother. Two brothers who married two sisters!

I have discovered that the Myrold brothers first settled in Minnehaha county, South Dakota, in the early 1890's. Within a few years, however, they left this county, and three of the brothers: Christian, Mathias, and Anders settled in Beltrami county, Minnesota. I have managed to trace most of the descendants of these three brothers, but I have not been able to determine the fate of Johan or Ole. The above picture, which was taken in approximately 1914, shows all five of the brothers together. If you have any information about these five brothers or their descendants, please contact me!

John Follesdal

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