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The article entitled "Ezekiel Cheever and some of his Descendants,” published by me in the REGISTER for April, 1879

(xxxiii. 164), contained a biographical notice of Ezekiel Cheever, the famous master of the Boston Latin School, who was born in London, Jan. 25, 1614, and who died here in Boston, August 21, 1708, with some account of his descendants in the line of his eldest son, the Rev. Samuel Cheever (Harv. Coll. 1659), the first settled minister of Marblehead. Proof of the common ancestry of most of those who are now known to have borne the name of Cheever in colonial times in New England, is clearly furnished by the public records, and may be briefly referred to here. BARTHOLOMEW CHEE­VER, of Boston, cordwainer, in his will, dated Oct. 21, 1693, pro­bated Dec. 28, 1693, mentions his brother Daniel Cheever and his cousins Ezekiel Cheever, schoolmaster, and Richard Cheever. DAN­IEL CHEEVER, of Cambridge, husbandman, in his will dated April 30, 1698, probated June 21, 1704, speaks of his brother Bartholo­mew Cheever, of Boston, deceased. PETER CIIEEVER, of Salem, glover, in his will, dated July 15, 1699, probated August 7, 1699, calls Samuel Cheever, of Marblehead, his cousin. Administration on the estate of ABRAHAM CHEEVER, of Boston, was granted to Mr. Jshua Atwater, 12: 11: 1669—70, his brother Bartholomew Cheever declining the same. In Suffolk Deeds, Lib. 4, fol. second from the end, there is recorded a writ of execution issued upon a judgment recovered at the County Court held at Boston, 29 October, 1661, 1, by Richard Woody against PHILLIP CHEEUERS. * The names of neither Philip nor Abraham Cheever are mentioned by Savage.

The purpose of this paper is to give a brief account of Bartholo­mew and Richard Cheever, and some of the descendants of the lat­ter, as a contribution to a genealogy of the Cheever family. There is now in the possession of Dr. George Cheyne Shattuck, of Boston (Harv. Coil. 1831), a family bible, + in which his great-grandfather, William Downes (Jheever (1720—1788), has written the following:

*This execution was extended 31st l0mo. 1661, upon the body of Anthony, a negro, and he was delivered to said Woody with 31s. 4d. on the estate of Capt. Thomas Clark, surety for said Cheever, as costs and 2s. for the execution. There was levied upon this negro ano­ther execution (recorded ibid) issued upon a judgment recovered at said court, Jan. 30, 1661, against said Woody by "Jn ffoord of Boston merchant.” The Court Records forthis period cannot now be found, and are supposed to have been destroyed. The Court files,. or what remain of them, are iu great confusion, and a diligent search has thus far failed to discover any thing further about this Philip Cheever.

+I am indebted to Dr. Frederick Cheever Shattuck, of Bostoti (Harv. CoIl. 1868), a son of Dr. George Cheyne Shattuck above named, for this extract from the Cheever bible. He has also kindly transcribed from it the following entries:

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