Updates to New Brunswick's Past  
Nov 11, 2005 = I have worked off and on to this site in the past three years, and updated some pages and added some new one. It seems the one page I missed out on updating was this one.

    One item I must apologize for is the rash of porno links that got into my Guest Book every so often. It seems I no sooner got them cleared away and twice as many showed up a week or so later. The last cleanup made took off three or four dozen such messages, with each message containing 20 or more links.

    Now, to see if I can remember what I have done over the past few years.

  • Church files were added to. Mostly in Queens and York Counties. Also added a list of Anglican Churches province wide.
  • New files in "Beginnings"
  • Updated files in "My Family Files" - almost all families were reloaded to get rid of typos, add a new generation, or otherwise adjust these files. Recently the Belyea file was updated with the descendants charts for three more sons of the Loyalist era. Unfortunately these files had been on all along, but the links had been forgotten.
  • And I hope I now have all my e-mail address correctly recorded.
Nov 18, 2002 = Uploaded most pages into their rightful slots. Still some broken links and some formating to change on pages. All old files have been removed from this site.
Oct 29/30, 2002 = Uploaded the newly formated pages for New Brunswick's Past. From this point forward all cemetery, church, marriage, land and some other data type entries will no longer be found on this site.  These files are being donated to the respective County GenWeb sites. The files will remain on my site under "Old Files" until they have been mounted on a new site. They will then be remove, and links add to their new home. The transfer process may take a number of days/weeks.

    This site will now focus on family histories (items NOT related to me); as well as my own personal family history, which will eventually be moved here from Rootsweb's FreePages. It will also focus on Church photos and histories, but not on the data from their registers. Local histories and photos of places and events will also be featured.

    The first step in this process has been to sort out the files I want to keep. In order to separate them from those that were on my site, I have set up a new directory, called nbp. It will be removed once all the old file are gone, so please only bookmark the home page until after that time. I must also review each page I am keeping and change the format and links, therefore there may be some broken links until this effort is complete. I will try and work though them as quickly as possible.