The Nicholson Genealogy Information and Links Page

The Nicholson Genealogy Information & Links Page


My name is Bill Nicholson and I'm the List Manager for the NICHOLSON-L e-mail list at RootsWeb. I am also a Clan MacNicol member. I've put this page together to provide links to some of the Nicholson genealogy information available on the Internet. If you have comments about this page or any other links you would like to be shown here, please contact me at [email protected]. Thanks and Good Luck with your research.

INFORMATION about the NICHOLSON-L mailing list for NICHOLSON Genealogy inquiries.

Browse NICHOLSON-L postings since September, 1997, listed by month, at:

The Nicholson Surname Resource Page has links to all of RootsWeb's Nicholson information.

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NICHOLSON Message Board The RootsWeb and Message Boards have been integrated. Messages posted on the board are automatically forwarded to the NICHOLSON-L Mailing List.

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LINKS! A page with links to homepages with Nicholson genealogical information. Send me the URL for your page so that it can be listed here also.
If you don't have your own webspace, you can send me your descendants chart and I can post it to this website for you.

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NEW! A Nicholson DNA Surname Project has been started at Family Tree DNA. Details about participating in this study can be found at: 491&special=True

Preliminary project results can be found at:

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NEW! The Clan MacNicol Society has a new website at Information on Clan membership and activities is located here, as well as some interesting history of the Nicholsons.

The Clan MacNicol in Canada Hompage is the Internet home of the Canadian Branch of the North American Clan MacNicol Society.

The Nicholson Pipes and Drums - Westminster, California, is the official pipe band for Clan MacNicol.

The CLAN-MACNICOL-L mailing list on RootsWeb. Follow the link for information.

A webpage with information about Isle of Skye Nicholsons and those that emigrated to Prince Edward Island in Canada.

NEW UPDATED BOOK AVAILABLE! The Nicholson Family Library - The Library was started by the Rev'd Nigel Nicholson in about 1968 as a one-name family study.  Rev'd Nicholson has done extensive research into the Nicholson name and has just published an updated edition of his previous book, now containing nearly 400 trees, 1,200 pages, containing approximately 24,000 Nicholson or Nicolson names, together with all the information pertaining to the individuals which he has gathered over the last 35 years of research.. Nicholson families covered in this book are outlined on the Nicholson Family Library website.

The Nicholson Family is a website with a lot of Nicholson information. It is maintained by [email protected]

A list of the members of a Clan NicholsonSociety from 1934. This was a group organized by George Nicholson of Lynn, Mass. I can identify most these people but I'm seeking help with the others.

Clan Nicholson 1932, 1934, and 1935/6 reunion photos.

There is also a mailing list available for NICOL and NICOLL inquiries.
To subscribe, click either
NICOL-L (mail mode) or NICOL-D (digest mode) and put just the word: subscribe in the body of the message.




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