Argalus Henderson from Chatham Co., NC - Will

 Will of Argalus Henderson of Chatham Co., NC

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Copy Proof Read Oct. 11, 1958


In the name of God amen I Argalus Henderson of Chatham
County & State of North Carolina Bearing of Sound & Parfect
mind & memory (Blessed be God) do this six day of September
in the yeare of our Lord one Thousand Eight Hundred & Four
Make & Publish my last will and Testement in manner Follow-
ing that is to say furst I gave and Bequeath Frances Clark
one neagro Girl Hannah & if the said neagro Garil Hannah
livs to have a child it is to be for Mary Henderson Daughter
to the said Frances Clark and allso I gave to my son
Hizekrah Handarson one Neagro Dick allso I gave to my Son
Abner Handerson the Manner plantation whare I now liv on
the Bowns of the land Beginning at the mouth of the School
House Spring Branch Running up the said Branch to the Back
line thence west to John Fike Spring Branch then down the
said Branch to Brooks Creack thence down the said Creack to
the furst Station allso one negro wench Luce and child
Humphera allso I gave unto Molley Handarson all of my land
west of John Fikes Spring Branch Duering hur life or widow
hood then to Hur Heirs allso I gave unto my son Lewis
Handarson the Land whare He now livs on all of my land on
the South Sid of Brooks Creack allso one negro fello George
I allso gave unto my Son Isaac Handarson one negro wench
Beck & child Farb I also I gave unto my Son Eazeakel Han-
darson one negro Boy Caled Mike I allso gave unto my Gran
daughter Rachil Handerson one negro Gairl Eaday & one Bead
and furntue. I allso I gave unto Hezekrih Handerson one
negro Gairl more by the name of Sealy I allso gave unto
Frances Clark one negro Boy named Jean to Hur and Hur hirs
for Eaver I allso lind unto Molley Handarson one negro Boy
Sam duaring Hur life or widdow Hud I then I gave the Said negro
Sam to Hur heirs Eaquelly to be devide amunks hur
children I allso gave unto the rest of James Handarsons
children Except Raihal twenty shillings Eaquly to be devided
amunk them I allso all of the rest of my property to Sold
& Eaquly Devid amunkest my Heirs Except my still & Black
Smith tools to be Cept on the Plantation of the yous of
all my Heirs plantation I Except one Bead & part of
my Estate to Isaac Handarson Daughter Salley and I Hear-
by make & ordain my worthy friends John Handarson my Son
George Dismucks & John Hackney Senor Executors of this
my last will and Testement in witness whereof I the said
Argalus Handarson Have to this my last will & Testament Set
my hand and seal the day and year above ritten I gave
(allso gave unto Ealizibeth Nickson twenty dollars out of
the money my Pearishabell East sells for) Signed Sealed
published and declared by the said Argalus Handarson the
Testator as his last will & Testament In the Presence of
us who ware Present at the time of signing Sealing Thare

of Test                               his
                                Arglas X Henderson (Seal)

George Milliken
Test Wm. Brewer
Test Agness Milliken

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