British Army 1851

British Army 1851

The following names have been extracted from the Army
List of January 1851 pages 90 & 91. They are listed under the
overall heading of "Dock Yard Volunteers". It would seem that
most of the Officers were appointed to these posts on 1st June

Their uniforms were stated to be "Blue with Red

I would assume that the "Breakwater Battalion" refers to
Plymouth as that is the only one of the naval ports at that time
to have a breakwater. The abbreviation (adj) means 'Adjutant'.
Transcribed in Auckland New Zealand by Ted WILDY on
December 27th 1995.

ABETHELL Richard Lieut Colonel Pembroke Brigade
ALLAN Henry John Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
ALLEN Edward Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
ALLEN Robert Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
ALLEN Robert Captain Portsmouth Brigade
ALMS Henry Collingwood Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
ANDREWS William Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
ANGEAR Samuel Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
ARMSTRONG James W. Major Royal Wm. Battalion
ASH George Captain Portsmouth Brigade
AYLEN George Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
AYLWARD William Captain Devonport Brigade
BALDOCK Thomas Major Chatham Brigade
BANES George Dann Captain Devonport Brigade
BARNABY John Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
BASDEN E. Weeks Spencer Lieutenant Deptford Brigade
BEEMAN Robert Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
BELLAMY Charles Penrose Major Portsmouth Brigade
BENNETT James Captain Portsmouth Brigade
BENNETT Jas. Henry EdwardLieutenant Deptford Brigade
BERNAYS Edwin Arthur Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
BESLY John Captain Devonport Brigade
BETTS William Lieutenant Sheerness Brigade
BLESSLEY William Captain Chatham Brigade
BLURTON George Lieutenant Sheerness Brigade
BOIS Henry Captain Sheerness Brigade
BOND Thomas Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
BONNIWELL Richard Captain Pembroke Brigade
BOURCHIER Sir Thomas Col Commandant Chatham Brigade
BOWLEY William Lieutenant Deptford Brigade
BOWRING Robert Geo Smith Captain Deptford Brigade
BRAIN William Henry Captain Portsmouth Brigade
BREMER Sir JasJohn GordonCol Commandant Woolwich Brigade
BROMELL Nicholas PhillipsCaptain Deptford Brigade
BROOMFIELD Henry Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
BROWN John Captain Portsmouth Brigade
BROWN John Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
BROWN John Surgeon Deptford Brigade
BROWN Joseph Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
BRUMAGE Abraham Lieutenant Pembroke Brigade
BUCK William Captain Deptford Brigade
BULLEY William Captain Devonport Brigade
BURDWOOD John Cole Captain Devonport Brigade
BURDWOOD Joseph Captain Pembroke Brigade
BURR Edward Thomas Captain Woolwich Brigade
BURTON James Captain Chatham Brigade
CABLE William Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
CALLUM James M. Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
CAMPBELL William Lieutenant Pembroke Brigade
CANHAM William Lieutenant Pembroke Brigade
CARRINGTON William Mason Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
CARTER Richard William Lieutenant Sheerness Brigade
CARY William (adj) Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
CHASE Joseph Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
CHATFIELD Henry Captain Woolwich Brigade
CHEESEMAN Edward Captain Chatham Brigade
CHEVALLIER Edgecumbe Captain Pembroke Brigade
CHILES George Major Pembroke Brigade
CHRISTIE James Lieutenant Pembroke Brigade
CHRISTIE John (adj) Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
CHRISTOPHER Daniel Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
CHURCHER John Captain R.Clarence Battalion
CHURCHER William Henry Lieutenant R.Clarence Battalion
CLATWORTHY Ebenezer Lieutenant Pembroke Brigade
COLLOM Joseph Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
COTSELL George Captain Chatham Brigade
COUCH Archimedes Captain Devonport Brigade
COUCHMAN John Lieutenant Sheerness Brigade
CRADOCK Henry Captain Portsmouth Brigade
CRANE William Captain Portsmouth Brigade
CREASEY John Lieutenant Sheerness Brigade
CREED James Captain Devonport Brigade
CROUCH Thomas Henry Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
DARLING William Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
DAVIDSON John Captain Pembroke Brigade
DAVIES John Major Portsmouth Brigade
de MONTMORENCY Wm.ReymondLieutenant Deptford Brigade
DIBDIN Stephen Charles Lieutenant Sheerness Brigade
DOIDGE Thomas Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
DOWNER George (adj) Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
DRIVER Robert Captain Chatham Brigade
DUNN Richard Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
DUTTON Charles Orlando Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
DUTTON Frederick Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
EASTO Richmond Lieut Col. Sheerness Brigade
EDE Edward Captain Deptford Brigade
EDWARDS James Captain Pembroke Brigade
EDWARDS Thomas Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
EDWARDS William Corbet Major Sheerness Brigade
EDYE William Lieut Colonel Devonport Brigade
ELLIOTT John Major Deptford Brigade
ELSON Thomas Lieut Colonel Woolwich Brigade
EMERY Henry Lieutenant Deptford Brigade
FABIAN William Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
FALCON Gordon Thomas Col Commandant Pembroke Brigade
FINCHAM John Lieut Col. Portsmouth Brigade
FINCHAM John Inman Captain Devonport Brigade
FLEXMAN Thomas Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
FLYNN Josiah Lieutenant Sheerness Brigade
FOSTER Charles Captain R.Clarence Battalion
FREEMAN William Lockyer Major Sheerness Brigade
FULLAGER Smart Captain Woolwich Brigade
FULLER John Wallis Lieutenant Deptford Brigade
FYNMORE William Richard Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
GILLIES Walter (adj) Lieutenant Pembroke Brigade
GITTENS George Edward Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
GLANVILLE Thomas Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
GLOAG Archibald Cockburn Lieutenant Deptford Brigade
GORMALLY James Captain Devonport Brigade
GOSS Thomas Captain Devonport Brigade
GOTTLIEB Fred. Valentine Major Devonport Brigade
GRANT Thomas Fussell Major R.Clarence Battalion
GRAVES Edwd John Bennett Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
GROUND Jonathan Lieutenant Pembroke Brigade
GRUZILIER Andrew Captain Portsmouth Brigade
GUARD Richard Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
GUARD William Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
HALL Andrew Lieutenant Deptford Brigade
HARDING Daniel Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
HARDING Daniel Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
HARDING William Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
HARPER John Sedgwick Lieutenant Sheerness Brigade
HARRISON Henry Newell Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
HART Stephen Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
HARVEY Richard Captain Portsmouth Brigade
HARWOOD Robert Lieutenant Pembroke Brigade
HATTON William Andrews Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
HELBY James Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
HENDERSON James Lieut Colonel Devonport Brigade
HILL Sir John Col Commandant Deptford Brigade
HORSEY James Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
HUTCHENS William Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
HUTSON Joseph Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
IRVING Thomas Major Deptford Brigade
JAMES Henry Daniel Captain Deptford Brigade
JAMIESON Thomas Captain Royal Wm. Battalion
JEFFREY Abraham (adj) Lieutenant Deptford Brigade
JEMMETT Francis Fredk. Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
JENKINS William Major Woolwich Brigade
JEWELL Alf. Harwood Hale Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
JOHNSON Hy.Geo.Balmerino Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
KARLEY Alexander Lieut Col. Chatham Brigade
KEYS Henry Gamble Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
KNEEBONE Richard Captain Pembroke Brigade
KNIGHT John Lieutenant Sheerness Brigade
LAIRE Francis James Lieut Col. Chatham Brigade
LAMPEN Francis Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
LANCE Richard Lieutenant R.Clarence Battalion
LANG Oliver Lieut Colonel Woolwich Brigade
LANG Oliver William Captain Chatham Brigade
LANG William Robert Captain Sheerness Brigade
LARGE Joseph Captain Woolwich Brigade
LATH Samuel Lieutenant Sheerness Brigade
LAWS Robert Captain Devonport Brigade
LEWIS Charles Lieutenant Pembroke Brigade
LLEWELLYN John Captain Devonport Brigade
LOUIS Sir John Bart Col Commandant Devonport Brigade
LOWRY David Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
LUKE James Captain Portsmouth Brigade
LUSON John Basset Captain Sheerness Brigade
MANNING James Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
MART George Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
MARTIN Francis Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
McALPIN Alester Andrew Lieutenant Pembroke Brigade
McDOUGALL R. Archibald Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
McKAIN William Fergus Lieutenant Royal Wm. Battalion
MILLER John Major Chatham Brigade
MILLER Thomas William Captain Devonport Brigade
MILLER Wm Trafalgar EvansLieutenant Woolwich Brigade
MILLS John Erasmus Major Devonport Brigade
MONDAY Joseph Captain Woolwich Brigade
MOODY William Captain Pembroke Brigade
MOORE Alexander Lieutenant Sheerness Brigade
MOORE John Captain Chatham Brigade
MORGAN David Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
MORGAN Peter Captain Woolwich Brigade
MORICE George Farquhar Lieut Colonel Deptford Brigade
MORISON James Lieutenant Deptford Brigade
MORLEY William Lieutenant Deptford Brigade
MORRIS John Holman Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
MOUCHET Francis Lewis Major Woolwich Brigade
MURRAY John Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
NETHERWOOD George Captain Sheerness Brigade
NEWTON George Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
NICOLAS John Toup Col Commandant Royal Wm. Battalion
OAKSHOTT James Anthony Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
ORAM John Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
ORME Herbert Lewis Lieutenant Sheerness Brigade
OSWALD Thomas Captain Deptford Brigade
PARKS John Captain Chatham Brigade
PARMINTER Henry Captain Sheerness Brigade
PARRY Sir William Edward Col Commandant R.Clarence Battalion
PARSONS John Captain Portsmouth Brigade
PEACOCK Henry Surgeon Chatham Brigade
PEAKE Henry Loyalty Captain Sheerness Brigade
PEAKE James Parlby Captain Woolwich Brigade
PEARCE Edward Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
PEARCE Francis Captain Deptford Brigade
PEARSON Henry Lieutenant R.Clarence Battalion
PEEK Philip Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
PEMBROOKE Wm. Benjamin Lieutenant Deptford Brigade
PENFOLD William Captain Portsmouth Brigade
PIDCOCK Benjamin Wilson Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
PIDDELL John Lieutenant Deptford Brigade
PIKE Anthony Major Royal Wm. Battalion
PIKE Anthony Blanchard Lieutenant Pembroke Brigade
PINEO Charles Wm. EusticeLieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
PINHORN Smart Captain Woolwich Brigade
POLE Joseph Simon Lieutenant Deptford Brigade
POTTER James Lieutenant Pembroke Brigade
POTTS Thomas (adj) Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
POULDEN Alexander Captain Portsmouth Brigade
POUNDER George Lieutenant Sheerness Brigade
PRESCOTT Henry Col Commandant Portsmouth Brigade
PRETIOUS Thomas Captain Pembroke Brigade
PRICE David Col Commandant Sheerness Brigade
PRICE William Thomas Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
PRINGLE Charles John Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
READ Samuel Lieut Col. Sheerness Brigade
REID John Surgeon Devonport Brigade
REYNOLDS Henry Lieutenant Deptford Brigade
RHIND Clarence Captain Chatham Brigade
RICE William McPherson Major Portsmouth Brigade
RICH John Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
RICHARDS William MorrisonLieutenant Devonport Brigade
RIGBY William Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
ROBINSON John Lieutenant Deptford Brigade
ROBINSON William Braham Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
ROGERS George Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
ROY David Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
RUNDELL William Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
RUSSELL John Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
RUSSELL John Philcox Captain Portsmouth Brigade
RUSSELL Thomas Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
SABBEN John Cushen Surgeon Portsmouth Brigade
SAUNDERS Robert Prout Lieutenant Pembroke Brigade
SCOTT Charles Lieutenant Royal Wm. Battalion
SCOTT Richard Captain Devonport Brigade
SCOTT Walter Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
SEATON Sampson Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
SECCOMBE William Edward Lieutenant Pembroke Brigade
SHEFFIELD John Captain Chatham Brigade
SKINNER George Captain Sheerness Brigade
SKINNER George Tucker Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
SLATER James Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
SNOOK William Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
SPILLER William Major Devonport Brigade
STEVENS James Ebenezer Lieutenant Sheerness Brigade
STEVENSON William BalfourLieutenant Deptford Brigade
STIGANT Edward Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
STIGANT William Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
STIGANT William Major Devonport Brigade
STOCKER Thomas Captain Sheerness Brigade
STOKES Benjamin Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
STRATTON Jonathan Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
STRICKLAND Peter Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
SUTHER Peter Surgeon Woolwich Brigade
TAYLOR John Thomas Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
THOMPSON William Captain Devonport Brigade
TREMAIN Henry Lieutenant Pembroke Brigade
TRICKETT John Lieutenant Woolwich Brigade
TRISCOTT Henry Browning Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
TRUSCOTT Ambrose Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
TUDHOPE James Lieutenant Deptford Brigade
TURNER Frederick Lieutenant Pembroke Brigade
UNDERWOOD James Major Sheerness Brigade
USHER William Lieutenant Sheerness Brigade
VAUGHAN Henry Lieutenant Deptford Brigade
VENNING John Lieutenant Pembroke Brigade
VENNING John Lieutenant Sheerness Brigade
VICKERY Michael Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
VINALL Henry Captain Chatham Brigade
VINALL Thomas Surton Captain Chatham Brigade
VINE Charles Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
VINTER George Major Portsmouth Brigade
WALKER H. Neal Pilfold Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
WALKER William Captain Royal Wm. Battalion
WALKER William Lieut Colonel Breakwater Battalion
WALLIS John Pixley Captain Portsmouth Brigade
WARD James Captain Sheerness Brigade
WARD Thomas Burnell Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
WATSON Isaac Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
WATSON Robert Lieutenant Royal Wm. Battalion
WAY Richard Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
WAYMOUTH John Captain Devonport Brigade
WEATHERLEY Richard Major Pembroke Brigade
WEBB Richard Captain Portsmouth Brigade
WEBB Robert Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
WESTROPE William Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
WHETTEM John Captain Portsmouth Brigade
WHITTHORN John Lieutenant Chatham Brigade
WILKINS John Breedon Lieutenant Portsmouth Brigade
WILKINSON Edward Lieutenant Deptford Brigade
WILLCOCKS William RodwellCaptain Deptford Brigade
WILLCOX Charles Lieut Colonel Deptford Brigade
WILLIAMS Benjamin Captain Deptford Brigade
WILLIAMS John Captain Portsmouth Brigade
WOLRIGE Graham Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
WOOD Ebenezer Lieutenant Devonport Brigade
WOOD Henry Captain Portsmouth Brigade
WOODS William Captain Woolwich Brigade
WYATT James Captain Chatham Brigade

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