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Ancestors from Norway bookstore

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The Ancestors from Norway bookstore

    Welcome to the Ancestors from Norway bookstore! Operated in association with, this bookstore features a wide selection of books about Norway and Norwegian-American immigration. is the world's largest bookstore, and has a well-deserved reputation for honesty and great service. It is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: AMZN), with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It offers books at a 10 to 30 percent discount from the publisher's price, and all books are sold with the money-back guarantee. (These low prices are the same whether you purchase the books from the "Ancestors from Norway" bookstore or directly at the web site). Payment for your purchase is handled at the web site by credit card using the encrypted safe and easy ordering guarantee. If you feel more comfortable, you can call in your credit card information after you place your order online: just fill out the order form online, entering only your card's last five digits and its expiration date. Then, to finish placing your order by phone, call: (800) 201-7575 (toll-free in the USA and Canada) or (206) 694-2992 (outside the USA and Canada). Your book will be delivered to you doorstep by priority mail.

    Each of the books I have selected for this bookstore has a link directly to's web site. When you click on a book link you will be transferred to the web site where you will find more information on the particular book you are interested in. If you decide to purchase it, click on the button that says "Add To Shopping Cart" and proceed with the purchase instructions. If you decide to purchase more than one book you can return to my web site to add another book to your shopping cart.

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Featured selections:

Norwegian language:

Haugen, Einar Norwegian - English Dictionary, 504 pages, University of Wisconsin Press
Paperback / Published 1974.
   This is probably the best Norwegian-English dictionary currently available. One reviewer has written: "As a Scandinavian linguist and teacher of Norwegian, I highly recommend the Haugen Dictionary (known among Norwegian teachers and students as 'the green dictionary'). In this one compact volume, you'll find grammatical forms, both bokm´┐Żl and nynorsk (and dialectal words), a summary of the history and morphology of Norwegian, idioms, pronunciation of almost all words, including vowel length and tonemes, usage examples from everyday speech as well as literary works, etc. etc. I've used the dictionary since I was in graduate school, and can't think of a time it failed to list a word I wanted to know".

Danbolt Simons, Margaretha Norwegian Complete Course (Teach Yourself Norwegian)
Paperback / Published 1998
   One reviewer writes: "This book is the best book published by anyone to learn a Scandinavian language. It's very concise and besides this language is very easy for an English speaker to learn, so you make rapid progress."

Berlitz Norwegian Cassette Pack/Phrase Book 192 pages plus cassettes Berlitz Multimedia
Audio Cassettes / Published 1993
Learn Norwegian at home with this great cassette collection!

Norwegian genealogy:

Thomsen, Finn A. Genealogical Guidebook and Atlas of Norway (Everton Publishing)
Paperback / Published 1979
   Finn Thomsen's guidebook is an excellent book on Norwegian genealogy research.

Norwegian-American topics

Foss, H. A. The Cotter's Son
Paperback / Published 1998. Translated into English by Joel G. Winkjer
   Written in 1884 in America by Norwegian immigrant H.A. Foss, this book has enjoyed great popularity. It tells the story of Ole Haugen, the son of a poor "husmann" (cotter) and the love that develops between him and Marie Hovland, the daughter of the owner of the large farm. Class differences are evident in her father's discouragement of their relationship, and Ole emigrates to America to make some money and become financially stable to look better in the eyes of Marie's father.

Lovoll, Odd S. The Promise Fulfilled: A Portrait of Norwegian Americans Today
Hardcover / Published 1998
   An in-depth study of Norwegian-American culture by Odd Lovoll, professor of Norwegian-American history at St. Olaf College

Lovoll, Odd S. The Promise of America
Hardcover / Published 1999 (2nd edition)
   Professor Odd S. Lovoll's book on Norwegian-American history is probably the best book written on this topic. It has been out-of-print for several years, and is being republished in May, 1999.

Lovoll, Odd S. Nordics in America: The Future of Their Past, Norwegian American Historical Association
Hardcover / Published 1993
   Professor Lovoll's book is an in-depth study of Norwegian-Americans: our beliefs, culture, festivals and more.

Books by Ole Edvart Rølvaag

   Born in small fishing town in Nordland county in Norway, Ole Edvart Rolvaag read American and British novels as a young boy. In 1896 he borrowed some money from an uncle and came to U.S. where he enrolled in school in Canton, South Dakota. He later graduated from St. Olaf College where, in 1906, he became Professor of Norwegian. His novels about Norwegian immigrants in the U.S. were originally written in Norwegian but have all been translated into English.

Giants in the Earth: A Saga of the prairie, Harperperennial Library, Paperback / Published 1991 
   One reviewer writes: "I read this book as a required reading in high school, back in the early 60s. I read it again because I remembered how I was taken by it back then. This time it was even better. It brought me into the lives of the people that gave up so much to better their world... and our current world. It tells about the good and bad times of those early Norwegian pioneers. It reminded me of just how much we take for granted today. I recommend it highly!"

The Boat of Longing, Minnesota Historical Society Press, Paperback / Published 1985 

Peder Victorious Univ of Nebraska Press, Paperback / Published 1982 

Pure Gold Greenwood Publishing Group, Hardcover / Published 1973 

Their Fathers' God Univ of Nebraska Press, Paperback / Published 1983 

The Third Life of Per Smevik Paperback / Published 1987. (Hard to Find) 

When the Wind Is in the South and Other Stories Translated by Solveig T. Zempel, Hardcover / Published 1984 


Scandinavian Folk Belief and Legend by Reimund Kvideland and Henning K. Sehmsdorf (Editors)
Univ of Minnesota Press, Paperback / Published 1991

Flavors of the Fjords: The Norwegian Holiday Cookbook, by Faith E. Connors, Belle Air Press 
Hardcover / Published 1995
   A unique new work on Norwegian foods, holiday customs, recipes, and the "Norwegian-American Experience." The largest number of traditional Norwegian holiday recipes--cakes, cookies, breads-ever put together in one book, and interwoven with fascinating bits of Norwegian social history, including explanations of Norwegian Holiday traditions and customs, many of them kept alive to this day by millions of Norwegian-American families.

Garrison Keillor's wonderful recordings and books. Lake Wobegon Days, The Old Man Who Loved Cheese, and more!

Folk Music From Norway, Audio CD 
 Audio CD / Published 1997 
Listen to some great Norwegian folk music!

Nordisk Sang - Music Of Norway, Audio CD 
 Audio CD / Published 1991 
   This diamond of a recording gives the listener a rare and intimate look at the genuine folk music of Scandinavia, away from the festivals, the hype, and the fusions. Here are the willow bark flutes, the pristine voices, and the fiddles (both hardingfele and standard) of Norway, usually in solo settings, or simple call and responses between an instrument and a voice.

(There are more music selections in the "Music section" on page 2) 

Other selections:

On the next page you will find additional selections on such topics as the history of Norwegian-American immigration, Norwegian immigration fiction, Norwegian history, arts and crafts, travel books, and more

John Follesdal