Schreiber's and any Variations

Some different spellings of the Schreiber name are Shriver, Schriever, Schriefer, Schreber, Szreiber,Schreibman

The Schreiber line starts in Alsace. John Jacob Schreiber and His wife Anna Magdalana Roth (her brother was Daniel Roth) came over on the ship the Hope in 1733.

The Schreiber Line.

Excerpts from The History of the Shriver Family This was sent to me with the suggestion and permission to post it.

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Schreiber Homepages And any Variation of the Name

Schreiber Family Genealogy Forum--at GenForum

The Dennis Stephens Family Home Page--Has genealogy report on descendants of John Frederick SCHREIBER as well as on Jonathan Burgert, John Sidlinger, Freidrich Groff, Genaro Bisignano, And A home page book on Stephen

The Shriver/Stallwood Ancestry--Descendant of John and Hester/Esther Shriver of Philadelphia, PA.

Northern California Shriver Homepage

Shriver Surname

Family Research is my Hobby!

Lorenz Schreiber

Other Schreiber Researchers any Variation of the Name

[email protected]--Descendant of David Shriver Sr, Andrew Shriver Jr, and Jost Shriver born Platz Germany 1673
[email protected]--Descendant of John and Hester/Esther Shriver of Philadelphia, PA
Sampson N. Schreibman
Rayna Januska Shriver and Lorenz Schreiber


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