56. Jacob (John Jacob Fishel (5)(16) (1)(2) was born on 11 Aug 1770 in of Monaghan Twp., York Co., Pa. He resided in 1850 in Monaghan Township, York Co., PA. He died after 1850. He has reference number 28. (is he the same as Jacob of Paradise township 1795 tax list?, p.


NOTE: This Jacob may have been the son of Henry, but that is not clear. See 1795 tax list o f Paradise Township, page 180. He was married to Sarah about 1810.

57. Sarah(1) (2)(5) was born about 1795. She resided in 1870 in Carrol Twp, York Co., PA (with son Isaac). She died after 1870. She of in Monaghan Township, York County, PA. [email protected] alleges two earlier children, Sarah and Rebecca.

She lived with her son Isaac in 1870 in Carroll Twonship, York Co., PA. Children were:

child i. Sarah Fishel(17) (5) was born EST 1821.
child ii. Rebecca Fishel(5) (18) was born EST 1823.
child iii. Margaret Fishel(5) was born about 1825 in York Co., Pa. vd. The Rudisills in America, #4006
child iv. George Fishel(19) (20)(5) (21) was born on 15 Sep 1828 in Codorus Township. (22) He resided in 1876 in Mt. Pleasant area, Monaghan Township, York Co., PA.(23) He was buried in 1896 in Filey's graveyard, Monaghan Township, York Co., PA. He signed a will on 9 Apr 1896. He died on 30 Aug 1896 in Monaghan Township, York County, PA. He was Lutheran.(24) He was a carpenter. (25) Abstract of will KK 525 (York County) and related records:

George of Monaghan Township; wife Elizabath; son Devo O. Fishel; other children not named; wi ll dated 9 apr 1896; died 30 Aug 1896 5:00 pm

In the 1786 atlas of York county, G. Fishel lived east of, and north of (across the road from ) J. Fishel.

DEAT: 5:00 P.M.

child28 v. Edmund B. Fishel.
child vi. Isaac Fishel(5) (26) was born in Jul 1835 in Pennsylvania. (27) He resided in 1880 in Franklin Township, York Co., PA. He was buried in 1904 in Dillsburg Cemetery, Dillsburg, York Co., PA. He died on 14 Mar 1904.(23) He was a clay miner, brickmaker. He is said to have "hid in the mountains" to avoid the war.

Birth year is from his tombstone (The census says he was born July 1835.)

Grantee Isaac FISHEL/Grantor Emanuel WOLF Vol 9 A p 634 Franklin Twp

DEAT: 7:00 A.M.