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Table of Contents


BulletAncest ors of Keith Andrew Nonemaker   Mostly Pennsylvania Dutch families

BulletAncest ors of Alesia Beth (Holmes) Nonemaker   New England, Virginia, and elsewhere

Families on this website:

Bullet Diller families
Bullet Fishel family of northern York County, Pennsylvania
Bullet Garst family of Virginia
Bullet Nonnemacher / Nonemaker / Nunemaker families
Bullet Pettijohn / Pettyjohn of Virginia
Bullet Withington family
Bullet Wood family of Floyd County, Virginia

Families on other websites:

Bullet  Abshire: see Peter Abshire
Bullet  Barber: see Barber Home Page
Bullet  Buell: see Genealogy of Buell  (also Cooke, Ford,Griswold, Holcomb, Loomis, Scott, Strong, and White)
Bullet Via: see Early Via Families
Bullet Zug: see Relatives of Charles V. Grisso & Opie Figert

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