The Nonemakers


Keith and Beth (Holmes) Nonemaker





Name: Keith Andrew Nonemaker

Born: 1951, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Education: B.A. (mathematics), Messiah College, Grantham, PA; M. Div., Bethany Seminary

Occupation: Computer Systems Analyst, Pennsylvania Governor's Office of the Budget

Hobbies and Interests: Genealogy, photography

Miscellaneous: legally blind (Stargardt Disease)




Name: Alesia Beth (Holmes) Nonemaker -- "Beth"

Born: 1952, Tonasket, Washington

Education: B. A. (Christian Education), Northwest Christian College, Eugene, Oregon; M. Div., Bethany Seminary.

Occupation: Clerk-Typist, Pennsylvania Department of Welfare, Bureau of Equal Opportunity

Hobbies and Interests: collecting versions of the Bible, natural foods (editor's note: Keith thinks the four food groups are sugar, salt, fat, and carbonation)





Church: We are members of First Church of the Brethren of Harrisburg, PA.  We are both ordained.  Visit our church's  web page.


Square Dancing: We are charter menbers of the Carrousel Promenaders Squaredance Club of Hummelstown, PA.  We are currently learning to round dance as well.  Our club does not have a web page, but you can visit the Pennsylvania Square Dance page.


Music: She plays the piano and sings second soprano.  He is a "basso profundo" (very low voice) and like to sing solos in church.


Contact:  (remember when a family had one phone number?)

Keith's work phone: (717)-783-1139

Beth's work phone: (717)-787-1127

Home phone: (717)-761-3047

Cell phone: (717)-497-0805

emain: mailto:[email protected]

snail mail: 235 N. Nineteenth Street, Camp Hill, PA  17011



Quote of the day:


"Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity."   -Anonymous