Clan Nicholson - 1934

Clan Nicholson 1934

Photo taken at the Clan Nicholson Reunion held August 4, 1934
at the Fairmount Hotel in York Beach, Maine.

 From the 1930's until his death in 1961, George W. Nicholson (photo) of Lynn, Mass. was the Chieftain of a Clan Nicholson Society. George was one the descendants of three brothers and two or three sisters, Norman, Angus, Samuel, Margaret, Catherine and Mary (?) Nicholson, who came from the Isle of Skye in Scotland to Prince Edward Island in Canada about 1837. Norman and Angus settled in Victoria Cross, Lot 51. Below is a list of society members from a 1934 flyer announcing a Clan gathering in York Beach, Maine. I can identify the individuals I have marked (*). If you can identify any of the others, please let me know. Thanks.

Most of the marked (*) individuals can be found on my Descendants of Lodvic Nicolson page.

New! Clan Nicholson Reunion photos may be found here - 1932 - 1934 - 1935/6

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*ACORN, Mrs. Leverett - Alliston, PEI
*BRIGGS, Mrs. Maryanne - 408 Lincoln St., Waltham, Mass.
*BRUCE, Mrs. J. - Brooklyn, PEI
*CHAMBERLAIN, Mrs. Ernest - 408 Lincoln St., Waltham, Mass.
*CHIARINI, Mrs. Herman - 174 Bayswater St., E. Boston, Mass.
*COLLINS, Mrs. James - Box 18, Glenwilliam, PEI
*CORBETT, Mrs. Sadie - Cor. Humboldt & H Sts., Eureka, California
*CORBIN, Mrs. Sarah - So. Walpole, Mass.
*DAVISON, Mrs. S. M. - 71 Leonard St., Annisquam, Mass.
*FERGUSON, Mrs. W. H. - Commercial Cross, PEI
GATES, Mrs. Stella - 13 Picket St., Beverly, Mass.
*GETCHELL, Mrs. Anne - 3414 K St., Eureka, California
GILLIE, Mrs. C. A. - 21 Chapel St., Gloucester, Mass.
GILLIE, Mrs. S. J. - 2410 Wright Ave., Greensboro, N.C.
*GOODE, Mrs. John W. - 34 Pleasant View St., Bangor, Me.
*JACKSON, Mrs. W. O. - 99 Orchard St., Portsmouth, N.H.
JONES, Mrs. Ella (BRUCE) - 13 Picket St., Beverly, Mass.
KERR, Mrs. Christie (MacDONALD) - 177 Corey St., W. Roxbury, Mass.
LECOE, Mrs. H. F. - Murray River P. O., PEI (Mrs. Hiram Leeco)
*MacDONALD, Mrs. M. A. - Glenwilliam, PEI
MacDONALD, Mrs. G. A. - No. Havern, Me.
*MacINTOSH, Mr. James - Pictou, N.S.
MacLEOD, Mrs. Effie - 1932 Beacon St., Brighton, Mass.
*MacLEOD, Mr. John - Victoria Cross, PEI
*MacLEOD, Mr. Malcolm - Victoria Cross, PEI
MacLEOD, Miss Margaret - Summerville, PEI
MacLEOD, Mr. William - Glenwilliam, PEI
MacKENZIE, Mr. Roderick - Reading Ave., Millinocket, Me.
*MANSFIELD, Mrs. Raymond - 55 Williams St., Bradford, Mass.
*MARTIN, Miss Flora - 178 Main St., Haverhill, Mass.
*MARTIN, Miss Margaret - 178 Main St., Haverhill, Mass.
*MARTIN, Mrs. Wm. A. - Valleyfield, PEI
*NICHOLSON, Mr. Luville - 74 Deer St., Portsmouth, N.H.
NICOLSON, Miss K. A. - 4 York Drive, Portree, Isle of Skye, Scot.
*NICHOLSON, Miss Ada - Summerville, PEI
*NICHOLSON, Mr. Alan - Summerville, PEI
*NICHOLSON, Mr. Archie - 838 32
nd Ave., San Francisco, Calif.
NICHOLSON, Miss Bertha - 45 Kenneth St., W. Roxbury, Mass.
*NICHOLSON, Mr. Charles - 1106 2
nd Ave., N.E., Moosejaw, Sask., Canada
*NICHOLSON, Mr. Donald - 5 Sagamore Ave., Winthrop, Mass.
*NICHOLSON, Mr. Edwin S. - Box 756, Vallejo, Calif.
*NICHOLSON, Mr. George W. Nicholson - 5 Sherbrook Pl., Lynn, Mass.
*NICHOLSON, Mr. John A. - 131 E. 16
th St., San Bernardino, Calif.
*NICHOLSON, Miss Hannah - 7 Plant Ave., Jamaica Plain, Boston, Mass.
*NICHOLSON, Mr. Maynard - E. Walpole, Mass.
*NICHOLSON, Mr. Norman - Freeport, Me.
*NICHOLSON, Mr. Norman - 219 Pleasant St., Malden, Mass.
*NICHOLSON, Mr. William F. - 1078 Canterbury St., Roslindale, Boston
*NICHOLSON, Mr. Wallace - Bayside, Calif.
*GILLESPIE, Mrs. Dr. Norman W. - 632 Columbia Road, Dorchester, Mass.
*QUINN, Mrs. Lawrence - 49 Springvale Ave., Lynn, Mass.
SMITH, Mrs. L. L. - 19 Harding Ave., Everett, Mass.
SMITH, Mrs. M. C. - 17 Harding Ave., Everett, Mass.
*STEWART, Mrs. J. H. - Glenwilliam, PEI
*STEWART, Mrs. J. J. - Highbank, PEI
STUART, Mrs. J. - No. Havern, Me.
*WINCH, Mrs. Laura A. - 340 W. 85
th St., N. Y. C.
*ZECCHINI, Mr. Richard M. - So. Main St., Andover, Mass.


STEWART, Mrs. W. A. - 274 Highland Ave., Millinocket, Me.
*PENDERGAST, Mrs. W. J. - 75 Seymour Ave., Roslindale, Mass.
MUELLER, Mrs. J. C., 10 Egleston St., Jamaica Plain, Mass.
*NICHOLSON, Miss Katherine - Summerville, PEI