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This brief history of the Yergin Family, was another document left to me by my father, Gail Edward Towslee (November 30, 1918 - November 12, 1968). The Yergin family ties into the Towslee family with the marriage of Lorenzo David Towslee to Sarah "Sadie" Luella Yergin.

This information originated with Helen Yergin she completed it in 1949. To my knowledge, my father verified the information contained in this missive.

The following is a transcription of the "Joseph and Sarah A. Harry Yergin Family Genealogy". Do, please let me know if you have information to add or if a correction needs to be made, any requests for correction should be accompanied with supporting documentation.

Laura Julliette Towslee Hadfield


The informaition included in this history is taken from "The Yergin Family", a record of the descendants of Henry Yergin of Huntington County, Pennsylvania and later of Ohio. The document was compiled in 1949 by Helen Yergin if New York City. Her grandfather was Christian Yergin and her father was Vernon Noyes Yergin.


Henry Yergin of Huntington County, Pennsylvania is the first Yergin of proven connection with the family of whom we have information. He is the first generation.

The second generation is his son, Henry Yergin, the father of Joseph Yergin around which this history is developed. Henry Yergin, the son, was born April 30, 1788, in Huntington County, Pennsylvania. On February 18, 1809 he married Mary Catharine Coble in Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Christian and Catharine Coble, born in Washignton County, Pennsylvania on January 21, 1791. Henry and Mary Catharine Coble Yergin migrated to Wayne County, Ohio, near Wooster in March of 1816. Henry died June 1, 1856 in Ohio and is buried in Lehman Cemetery. They had twelve children (the third generation) as follows:

(3)John Yergin, born May 17, 1810, Pennsylvania. He died August 22, 1846, Matamoros, Mexico in the Mexican War. He married Susannah Bacher, August 12, 1832, Wayne County, Ohio.

(3)Susannah Yergin, born December 6, 1811, Pennsylvania. She died February 7, 1850. She married Daniel Kernery, April 24, 1832, Wayne County, Ohio.

(3)Elizabeth Yergin, born March 16, 1814, Pennsylvania. Died in April 17, 1842, buried in Lehman Cemetery. She married Janathon Spiecher, October 24, 1833.

(3)Henry Yergin, born February 24, 1816, Pennsylvania. Died March 1, 1897 in Medina County, Ohio. He married Christena Kintner, May 18, 1837.

(3)Mary "Polly" Yergin, born February 12, 1818, Wayne County, Ohio. Date of death is not known. In her first marriage she was wed to Henry Soliday. They were married on May 12, 1836. Her second husband was a Mr. Smith,(given name is not known), finally, her third marriage was to Henry Steel, no dates of birth, death or marriage are available regarding these gentlemen.

(3)David Yergin, born February 26, 1820. Date of death is not currently known, David never married.

(3)Christian Yergin, born December 12, 1822, near Wooster, Ohio. Christian died on September 19, 1907. He was married twice, his first wife was Harriet Kozioh Lance, they were wed October 10, 1844. His second wife was Sarah Lee Higgins, no other information is available.

(3)William Yergin, born October 20, 1825. He passed away May 12, 1903. Two marriages are recorded for William. His first marriage was to Hannah Stahl, December 28, 1854, no additional information is available. His second wife was Nancy Steel, they were wed on April 2, 1857.

(3)Andrew Yergin, born April 27,1817. His date of death is unknown, though it is known that he passed away in La Grange, Indiana. He married Lucinda Luran, October 5, 1848, Wayne County, Ohio.

(3)Sophia Yergin, born October 28, 1829. She passed away in Mercer County, Ohio on January 2, 1859. She married John J. Beistle (Bisel) March 5, 1854 in Wayne County, Ohio.

(3)Catharine Yergin, born February 12, 1832. Her date of death is unknown. Samuel Deitrick claimed her as his bride on October 12, 1854, in Wayne County, Ohio.

(3)JOSEPH YERGIN, born October 9, 1835. He passed away December 12, 1910. He and Sarah Harry Yergin were married on February 23, 1860.


(3)Joseph Yergin, the youngest of twelve children, was born near Wooster, Ohio on October 9, 1835. On February 23, 1860 he was united in marriage to Sarah A. Harry (born, May 12, 1844) of Cedar Valley. Both Joseph and Sarah were the youngest of twelve. Less than one year after celebrating their fiftieth anniversary, they were both killed on December 9, 1910 when the buggy in which they were riding was struck by a Cleveland Southwestern trolley car at a grade crossing just west of the John Albert farm southwest of Lodi, Ohio. Both are at rest in the Woodland Cemetery, Lodi, Ohio.

Joseph and Sarah A. Harry Yergin were the parents of ten children, they represent the fourth generation:

(4)Elmer Yergin
(4)Charles Edward Yergin
(4)Clara Yergin Lance
(4)Harry Monroe Yergin
(4)Minnie Justine Yergin Zimmerman
(4)Jennie Yergin Kime
(4)Cora Belle Yergin Underwood
(4)Myrtle Yergin Thorley
(4)John Yergin


(4)Elmer Yergin was born December 12, 1862, he died in 1935. He was married twice; his first wife was Georgia ? his second spouse was Marjorie ? of Belmont, West Virginia.

Children of Elmer and Georgia are:
(5)Charles Yergin
(5)Mary Yergin Dye

Children of Elmer and Marjorie Yergin are:
(5)Mabel Yergin Riggs Petcher
(5)Edith Yergin Higgins
(5)Josephine Yergin Hendrichson
(5)Doris Yergin King
(5)Larine Yergin

(5)Charles Yergin had three children (his wife's name is not known):
(6)Reese Yergin
(6)Dale Yergin
(6) Geraldine Yergin Noland
(5)Mary Yergin married Leonard Dye, their children were:

(5)Mabel Yergin was married first to Glenn Riggs then later to William Pitcher. No children were produced from either union.

(5)Edith Yergin Higgins had three children:

(6)Elmer Higgins, born December 17, 1923
(6)Alonzo Higgins, born May 17, 1925
(6)Violet Higgins

(5)Josephine Yergin Hendrichson had children though no information is available.

(5)Doris Yergin married Roy King. Their children were:
(6)Nellie King, born in 1924 died in 1941. Buried in Greenlawn Cemetery. And a son (6)Charles King.


(4)Charles Edward Yergin was born February 6, 1865 at Madisonburg, Wayne County, Ohio. He died October 24, 1941 at Burbank, Ohio and is buried there. On December 1, 1887 he was married to Katie Stutzman at Wooster, Ohio. Katie was born August 4, 1865 in Canaan Townships and died at Burbank, Ohio, December 26, 1934. Charles was a farmer most of his life and operated several businesses in Burbank later in life. Both Charles and Katie were affiliated with the Cherry Corners Evangelical Church. To them were born six children, all were born in Burbank with the exception of Jennie Irene Yergin. There children were as follows:

(5)Harry Monroe Yergin, born November 14, 1888. he was married to Armittie Mae Markley (January 7, 1887), on February 7, 1908. Harry died in 1955. To them were born:

(6)Charles Harold Yergin was born January 4, 1910. He married Edna Fleming who was born October 10, 1910. Born to them was

(7) Charles David Yergin, May 4, 1938 in Lodi, Ohio.

(6)Ruth Catharine Yergin, born 17, 1914. She married Wayne Edward Swanson( March 25, 1913), on Jume 23, 1934. Born to them was

(7)Roger Duane Swanson,August 23, 1939.

(6)Donald Owen Yergin, born April 25, 1918. He married Tewila Keener, June 26, 1939. Tewila died in 1963. To them were born:
(7)son in July of 1940 and

(5)Albert Freeman Yergin, born November 8, 1893 at Burbank,Ohio. On December 22, 1915 at Medina, Ohio, he married Arvesta Baker(July 27, 1896)she was the daughter of Harrison and Rosa Baker. To Albert and Arvesta Baker Yergin were born:

(6)Bernice Arleen Yergin, who died in childhoood June 22, 1921 at Lodi, Ohio.
(6)Glenn Albert Yergin, born November 10, 1919, at Lodi, Ohio. He married Wanda L. Robey(April 26, 1922) on April 12, 1941 at Wadsworth, Ohio. They have one daughter:

(7)Joyce Anne Yergin, born April 19, 1942, at Columbus, Ohio.

(5)Ida Mae Yergin, born March 5, 1896 at Burbank, Ohio. On January 5, 1918 she was married to Guy Garn(March 28, 1898). To them were born:

(6)Dorothy Irene Garn, born July 31, 1918 at West Salem, Ohio. On March 7, 1937at New Castle, New Castle, Pennsylvania, she married Willard Rogers Richie(August 7, 1916) son of Milo Mason and Mabel F. Jackson Richie of Lodi, Ohio. They have two children:

(7)Jack Rogers Richie, born July31, 1937
(7)Carolyn Sue Richie, born July 24, 1939

(6)Charles Bert Garn, born May 26, 1920 at West Salem, Ohio died the same day.
(6)Karl Edward Garn, born June 15, 1921 at West Salem, Ohio. On April 15, 1943 at Alexandria, Virginia he married Wilma Jane Camp(May 16, 1921) of West Salem, Ohio, daughter of Lincoln J, and Mae Kline Camp.
(6)Ross Eugene Garn, born September 4, 1923 at West Salem, Ohio. On January 28, 1943 at Spencer, Ohio, he married Marcella Jane Howe(February7, 1923) daughter of Clyde Russell and Dorothy Meyers Howe, Their children are:

(7)Raymond Eugene Garn, born October 26, 1946, Lodi, Ohio
(7)Connie Jane Garn, born July 26, 1948, at Lodi, Ohio.

(6) Nellie Mae Garn, born September 20, 1928, at West Salem, Ohio. On February 17, 1946, at Red Haw, Ohio, she married Elza William Dravenstatt, born January 20, 1923 at Jeromesville, Ohio, son of Elza Rollie and Ruth Mae Switzer Dravenstott.

(6)Helena Rae Garn (twin to Nellie Mae) was born September 20, 1928 at West Salem, Ohio and died there in childhood on June 14, 1929.
(6)June Catharine Garn was born May 20, 1930 at West Salem, Ohio and was married on June 8, 1948 to Jouhn Dennis Jacobs, born August 18, 1926 at Wooster, Ohio. Son of James C. and Ethel Mae Enfield Jacobs.
(6)Richard Garn, no data available.

(5)Joseph Elmer Yergin, born October 28, 1898 at Burbank, Ohio. On June 21, 1922 he married Lucy Neiswinter(May 20, 1904) of West Salem, Ohio. To them were born two children:
(6)Dora Marjean Yergin, born July 20, 1923.She married Dale Wolgamuth of Burbank, Ohio.
(6)Max Elmer Yergin, born February 6, 1925.

(5)Susan Dorotha Yergin, born January 12, 1901 at Burbank, Ohio and died April 12, 1928 at West Salem, Ohio. On March 10, 1921 she married Marion Kline. To them were born five children all born at West Salem, Ohio:

(6)Charles Robert Kline, born September 30, 1921
(6)Erma Marjorie Kline, born August 16, 1923
(6)Donald David Kline, born August 17, 1925
(6)Willis Herbert Kline, born August 22, 1926
(6)Marion Kline, Jr., born March 12, 1928 and died July 26, 1928

(5) Jennie Irene Yergin, born July 4, 1904 at Armstrong Station, Ohio. She died December 5, 1936 at Wooster, Ohio. On April 12, 1921, she married Lee Roy Daugherty(August 25, 1897) at Wooster, Ohio. They had three children, all were born near Burbank, Ohio:
(6)Arleen Catherine Daugherty, born July 27, 1921, married Herbert Martin. To them was born:

(7)Carol Ann martin, born January 20, 1940

(6)Louise Nettie Daugherty, born October 18, 1926
(6)Howard Lee Roy Daugherty, born September 27, 1929


(4)Clara Yergin was born October 15, 1869 in Medina County, Ohio. On April 14, 1890 she married William C. Lance(February 20, 1860), Milton, Wayne County. Ohio. Clara is at rest in the Woodlawn Cemetery, Lodi, Ohio. William died may 24, 1940 in Cleveland, Ohio and is buried at Lodi, Ohio. To them were born six children:
(5)Walter Lance, now deceased, married Mary ?
(5)Ruth Lance,married Mike Mangan, both are now deceased, to them were born:

(6)Ruth Jane Mangan, born 1920, died about 1932.
(6)Marilyn Mangan, born February 23, 1921 at Cleveland, Ohio
(6)William Mangan, born May 24, 1930 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin

(5)Harry Lance, now deceased
(5)Glenn Lance, born 1903. Married Edith Reed. Two sons of Edith's from a previous marriage.
(5)Margarite Lance was born on October 18, 1905 at Lorain, Ohio. On May 26, 1923 she married Beryl Parker and to them were born three children, all born in Cleveland, Ohio:

(6)Norma Mae Parker, born November 22, 1926
(6)Mary Jane Parker, born January 17, 1928
(6)Richard Parker, born January 31, 1930
NOTE: Margarite Lance later married George Arkiff of Cleveland, Ohio and to them was born one child, no information is available for this child.


(4)Harry Monroe Yergin, born December 23, 1869 in Wayne County, Ohio. On October 12, 1891 he married Minnie J. Eshelman who was born in Wayne County, Ohio on June 12, 1871. Harry died April 2, 1936 and is buried at Lodi, Ohio. To Harry and Minnie J. Eshelman Yergin were born seven children:
(5)Nellie Irene Yergin, born July 7, 1896 at Leroy, Ohio. She was married to Clifford Criss of West Salem, Ohio. Nellie died December 6, 1933. To them were born:

(6)Francis Irene Criss, born August 2, 1926 (?)

(5)Robert James Yergin, born April 29, 1898 near Leroy, Ohio. On February 4, 1920 he married Hessie Butdorf of Medina County, Ohio. Jessie was born August 27, 1899 in Medina County, Ohio and is now deceased. To them were born three children all in Medina County, Ohio:

(6)Merle Eugene Yergin, born June 24, 1922. He married Gladene Ida Tanner on June 1, 1942. To them were born:

(7)Judy Lynn Yergin, born March 3, 1943.

(6)Marion Leroy Yergin, born June 7, 1923. He married Doris Ruth Metts on June 7, 1942. To them were born:

(7)James Leroy Yergin, born June 25, 1943
(7)Joyce Ann Yergin, born May 27, 1945
(7)Dorothy Jean Yergin, born September 9, 1946

(6) Eleanor Yergin, daughter of Robert James Yergin, no additional data.

(5)Claude Eugene Yergin, born June 18, 1901 near Leroy, Ohio. He married Loyis Williams of West Salem, Ohio. To them were born:

(6)Miriam Katherine Yergin, born August 9, 1928. On May 9, 1947 she married Lee Oaks. To them was born:

(7)Terry Eugene Oaks

(5)Harry Franklin Yergin, born July 11, 1903 near Leroy, Ohio. He married Grace Koerschner on January 12, 1940. To them was born:

(6)Harvey Franklin Yergin, Jr., born February 23, 1941, Akron, Ohio.
NOTE: There is also (6)Patricia Delores Yergin, daughter of Grace, born January 2, 1937.

(5)Hazel Henrietta Yergin, born November 10, 1906 near Leroy, Ohio. She married Carl Howard Butdorf(born, September 2, 1904), of Lodi, Ohio on November 25, 1925 at Leroy, Ohio. To them were born:

(6)Phillip Earl Butdorf, born July 9, 1926, at Lodi, Ohio. He was married to Ruth Marie Conrad, to them were born:

(7)Sandra K. Butdorf

(6)Donald Eugene Butdorf, born January 24, 1931 at Wooster, Ohio
(6)Rita Marie Butdorf, born February 25, 1932 at Wooster, Ohio
(6)Janet Louise Butdorf, born August 2, 1938 at Wooster, Ohio

(5)Harold Ray Yergin, born October 22, 1909 in Medina County, Ohio. On October 22, 1938 he married Pauline Bricker(daughter of Sylvanus B. Martin) of Lodi, Ohio. To them were born:

(6)David Jay Yergin, born July 29, 1941 at Dayton, Ohio.

(5)Helen Mary Yergin(twin of Harold) born October 22, 1909 in Medina County, Ohio. On July 3, 1937 she was married to Glen Williams(born April, 1912) at Wadsworth, Ohio. To them were born:

(6)Midge Ann Williams, born January 24, 1941
(6)John Glen Williams, born July 26, 1942


(4)Minnie Justine Yergin was born May 17, 1873. She was married to Charles Zimmerman. Minnie died in West Salem, Ohio, July 26, 1934. Charles and Minnie Yergin had two children:

(5)Mabel Zimmerman, born September 30, 1891 near West Salem, Ohio. On July 6, 1909 at Burbank, Ohio she married Clyde McMillan(born March 11, 1889) of West Salem, Ohio. To them were born:

(6)Evelyn McMillan, born March 8, 1911 at West Salem, Ohio. On December 5, 1933 she married John Potts at Columbus, Ohio. To them was born:

(7)Carolyn Rae Potts, born February 8, 1935. She was married to William Lance in 1958. To them were born:

(8)Carol Lance
(8)Kimmie Lance
(8)Jennifer Sue Lance

(5)Eva Zimmerman, born April 4, 1895 near West Salem, Ohio. She married Ray Fredicks, who was killed in 1916, Earl Beir and then Oliver Tomes.


(4)Jennie Yergin was born September 15, 1875 at Creston, Ohio. On November 30, 1892 at West Salem, Ohio she married Allen Kime(March 16, 1865 - May 31, 1940). Both of them are deceased ane are buried at Lodi, Ohio. To them were born:
(5)J. Dalton Kime, born 1899 and lived eighteen months. He is buried at Lodi, Ohio.
(5)Edna Kime, born February 7, 1902 at Crawford Corners, Ohio. She married Roy Hopkins(born June 13, 1902). To them were born:
(6)Deane Hopkins, born December 21, 1930 at Lodi, Ohio He is married and has three children:

(7)Robert Hopkins, born 1959
(7)Brenda Hopkins, born 1962
(7)Gill Hopkins, born 1966

(6)Janice Elaine Hopkins, born May 5, 1940 at Lodi, Ohio. She is married and has two daughters:

(7)Janelle ? , born about 1964
(7)Robin ? , born in 1966


(4)Sarah "Sadie" Luella Yergin was born at Burbank, Ohio on February 12, 1898 at Burbank, Ohio. She married Lorenzo David Towslee (March 19, 1874) of Harrisville Township, Ohio and son of David Lorenzo Towslee. Sadie Yergin Towslee died September 27, 1937 and Lorenzo David passed away March 27, 1951. Both are at rest in the Woodlawn Cemetery, Lodi, Ohio. To them were born:

(5)Lawrence Dale Towlsee, born June 22, 1899 near Lodi, Ohio. He married Lillian Irene Basham (born October 5, 1899) in 1918 at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To them were born:

(6)Gail Edward Towslee, born November 30, 1918 near Lodi, Ohio. He married Ruth Taylor of Columbus, Ohio December 19, 1952. He married Clarisse Bailey, born May 12, 1936. To Gail and Clarisse Bailey Towslee were born:
(7)Michael Edward Towslee, born March 17, 1960 in Columbus, Ohio. As an adult, Michael chose to study Judaism and related fields of learning, he has a keen mind and is able to retain and speak knowledgably of what he has learned.
(7)Laura Julliette Towslee Hadfield was born December 4, 1963 in Anahiem, California. She married Clifford Dean Sneary on August 16, 1986 at Bartlesville, Oklahoma and was awarded a divorce from him on August 1, 1996 in Tulsa County, Tulsa, Oklahoma. She then married Darryl James Hadfield (born January 7, 1976)on June 20, 1998 in East Grand Forks, Minnesota at the Mendenhall Presbyterian Church. Darryl and Laura Towslee Hadfield have two children:

(8)Joseph Altyn Sneary, born March 30, 1986
(8)Halee Diane Hadfield, born September 22, 1998

(6)James Denzel Towslee born December 14, 1920 near West Salem, Ohio. On June 24, 1941 he married Juanita Pauline Flowers, (born July 30, 1922) of Louisville, Kentucky. To them was born:

(7)Janet Lee Towslee, born April 4, 1942 at Louisville, Kentucky. On August 28, 1964 she married Donald Collier (born March 1, 1939).

(6)Mell Vernon Towslee, born December 12, 1923 near Lodi, Ohio. He married Dorothy Kathryn Towslee and to them was born:

(7)James Martin Towslee, born January 25, 1943 at Lodi, Ohio. He married Minnie Kathryn Christian (born November 23, 1945) on October 22, 1966 at Akron, Ohio.
(7)Geraldine Ann Towslee, born January 12, 1945 at Lodi, Ohio. She married Richard Alvin Cramer(born December 16, 1942) on June 21, 1964. to them was born:

(8)Lisa Catherine Cramer, born September 30, 1965 at Akron, Ohio
(8)Jill Ann Cramer, born February 9, 1967 at Akron, Ohio.

(7)Edward Lawrence Towslee, born February 17, 1948. He died April 4, 1968 in service to his country in the Vietnam War.

(6)Catherine Jill Towslee, born April 10, 1926 at Burbank, Ohio. On Bebruary 9, 1945 she married William Repp of West Salem, Ohio. To them were born:

(7)Linda Christine Repp, born January 27, 1947 at West Salem, Ohio. On November 23, 1963, she married Clayton Blevins of Louisville, Kentucky. To them were born:

(8)James Roger Blevins, born October 20, 1964 at Louisville, Kentucky.

(7)Tanya Dale Repp, born February 6, 1948 at West Salem, Ohio. She married Harry Rhyne and they have one son:

(8)Todd Rhyne, born July 22, 1964 at Louisville, Kentucky.

(7)Mark Franklin Repp born September 8, 1951
(7)Stephen William Repp, born May 22, 1953, he passed away in May of 1976.


(4)Cora Belle Yergin was born January 5, 1879, near Burbank, Ohio. On November 12, 1898 at West Salem, Ohio, she married Monroe Underwood (born July 12, 1873) of Congress Township and son of Harry Underwood. To them were born:

(5)Donald Underwood, bornJune 14, 1902 near Lodi, Ohio. He died August 26, 1917 (1918) and is at rest in the Lodi Cemetery.
(5)Howard Dale Underwood, born October 10, 1914 near Lodi, Ohio. On June 10, 1937 he married Pauline Lentz (born April, 1915) of Lafayette, Ohio. They have one adopted daughter:

(6)Connie Lou Underwood, born June 19, 1939. She married Larry Gynn at Lodi, Ohio in May 1957. To them were born three daughters:

(7)LuAnn Gynn
(7)? Gynn
(7)? Gynn

Monroe Underwood died in January 1945 and Cora Belle passed away in July of 1958. Both are at rest in Lodi Cemetery.


(4)John Yergin, born June 5, 1882, near West Salem, Ohio. On Mach 9, 1906 at West Salem, Ohio he married Nellie Clawson (born May 5, 1890), daughter of D.W. Clawson of West Salem, Ohio. John passed away July 15, 1961. to them were born:

(5)Edith Yergin, born August 20, 1907 in Wayne County, Ohio. On April 19, 1930 she married Merle Strouse (born May 6, 1907), Lodi, Ohio. Edith passed away June 14, 1967 at Lodi, Ohio. To them were born:

(6)Robert Strouse, born November 10, 1930. He is married.

(5)Florence Yergin, born August 25, 1909 in Wayne County, Ohio. On December 22, 1928 at Lodi, Ohio she married Everett Shaw (born August 10, 1905) Wayne County, Ohio. To them were born:

(6)Helen Jean Shaw, born at Lodi, Ohio on October 16, 1929 and died October 18, 1929.
(6)Harold Shaw, born at Lodi, Ohio on July 6, 1932. He is married.
(6)Harriet Shaw, born Lodi, Ohio on August 25, 1935. She is married.
(6)Janet Shaw (6)Richard Shaw

(5)Evelyn Yergin, born August 13, 1911 in Wayne County, Ohio. On November 29, 1933 she married Dale Billheimer of Congress, Ohio. He passed away July 11, 1967 at Wooster, Ohio. To them were born:

(6)Betty Mae Billheimer, born January 24, 1945 Wayne County, Ohio. (5)Marie Yergin, born July 31, 1914 (1913) in Medina County, Ohio. On October 31, 1931 she married Francis Billheimer, (born June 13, 1907), brother of Dale Billheimer. To Marie and Francis were born:

(6)Donald B. Billheimer, born November 22, 1936 in Wayne County, Ohio. Married and has four daughters.
(6)Shirley Jean Billheimer, born July 22, 1939 in Wayne County, Ohio. She is married (spouse unknown)there children are:

(7)Debbie Warner
(7)Jeffrey Warner

(5)Maxine Yergin, born February 23, 1918 in Medina County, Ohio. On December 26, 1936 at Medina, Ohio she married Russell Kirk (born November 12, 1911), of Medina, Ohio. To them were born:

(6)Cheryl Joan Kirk, born June 5, 1940. Married and has two children.
(6)Larry Kirk

(5)Donna Yergin, born January 26, 1920. She was married to Vernon Hauff who is deceased. They had no children.

(5)Ruth Yergin, born March 26, 1922 at Lodi, Ohio, In May 1940, she married Fred Stonebrook of Wadsworth, Ohio who died December 30, 1943. She later married Jack Park. Ruth is the mother of one son and three daughters.

(5)Bette Yergin, born January 29, 1926 (1927). Married Dale Sewell of Lodi, Ohio. To them were born:

(6)Sharon Rae Sewell

(5)John Yergin, Jr., born May 7, 1930. He married Ruth Holshue. To them were born a son and daughter. John was killed in an industrial accident in Lodi, Ohio in June, 1952.

(5)Phyllis Yergin, born March 5 or 6 , 1928. She married William Nixon. To them were born:

(6)Jane Nixon

(5)Frederick Yergin, born May 7, 1930, married and father of four children.


(4)Myrtle Yergin, born October 6, 1884 (1885). She was married to Ross Thorley on February 14, 1903, West Salem, Ohio. To them were born:

(5)Alonzo Thorley, born February 28, 1904. He was killed with his maternal grandparents, Joseph and Sarah Harry Yergin, on December 9, 1910. Myrtle died in 1904 and Ross follwed her in death many years later.