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    Several visitors to my web site have sent me e-mails asking me to provide links to my various articles in one convenient place.  (The links to my articles are scattered throughout my web site under the appropriate subject headings).  Well, here are the links to my articles, arranged in the order that I think they should be read:
  1. Getting started - a brief article on how to get started with Norwegian-American genealogy, including a short bibliography of some of the books on this subject that you should be aware of.
  2. Norwegian Naming Practices is an article that I have written on Norwegian naming practices and the use of patronyms.
  3. Norwegian - American Genealogy - A Bibliography (Large file: 176 KB) is a bibliography that I have put together of books and other materials at the Library of Congress on this subject.
  4. Norwegian farms - some background information is an article I have written about such topics as landskyld, matrikkel, jorddrotte, leilending, husmann, and strandsitter. These are terms that you will quickly come across as your research progresses.
  5. Identifying your ancestor's farm in Norway is an article in which I discuss how you can use the online matrikkel databases, census databases, and emigrantprotokoll databases to identify the farm in Norway where your ancestors came from. This article also describes some of the advanced search methods available in these databases to help you get the most out of these databases.
  6. How to use a Norwegian bygdebok in your genealogy research is a tutorial that I have written on using bygdeb�ker - Norwegian local history books.
  7. How to obtain a Bygdebok by Inter Library Loan is a short article that I have written on how you can borrow a bygdebok at your local library.
  8. Norwegian Kirkeb�ker -- Parish Records is an article that includes translations of the column headings of Norwegian Parish records.
  9. Norwegian census records provides some historical background information as well as translations of the column headings of the various Norwegian census records.
  10. Norwegian skifter - probate records  describes how to use this important genealogy source.
  11. Norwegian - English Dictionary is a dictionary that I have written. It is meant to be used as a supplement to a regular Norwegian - English dictionary. Feel free to print out a copy of this dictionary for your own personal use. It is approximately 65 pages long.
  12. For the many Norwegian visitors to my web page I have written a short article in Norwegian on how to trace the descendants of Norwegian immigrants in the US: Hvordan finner jeg etterkommere av de som utvandret til USA?
    Copyright notice: Although I hold the copyright to these articles, you have my permission to print out a copy for your own personal use.  Permission is not given for anyone to copy or display any of these articles on any other web site, or to sell or distribute for sale any of the articles that I have written.  All of these articles have been published in the book Ancestors from Norway - An Introduction to Norwegian Genealogy Research.  For more information about this book please feel free to contact me.

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