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Ancestors from Norway - Genealogy and Immigration History
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Folketelling & Manntall - Census records

Norwegian census records is an article that I have written. It includes translations of the column headings of various Norwegian census records.

Norwegian census records 1815 - 1855 is a short overview I have put together that shows which of the statistical census records from 1815 - 1855 contain information that is useful for genealogy purposes.

Census abbreviations used in the on-line 1865-1900 census records is a short article that I have written.

Getting into the Norwegian census is a very nice article by Michael Drake. (Unfortunately it does not explain that the word "nominative census" refers to a census where each person who was counted is actually named in the census report, but now you know!). Another excellent article is Documenting the Norwegian Censuses. Both of these articles are from the The Norwegian Historical Data Centre (NHDC) web site

Digitalarkivet - "The Digital Archive" from the University of Bergen is a truly fantastic collection of online genealogy information. On this web site you will find numerous census records, including the Titus B�lches census records from 1636-1666, portions of the 1701 census record, the census records from 1801, 1865, and 1900. You will also find links to emigration logs, a few online church records, a few online probate indexes, and much, much more. To get to the various census records, etc., click on "Categories" at the top of the page.
      This is a web site that you will visit again and again, so take some time to explore the various links on the web site to become familiar with all of the various resources that are available, including the Municipalities at time of source index which is a very handy tool, and the Maps showing boundaries for parishes, counties (amt) and towns in the 1801 census, as well as the boundaries for municipalities in 1979.

 The 1865, 1875, and 1900 census records are also available on a searchable database from The Norwegian Historical Data Centre (Registreringssentral for Historiske Data - "RHD") at the University of Troms�. Note: The 1875 census record is incomplete!
     Before using these databases I would urge you to read the instructions, which include translations of several key terms. Unfortunately this list does not include a translation of the abbreviations used in this database, so I have taken the liberty to translate the list of abbreviations from the Norwegian version of their web site.
     There is also an Advanced search form available in English, but the instructions for using this form is not yet available - only the link to the instructions are available, but when you go there, you are told that the instructions are "comming soon" :-(

 Genealogiske ressurser from DIS-Norge has links to numerous online genealogy databases. The web site itself is in Norwegian with some English, and includes links to:

  1. transcribed census records from several small communities that are only available on the web sites of the persons who transcibed those census records (these web sites are mostly in Norwegian only), and
  2. the nationwide databases from the Digitalarkivet and the The Norwegian Historical Data Centre (RHD).
    Note: The links from Slektshistoriske kilder 1500 - 1900 will lead you to the Norwegian versions of the databases from the Digitalarkivet and the The Norwegian Historical Data Centre (RHD), even though these databases can also display the information in English.


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