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Ancestors from Norway - Land records
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Matrikkel - Land records

Norwegian farms - some background information is an article I have written about such topics as landskyld, matrikkel, jorddrotte, leilending, husmann, and strandsitter.

Identifying your ancestor's farm in Norway is another article that I have written. It discusses how we can use the advanced search features in the matrikkel databases, census databases, etc. to identify a farm in Norway - even if we do not know the correct spelling of the farm name.

Norwegian farmer groups is an article by Johan Borgos that gives information about the various Norwegian farmer groups, the ownership to land, and about historical changes.

The Cottage Tinden shows what a husmanns-plass looked like. This historic cottage is now owned by the local historical society in the �rland municipality near Trondheim.

The 1886 Matrikkel (in Norwegian) is a database of those who owned real estate (including farms) in 1886. Unfortunately, this database is only available in Norwegian. You can search this database by 'Fornavn' (first name), 'Etternavn' (patronymic name), 'G�rdsnavn' (farm name), 'Bruksnavn' (name of bruk), and/or 'Sogn' (parish name). You may use % as a wild card, e.g., a search for Bakke% will display Bakkesletten, Bakkehaugen, etc. For best results you should remove the checkmark in the box that says 'Kombiner g�rdsnavn og bruksnavn i samme s�k'. In addition, you can limit your search to one or more 'fylke' (county). Finally, you do not have to check the box next to item 3. 'Avgrens s�kinga til kommuner innenfor hvert valgte fylke' (checkin this box will bring up a screen that allows you to limit your search to specific municipalities within a 'fylke')
     This web site also includes a scanned immage of a page from the 1886 matrikkel, and a list of clerical districts which cross-referenes the clerical districts to the old 'herred' (municipality) and 'fylke' (county) that the clerical districts were located in.

Matrikkel database contains Norwegian "matrikkelg�rder" (main farms) and the names of the owners as of 1950. The farms are sorted by "fylke" (county) and "kommune" (rural municipality) as they were in 1950. You may search for a farm by name or even by a partial name by using % as a wild card, e.g., search for Bakke% will display Bakkesletten, Bakkehaugen, etc. The database does not cover the county of Finnmark, does not include the larger towns and cities, and the database is in Norwegian.

O. Rygh: Norske Gaardnavne. On this web page you can search through a database of several volumes of O. Rygh's series of books on Norwegian farm names. The database currently covers the following volumes of O. Rygh's series on Norwegian farm names: 1 through 17. These volumes cover farm names in the following modern counties (fylke) �stfold (Smaalenenes amt), Akershus og Oslo (Akershus amt), Hedmark (Hedemarkens amt), Oppland (Kristians amt), Buskerud (Buskeruds amt), Vestfold (Jarlsberg og Larviks amt), Telemark (Bratsberg amt), (Aust-Agder (Agdenes amt), Vest-Agder (Lister og Mandals amt), Rogaland (Stavanger amt), Hordaland (S�ndre Bergenhus amt), Sogn og fjordane (Nordre Bergenshus), M�re og Romsdal (Romsdals amt), S�r-Tr�ndelag (S�ndre Trondhjems amt), Nord-Tr�ndelag (Nordre Trondhjems amt), Nordland (Nordlands amt) and Troms (Troms� amt). The names in parenthesis are the older county names used in this database.

The Tax lists - databases of tax lists, tax censuses and lists of landed property rent from The Digital Archives and the Digital Inn at the University of Bergen. The databases are sorted according to county, and within the county they are listed by year.

Slektshistoriske kilder 1500 - 1900, from the Norwegian genealogy organization DIS-Norge, has links to online databases for every fylke (county) in Norway, including land records.

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