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Items on this site are often recorded "as found" in the original documents (in as far as possible). This will often result in some innovated spelling of both given and surnames. At other times the name has been standardized, such as Bulyea, Belyea, Bilyea and other variations are all entered as Belyea. To receive the sources which have the original spellings you will have to contact me.

It is also wise to try all known spelling variations, plus a few "half names". That is, begin spelling the name, but do not complete it, and add * at the end. (i.e.: Bro* will bring up Brown, Brockway, Broadstreet, etc.) This could find names that are not recorded correctly.

If you get too many entries, you can then narrow the search by adding a second name. 

BOOLEAN TECHNIQUES to Fine -Tune Your Search

Enclose a phrase or search string in quotation marks to find messages containing certain words in a certain order.

The keyword(s) Worthington Hills Cemetery will find messages containing Worthington,  or Hills, or Cemetery. Adding the BOOLEAN quotation marks to the search string, "Worthington Hills Cemetery", will return only messages in which that exact phrase appears.

A plus sign (+) in front of a word means that word must be in pages for them to be a match. For example, Obituary +Thompson will return only messages containing the word, obituary, that ALSO contain the word, Thompson.

A minus sign (-) in front of a word means that any page that has that word is excluded from the list of  matches. For example, "Morgan County" -Roberts will return messages containing the phrase "Morgan County", that DO NOT contain the word, Roberts.