61. John VAUGHT was born on Jan 10 1788 in Wythe Co., Virginia. He died about 1868/69 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. Notes are from the book "There Was A Gaspar In The Family" Vol 2 by Helen Spurlin and Mickey Martin. Contributed by The Vaught Association.

John Vaught s/o Gaspar Vaught and his wife Elizabeth Butcher was b 10 Jan in Wy.Co., VA. John m Nancy White 24 Nov 1818 in Pu.Co., KY.

Because a controversy exists on the lineage of John Vaught who married Nancy White and the John Vaught who married Elizabeth Slemp, the sources used in the following discussion on the John Vaughts are listed here.

1. "Kimberling Church, Wythe Co., VA: Annotated Baptismal and Cemetery Records" by Hoch, Kegley and Smith.
2. 1810, 1820, and 1850 censuses Pulaski Co., KY.
3. 1810 Census Wythe Co., VA.
4. Marriage Records Pulaski Co., KY.
5. Marriage Records Wythe Co., VA.
6. Land Records Wythe Co., VA.
7. Land Records Pulaski Co., KY.
8. Tax Lists Pulaski Co., KY.
9. Land Grants Pulaski Co., KY.
10. Current Land Plats (air photos) Pulaski Co., KY, P.V.A. Office.
11. The old letter written in 1959 by Ethel Vaught Maifeld to Daniel Vaught.
12. Probate Records Pulaski, Co., KY.
13 Probate Records Wythe Co., VA.
14. Vital Statistic records Pulaski Co., KY.
15. Vital Statistic records Wythe Co., VA.
16. 1830 Census Marion Co., IN.
17. Land Records Marion Co., IN.
18. Cemetery Records Pulaski Co., KY.
19. "Phillippi Family Tree" by Rohan and Strahley
20. Bible Records of John and Elizabeth Vaught
21. A German Birth Fraktur for Andrew Vaught
22. U.S. Topographical maps (Bobtown andSomerset Quads)
23. Marriage records Botetourt Co., VA.

Reasons why John Vaught (wife Elizabeth) in Pulaski Co., KY. is John Vaught, s/o George Vaught and his wife Christiana Phillippi.

1. Estill Vaught, a descendant of John and Elizabeth Vaught, is quoted as saying that his ancestor, John, came to KY from Wythe Co., VA. Estill also said that John had a brother, Andrew Vaught, who also came to KY from Wythe Co., VA. (source----Faye Stogsdill of Pu.Co., KY.)

To support item (1) above, the following items are based on original records from VA and KY.

2. The will of George Vaught names a son John and a son Andrew. (will written in 1825 and proved in 1835 Wythe Co., VA. Source 13 above).

3. The Slemps were neighbors of George Vaught on Cripple Creek in Wythe Co., VA. (VA land records Source 6 above)

4. John Vaught married Elizabeth Slemp in 1809 in Wythe Co., VA (VA marriage records, Source 5 above)

5. The oldest child of John and Elizabeth in KY was born ca 1810 in VA. (1850 Census Pulaski Co., KY and bible records of John and Elizabeth Vaught). In 1809 marriage in VA is indicated. The ONLY John Vaught marriage in Wythe Co., VA during the time period of interest is the one in item 4 above. (Sources 2, 3, and 20 above)

6. Jacob Vaught, s/o Henry was surety for the 1809 marriage of John and Elizabeth. Jacob and Henry went to KY in the Fall of 1811. Two years later John and Elizabeth followed Jacob to KY and settled near Jacob in Pulaski Co., KY. (Sources 2,3,5,7, and 8 above)

7. John and Elizabeth Vaught came to KY in 1813. The 1850 census Pulaski Co., KY shows that their children were born in VA up to 1812 and born in KY after 1813. John bought his first land in 1813 in Pulaski Co., KY and John is on the tax list in 1813. George, in his will written 1825 states that John was one of his sons who was "already taken care of". (Sources 2,3,7,8,9, and 13 above)

8. George Vaught was born 1740-1750 (see 1830 census Wythe Co., VA under Elizabeth Vaught, head of household.) Cristiana Phillippi, his wife was born in Dec 1763, (see Phillippi Family Tree" p 26) George and Christiana were married ca 1781 when she was about 17. Their chicldren were born after 1781 and were of marriage age starting in 1797. John, son of George, is the right age to be in an 1809 marriage. (Sources 3 and 19 above)

9. John (wife Elizabeth) died in 1861. (Probate records Pulaski Co., KY). The vital statistics for 1861 in Pulaski Co., KY show John dying at age 77 on 30 Jun 1861. This is consistant with a birth date of 1784. On the death record John's father is named as George Vaught.
The George Vaughts were:
(a.) George Vaught who married Barbara Mees in 1804 in Wythe Co., VA.
(b.) George Vaught who married Anna King in 1804 in Wythe Co., VA.
(c.) George Vaught who married Elizabeth Wampler in Wythe Co., VA. and had no children.
(d.) George Vaught who married Christina Yeagley in Rockingham Co., VA ca 1808.
(e.) George Vaught who married Mary Persinger in 1789 in Botetourt Co., VA.
( f.) George Vaught who married Christiana Phillippi in Montgomery Co., VA ca 1781.
The ONLY George Vaught listed above that could have had a son John in 1784 was ( f.). There were No Other George Vaughts during this time period. (Sources 5,12, and 23 above).

10. The Children of George Vaught and his wife Christiana Phillippi were:
* Andrew

The Children of John and Elizabeth were:
*John Joseph
Fountain Fox

Five of John's children were named for five of his brothers and sisters. It was a trend among the Germans to name children for brothers and sisters instead of grandparents, great grandparents etc. (Sources 12,13,14,15 and 18 above.)

11. George and Christiana's son Andrew came to KY circa 1828. That George had a son Andrew is shown in George's will and by a German birth fraktur dated 1787. Andrew's first land purchase and his first appearance on the tax list in Pu.Co., KY was in 1828. Andrew arrived in KY 18 years after Gaspar and his son John and 15 years after John and Elizabeth. The land which Andrew purchased in 1828 was 3 miles from his brother John Vaught (wife Elizabeth Slemp), over 1 mile from his 1st cousin John Vaught (wife Nancy White), 1.5 miles from his first cousin Henry Vaught (wife Molly), 2 miles from his Uncle Henry Vaught (wife Esther), 2 miles from his 1st cousin Jacob Vaught and was next to his sister Mary (Vaught) Carson. (see land map, p xiv) Sources 6,7,8,9,10,21 and 22 above.)

Reasons why John Vaught (wife Nancy White) was the son of Gaspar Vaught and his wife Elizabeth Butcher.

1. Gaspar and Elizabeth had a son John born 10 Jan 1788. (Kimberline Church Baptismal Records Source 1 above)

2. In the tax lists of Pulaski Co., KY from 1815 to 1`820 there were only two John Vaughts. They were referred to as John Sr. and John Jr. The elder was John (wife Elizabeth) born in 1784 and the younger was John, son of Gaspar, born 10 Jan 1788. By 1820 the only Vaughts owning land in Pu.Co., KY were:
John Vaught (wife Elizabeth)
William Vaught (wife Pheronica)
Henry Vaught Sr. (wife Esther)
Henry Vaught Jr. (wife Magdalena)
Jacob Vaught (wife Magdalena)

The 1820 tax list agrees with the above land owners list (see map xiii) The 1820 tax list also has Gaspar Vaught, Christy Vaught, and John Vaught (wife Nancy) as tax payers but not land owners. The 1820 census in Pulaski Co.,KY seems to have enumerated both Jacob and Henry Jr. twice and named Henry Sr. as Henry Jr. The 1810 census, with Gaspar as head of household, has a male 16-26 who would have been Gaspar's son John. John was 22 in 1810. (sources 2,7,8,9 and 10 above)

3. John and Elizabeth Vaught, William Vaught. Henry Vaught, Jr. and Jacob had no child old enough to marry in 1818. Henry Sr. had no so John. John, wife Elizabeth, was already married. The only John Vaught in Pulaski Co., KY in 1818 who could have married Nancy White was John the son of Gaspar. John and Nancy had a son born in 1819. Gaspar and his wife Elizabeth, Gaspar's daughter Sarah, John, Nancy and the baby all fit the ages of the family on the 1820 census. (Source 2 above)

4. Ethel Vaught Maifeld, a great-granddaughter of John and Nancy (White) Vaught has said "There was a Gaspar in the family". In the old letter (see p xv) written by Ethel in 1959 to Daniel Vaught, son of Alfred Culwell Vaught, Ethel also ties John (wife Nancy White) to Gaspar by giving the name "Butcher" to the Vaught Great Grandmother and "White" to the Vaught Grandmother of Alfred Culwell Vaught. (Source 11 above)

5. Nancy Vaught, wife of John, first appears on the tax list of Pulaski Co., KY in 1869. She is entered next to her son John W. Vaught and is credited with 160 acres. Therefore, her husband, John, died circa 1868-1869. His name is still on the tax lists in 1867 and 1868. John Vaught, wife Elizabeth Slemp and son of George, died in Jun 1861 at age 77. There is no way the 1861 death could be that of John (wife Nancy). (Sources 4,8, and 12 above).

6. Gaspar deeded land, separately, to his sons John and Christopher "Christy" on 7 Apr 1815. John and Christy then combined their parcels and sold on 25 Apr 1817. (see map p xii) Christy's paper for the 1815 deed is today in the possession of a direct descendant of John and Nancy (White) Vaught, Sunni Morales of California. Why would this family have handed down this deed from generation to generation, aways in the family of John and Nancy? Because John (wife Nancy), Christy and Gaspar are all the same family. (Sources 7,8,9, and 10 above).

7. By 1820 all of Gaspar's land was sold. On 28 Jul 1821 (see Deed Book 4, p 433, Land Records, Pulaski Co., KY). Gaspar's daughter Mary and her husband Edmund Newby bought 24 acres from John and Susannah Langdon. On the same day (see p 434) Gaspar's son John bought 98 acres from John and Susannah Langdon. (see Land May p xiii) These two parcels were next door to land already owned by Edmund Newby. The 24 acres was in between Edmund's old land and John Vaught's new land. In 1822 Gaspar deeded all his personal belongings to Edmund Newby. In 1824 Edmund and Mary moved to Marion Co., IN. From 1822 to 1830 Gaspar is on the tax list in Pulaski Co., KY but he owns no land. Gaspar is in the 1830 census, Pulaski Co., KY and is 80-90 years old. He is next living on his son-in-law Edmund Newby's land and was paying taxes on it. In 1829 John Vaught sold a piece of the 24 acres as if it was his own even though it was still owned by Edmund Newby. This sale was to Thomas Hines. This is a strong indication that Gaspar, living on the land, Edmund Newby, owner of the land, and John Vaught next door, who sold the land in his own name, are one and the same family. In 1830 Edmund sold the entire 24 acres and John, next door, later acquired part of it. (see land map p xiv) These lands of John were later sold by the heirs of John and Nancy. In 1831 Gaspar is no longer on the tax list. He must have died after the 1830 census was taken and before the 24 acres was sold in Nov 1830. It is likely that Elizabeth, the wife of Gaspar, died ca 1821-22. Gaspar would not have deeded away his personal belongings if she were still alive. Gaspar and Elizabeth were probably the first burials at the Vaught Family Cem on the 98 acres owned by John Vaught. The current Topographic maps show only one cemetery on these properties. (Sources 2,7,8,9,10,16,17,18, and 22 above)

Nancy White was the daughter of William and Charlotte (Cundiff) White. Nancy was b ca 1800 and d after 1873.

John Vaught father a daughter America Newby, whose mother was Patsy Newby. (source----Court rec, Pu.Co.,KY.)

The 1830 and 1850 censuses, and an 1873 deed, listing heirs of John and Nancy, help to establish the children of John and Nancy. Their children were: An unknown boy b ca 1819 (Valentine Vaught?), an unknown boy b ca 1821, William E. Vaught, George Vaught, ElizabethVaught, Mahala Jane Vaught, John W. Vaught, and Sophia Vaught. The two unknown boys would have been old enough to be married and gone by the 1850 census. A Valentine Vaught was in Owens Co., KY ca 1839 and was the right age to have been on of these boys. A Valentine Vaught was still in Pu.Co.,KY in 1835 and may be the same Valentine. These two boys are not amond the heirs on the 1873 deed/ A Valentine Vaught died in the Civil War, but may have been a different Valentine. John and Nancy were skipped in the 1840 census so it is not known whether these boys died young. The 1830 census includeds a girl b ca 1821. This was Charlotte Eubanks who was apprenticed to John and Nancy in 1829 when Charlotte was 8. Charlotte was a close relative (a niece?) of Nancy (White) Vaught.

He was married to Nancy WHITE (daughter of William WHITE and Charlotte CUNDIFF) on Nov 24 1818 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. Nancy WHITE was born about 1800. She died after 1873. John VAUGHT and Nancy WHITE had the following children:

child+215 i. America "Mary" NEWBY AKA VAUGHT.
child+216 ii. Unknown (Valentine?) VAUGHT.
child217 iii. Unknown VAUGHT was born about 1821. Notes are from the book "There Was A Gaspar In The Family" Vol 2 by Helen Spurlin and Mickey Martin. Contributed by The Vaught Association.

Male Vaught was b ca 1821 in Pu.Co., KY. Nothing more is known of him.
child+218 iv. William E. VAUGHT.
child+219 v. George VAUGHT.
child+220 vi. Elizabeth VAUGHT.
child+221 vii. Mahala Jane VAUGHT.
child+222 viii. John W. VAUGHT.
child223 ix. Sophia VAUGHT was born about 1840 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. Notes are from the book "There Was A Gaspar In The Family" Vol 2 by Helen Spurlin and Mickey Martin. Contributed by The Vaught Association.

Sophia Vaught was b ca 1840 in Pu.Co., KY. She d unmarried.

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