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    My guestbook is read by most visitors to my web site, and on many occasions people who have left messages in my guestbook have received e-mails from other visitors giving them research tips, etc.  I also know that some people who left messages have been contacted by relatives in Norway!
     Unfortunately I have had ongoing problems with SPAM - a few persons repeatedly sign my guestbook with links to web sites that offer cheap cigarettes, pornography, etc. As a result of this my guestbook is now moderated. This means that new messages are not automatically posted in my guestbook - I now review each and every submitted entry to my guestbook before it is posted to my guestbook for the public to see.
     When you enter a message in my guestbook it will saved for me to review it, but it will not appear automatically in my guestbook. If your message relates to genealogy, ancestors, Norway, Scandinavia, Scandinavian recipies, or similar topics I will, of course, approve it. On the other hand, if you are trying to sell cheap cigarettes, pornography, etc., I will delete your message long before it appears in my guestbook for the public to see.
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