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    All listings will develop in random order as information is gathered.
    Not every entry will contain all types of data.
    I began with southern and central New Brunswick, as these are the areas I am most familiar with.
    Other areas will be added as I receive data, or complete the areas mentioned and can begin more detailed research for the other parts of the province.

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You are free to use my photos, or photos that have been submitted to this page with the following stipulation - proper credits being given (and a word to the photographer would be nice telling how and where it is being used). All other photos and websites MUST be cleared with the photographer before use. Be sure to check other sites, as many GenWeb and Personal Home Pages, as well as other sites, have wonderful pictures on them, and I will add links as they are brought to my attention.

Remember, photos are copyrighted to the photographer(s) and cannot be used without their permission. I invite submissions for this page. Either as links to your homepage or donation of photos.

The primary idea for this section was to place online some photos of churches where your ancestors may have worshiped and had ordinances performed. This expanded into a listing of all churches in given areas of the province, which I soon realized needed a uniform breakdown. There are fifteen counties within NB, which I have used. Some have been broken down by Parish groupings.

The job of finding picture of all these churches looked daunting at this point, so I began to scour the net, to find where pictures were already online. I found many in the official Church sites, and still others on private sites. This lead to a linking process that has cut the number of originals needed down to a more manageable size.

Finding the names of NB Churches was relatively easy for the Anglican and Catholic Churches, both of which have sites for their Cathedrals, with links to some of their Parishes, or listings of them. However, these lists to be really useful needed more information, since many of the names were used several times within their own denominations, and even cross denominations. This sent me to NB Tel's Power Pages, where many were listed with addresses and phone numbers (some with e-mail addresses).

At that point I began to think that perhaps I should include a cross reference to where the records for these churches could be found. This sent me to the listings of films at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick. At the moment, this seems to be too large an undertaking to incorporate onto my list.

I have begun to add some church history, either my own, or cross linked to items on other site - mainly the County GenWeb sites. Should you have anything to contribute, I would be please to receive it.

Begun - August 2000
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