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The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a web page with many interesting articles on Norwegian history and culture.

Culture & History of Norway is a web page maintained by the Norway Online Information Service (NOIS) at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington D.C. and the Norwegian Consulate in New York City.

Origo Culture is a large collection of links to web pages about Norwegian history, arts, and culture.

Scandinavian Links (large file: 120kb) is a very large collection of Scandinavian links maintained by Roger Greenwald in Toronto, Canada.

Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies also maintains a large collection of links to web pages from or about Scandinavia.

Sons of Norway has a "stabbur" on the web -- a storehouse of information about all things Norwegian! On this web page you can explore various Norwegian cultural programs, Norwegian arts and language, scholarships, summer programs, sports events, and Norwegian Recipes.

Norway from space! - a satellite picture from the Eurosat weather service.

May 17th is Norway's Constitution day!

The separation of Norway from Sweden is a very good article on this historic event that occurred in 1905.

Great Norwegians is a web page with information about Edvard Grieg, Henrick Ibsen, and others.

Norwegian Christmas links is a collection of links to web pages that discuss Norwegian Christmas traditions.

Why Norway said "No" to the EU is an economic analysis of the November 28, 1994, election results.

The Extreme Right in Norway - 1995 Report is a disturbing report on extremists in Norway.

Being Norwegian in a shrinking world is an interesting reflection on Norwegian identity published in Continuity and Change: Aspects of Modern Norway, Scandinavian University Press, 1993.

The History of Mathematics from the University of Vermont discusses the fact that Norway produced a steady stream of giants in mathematics in the 19th century.

Norwaves is an electronic news service that provides weekly news from Norway in English.

J�tul of Norway is the world's oldest and largest producer of cast-iron stoves. Established in 1853, J�tul produces approximately 100,000 woodstoves and fireplaces each year to an established international market of over 30 countries.

The Northern Lights Planetarium has some great photographs of Northern Lights!

Norwegian Folktales is a great web page by Eric Stavney.

Norwegian Culture covers Norwegians' views on family values, human rights, and protection of the environment.

SN Norway Link is brought to the web by Schibsted Nett AS, a Norwegian Internet Service Provider. This web page contains business news, travel information, pictures from Norway, and more.

The Norwegian Elkhound is one of several Norwegian dog breeds.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a breed unique to Norway.

The Fjord Horse is an old Norwegian horse breed.

Ban on Harvesting Norwegians ends is a light-hearted look at the whaling controversy!

The World of the Vikings is a guide to viking resources on the internet.

Medieval Scandinavia Runes, Old Norse manuscripts, Medieval Norse Literature, and Old Norse Culture. A web page created and maintained by William Layher at Harvard University.

The Kensington Runestone was discovered in Minnesota in 1898. It contains runic writing which some claim to be an account of Norse explorers in Minnesota in the 14th Century. Many scholars who have examined the stone have claimed it a childish forgery, but some have testified to its authenticity. The stone currently resides in the Runestone Museum in Alexandria, Minnesota.

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