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“In the year 1637, Came Over from the Citty of Canterbury*, in Eng­land, A Certain Barth. Cheever, aged then about 30 years, Who settled here in Boston. With what he brought, & by his frugality and Industry, He saved a handsome Estate for the then times. He having no Children of his Own in 1667 He sent to Canterbury to his Brother Daniell for One of his sons, the 2 first refused Coming his 3d, & youngest eon Richard then 7 year Old, accepted, and in 1668 Came over to his uncle, and brought With him this Bible. It, on leaving Canterbury was given him by his Fathers sister Mary Fuller. His uncle Barth. Educated & brought him up. & in 1680 this

“Richard Cheever Was Born in Mercerey Lane in the Citty of Canterbury 1660 in England,

Barth, Cheever, son to Richard, was Born in Boston N. Engd. Decem. 2 1684.

Daniel! Cheerer Brother to Berth. Was Born in Boston N. E. August eighth 1696.

W. D. Cheever, Eldest Son to Daniel! Was Born in Boston July 18th 1720.

W. D. Cheever, and Elish Edwards Was marry. by the Rev. Mr. Jonath. Mayhew, May 4th 1749.

Elean. Cheever Was Born Past 3 aClock In morn. Feb 1 1749—50.

Will Cheever Was Born at Menotomy ½ past 8 aClock morn July27 1752.

Barth. Cheever Was Born past 2 aClock Afternoon July 4 1757. Died Oct. 30 1757.

Elish Cheever Was Born 11 aClock Beforenoon Nov 29 1758.

Nath. Peirce Was marr. to Elish Cheever 2d Oct 1777 by Rev. S. Howard.

Wm. Cheever only son to W. D. Cheever Died Satterdy 2d Dec Past 12 Noon 1786.

Caleb Davis Was marrd to Elean. Cheever mondy Sept. 3 1787 by Rev. Doc. Howard

John Derby Was marrd to Elish Peirce Tuesdy Oct 9 1787 by Rev. Docr Howard.

W. D. Cheever Died Sattcrday 2d Feb 1788 at 7 afternoon.

Elizabeth Cheever Died June 28 1802 aged 72.

Eliza Cheever Davis was horn Saturday Jan. 9 1790 died June 15 1828.

Eleanor Davis died Jan 29 1825. Elizabeth Derby died Sept 1831

Richard and Abigail Cheever was mareyed 7 October 1680 near 7 in evening at

barthollmew Cheever was born 9 Septem 1681 ner 2 in

barthollmew Cheever died Septem 20 1681 about 5 in morning.

Susannah Cheever was born 27 August 1682 about 4 in morning.

barthollmew Cheever was born 2 desem 1684 about 1 in morning.

Marcy Cheever was   born 24 desem 1686 about 5 in Evening.

Sarah Cheever was born 15 April 1689 about 4 in the morning.

Marcy Cheever dyed May 16 in the year 1690 about 5 in the after [   ].

Marey Cheever was born January 2 1691/2 about 7 in morning.

Uncle barthollmew Cheever died desem18 1693 about 6 in Evening.

Abigail! Cheever was born 7 April 1694 about 9 in morning.

Daniell Cheever was born 8 August 1696 about 8 in Evening.

James Cheever was born 22 November 1698 about half past 9 Evening.

Hannah Cheever was born 27 Janeuary 1699—1700 about ten in Evening.

James Cheever died 9 September 1700 about one in the day.

Hannah Cheever died 22 September 1700 about one in the day.

Hanah Cheever born 5 July 1702 about half over past 12 at noon.

Hanah Cheever died 14 July 1702 about three in the morning.

[In the handwriting of Bartholomew Cheever, son of Richard, and great nephew of Bartholomew Cheever.]

Barth Cheever was marryd to mrs Hannah Frankling novem r ye 5, 1729.

Hannah Cheever Departed this Life Juley ye 13, about ¾ past Seven in ye morning. If she had lived till ye forth of September She would have bin 33 years of age 1732.

Januarey ye 21 1732-3 this morning my Honered mother Departed this Life about twenty minets past three in the morning in the 73 year of her age Abigal Cheever.

Bart Cheever was mareyd to mrs. Elezeberth Edward novemr ye 15 1733.

My wife Elz Cheever Departed this Life Januarey ye 28 between five and Sex oclock in ye Morning 1760.”

[On a slip of paper affixed to the cover}

Daniel Cheever .. Died, Boston, 18, Decem. 1770.

Abigail Cheever.. Died, Princetown, 1, May 1771.

Mary Cheever .. Died, Tauton, 7. Augst 1775.

Sarh Carnes--- Died, Boston 31 Octobr 1782.

* See Coll. Mass. Hist. Soc., 3d Series, viii.310. Judge Sewall, who sailed from Boston Nov. 22, 1688, for England, kept a journal during his visit there, from which the following is taken:

 “Aug. 16, [1689]. From Sittingburn to Canterbury in the Rain, dine at the Crown: Mr. Powell: send for Cou. Fissendein, his Sister dead since my being there, and My Landlandy at the red Lion dead. Bought each of us a pair of Gloves of Mr. Chiever. From Canterbury to Sandwich with the Post.” (Diary I. 272.)

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