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Norway's Languages - from the Norway Online Information Service (NOIS).  Also available on the ODIN web site (The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Norsk Språkråd - (The Norwegian Language Council) - web site includes Språknytt, Statsspråk, Språkkureren, annual reports, and other publications.

Noregs Mållag (Nynorsk Assn. of Norway)

Norsk Termbank

NetGlos: Norwegian Internet terms

Bokmålsordboka og Nynorskordboka (Dokumentasjonsprojektet, Oslo Universitet)

A Political History of the Norwegian Language - essay: "How the Norwegian Parliament Banned the National Language"

Norsk: The Norwegian Language - short article by Eric Stavney

Norwegian in Five Minutes a Month - from Sons of Norway

Norwegian Language Programs - study abroad

The International Summer School in Oslo - offers beginning and advanced Norwegian courses and more

Nordic-T - A mailing list for teachers of the Nordic languages.

Norwegian Teachers Association of North America

Concordia Language Villages - Norwegian language summer program for youth

St. Olaf College's Norwegian Department -- perhaps the most comprehensive Norwegian language education available in the United States.

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