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Norman Stanley Keating

Cleadie Gertrude Bank

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Olive Pearl MacKay

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In February 2015 I began to change my website to a new format. I removed the old family files, and replaced them with Ahnentafel Charts showing only the direct lineage for each of my parents, as well as the parents of my deceased husband.

Because of the difficulty of keeping the family pages current, I have decided to link the first person each Chart to Family Search Family Tree web site. This is where all my ancestor and their descendants are now being recorded.

On the top of the opening page of each chart you will find the ID number of the first person in each line on Family Search Family Tree site. By following the Pedigree line, you can then go down any of the lines using the "Person" pages, until you reach the person you are interested in. (Or you can use the "Search" feature to find the right person.)

From this point on I will be adding new data to this site, as well as additional documention for each person as I find it, or as time permits. You are invited to do the same. The work that is already on the site is not necessarily all mine, as many other people have entered their data as well. To date I have only two family lines fully matching my data, and am slowly working my way through the other line.

People who use this site are asked to identify each "fact" as fully as possible. The sources should be identified as correctly as possible - that is full name of source and where it is found. (Not just people or family histories, rather vital statistics, census records, will, etc.)

If you think a record needs editing, but do not have "proof", you can add your comments in the "Discussion" or "Notes" fields. If you notify me I will try and find the proof needed.

Using a Family Tree Certified genealogy package such as Ancestral Quest, you can link your data directly to FSFT once you are registered. This makes it easy to keep abreast to what is new or what has changed.

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