BOYLE, John (Lot 31) - son Michael; daughter Mary (wife of Angus McEWEN); daughter Ann (wife of James McLEAN); Floran(?) McEACHERN (daughter of Angus McEACHERN - may be "McEWEN"); son William; exevutor William PATTERSON; witnesses Samuel HYDE, Murdoch McLEOD and C. BINNS(?); written 8 Jun 1861

BOYLE, Thomas - wife Ann; children (unnamed); witnesses William GRIGG, Archibald RAMSAY, John RAMSAY; (no date)

BULGER, Michael - wife Jane; son Michael; daughter Mary Ann; son John; James MORAN, Senior; son Alexander; executor Alexander BULGER; witnesses Bernard MURPHY and William BULGER; written 30 Oct 1886

BUTLER, John - wife Elizabeth; daughters Eliza, Kate and Maggie; son Daniel; witnesses James B. GAY and James B. McKENNA; written 23 Sep 1880

BUTLER, Samuel, Senior - eldest son William; daughter-in-law, Catherine BUTLER, widow of Edward; Grand-daughter Edith Margaret BUTLER (dau of Edward); son David; daughter Mary Ann, wife of Neil JOHNSTONE; son Samuel; youngest son Thomas; wife Margaret; executors James CLOW, Andrew MILLAR and Thomas IRVING, Sr; witnesses James CLOW and W. G. DOBSON; written 1 Feb 1884

CARR, John - wife Hannah Leigh CARR; unnamed minor children; executors John F. HUTCHENS and John Lannon(?); witnesses John F. HOBBS and Elias HUTCHENS; written 28 Apr 1879

CORREGAN, Bernard - "tailor"; son John; "adopted child" Mary MONAGHAN; wife Sarah; son Patrick; son Philip; son Bernard; son James; executors Owen (?) MURRAY and John CALLAGHAN, both of Dromore; witnesses James E. KELLY and Patrick MacCABE; written 20 Aug 1875

CULLEN, Edward - son John; Rev. Donald McDONALD; "each of Richard REIDs three eldest daughters"; wife Mary; daughter Mary; son William; son-in-law James FINLAY; witnesses Peater BEATON and John BUTLER; written 7 Apr 1873

CULLEN, Thomas - daughter Catherine; sons Michael, William, John, Patrick and Terrence; wife Johanna; executrix Johanna CULLEN; witnesses Henry BEER and Neil STEWART; written 5 Dec 1879

CURRAN, Daniel - wife Elizabeth; executrix Elizabeth CURRAN; witnesses Anthony McLAUGHLIN, Patrick CAMPBELL; written 14 Jul 1888

CURRAN, John - son John; son Henry; daughter Barbara; wife Mary; daughter Elizabeth; son James; son Peter; son william; daughter Jane; executors Michael CURRAN, Senior and Andrew GILLIS; witnesses Robert LAWSON, JP and Michael CURRAN; written 4 Apr 1888

CURRAN, Lawrence (Lot 57) - wife Anastasia; son James; son John; son Matthew (not of age); daughters Ann and Catherine (not of age); executors Edward WELSH and Donald MUNRO; witnesses Edward WELSH, Patrick KELLY and Donald MUNRO; written 30 March 1867

CURRAN, Morgan - son Michael; George DUCK; Terrence LAMPHIER; James REID; John FLYNN; executor James FURLONG; (wife not mentioned; reference to "son's mother"); witnesses Isaac THOMPSON and James FURLONG;written 18 Jan 1879

DOCKENDORFF, Jacob - sons James Artemas and Charles; wife Elizabeth; daughter Elizabeth Lucretia (wife of Richard BURDETT); daughter Jane Catherine (MacPHEE); daughter Margaret Ann (wife of Clement G. WHITE); son Walter Havelock (under age 25); Benjamin DOCKENDORFF; (late) Clement G WHITE; (late) Joseph MacKENZIE; Hugh MacEWEN; Donald MacDONALD; Enoch DRAKE; John BALL; executors Francis BAIN and George SCOTT; witnesses John BALL and John ROBERTSON; written 13 Mar 1878

DOYLE, Alexander - wife Mary; executors Mary DOYLE, Alexander GILLIS, Donald GILLIS, Malcolm GILLIS; witnesses Donald GILLIS, Donald C. NICHOLSON; written 5 Apr 1888

DOYLE, Arthur - daughter Ellen (Mrs CLOHOSSY); daughter Bridget; nephew Michael DOYLE; niece Mary DOYLE; executor Rev Dougald MacDONALD of Tignish; witnesses Edward O'CONNOR and S. F. PERRY; written 3 Jun 1886

DOYLE, Martin - son Martin; son James; daughter Margaret; son Patrick; son Thomas; wife "Johanay KEEF"; witnesses John McPHAIL and Patrick BEAGAN; written 28 Feb 1872

DOYLE, James (Lot 38) - Rev. Michael McMILLAN of St Teresa's Church, Cardigan Road; executor John A. DOUGAN of Donnelly's Road; witnesses Chester B. MacNEILL, William BYRNE

DOYLE, James (Ft. Augustus) - 40 acres held jointly with daughter, Susan DOYLE; mention of lease by Rev (?) John McDONALD to son Patrick DOYLE; Susan DOYLE gets the brown cow and moveable effects; sons James and Joseph get the mare; James DOYLE gets the yellow cow (but has to pay Hugh McMULLEN of Brackley Point the rest of the money owed him); witnesses F. KELLY, M. MacKENNA, Patrick HUGHES; signed 15 Jun 1847, proved 20 Mar 1868

DOYLE, John (Lot 1) - sister Mary Anne (wife of Maurice McHUGH); Richard KEOGH; Sylvain PERRY; Benjamin WAITE; Richard GAVEN; Peter McINNISS; mother Catherine DOYLE; John Francis ARSENAULT; Francis Fidelle PERRY; sister Ellen; sister Gertrude; executor Hon. Stanislaus Francis PERRY; witnesses John PHEE and Ernie (?) BLANCHARD; written 16 Jan 1883

DOYLE, Peter (Lot 1) - brother William; mother Catherine; sister Gertrude (not 21); sister Ellen; sister Mary Ann; executors uncle Peter DOYLE and John McGRATH, both of Lot 1; witnesses Patrick PHEE and Tranquille LeCLERC; written 7 Nov 1878

DOYLE, Pierce - wife Johanna; son Francis; daughters Margaret and Kate; son Joseph Pierce; son Charles; Rev DOYLE of Summerside; sons Wiliam Patrick and Lawrence (both under 21); Paul PERRY of 15 Point; executors John F GILLIS, MD of Summerside, Charles MURPHY of Summerside, daughter Margaret; witnesses T. (?) KELLY, Roderick GILLIS, William DOYLE; written 3 Aug 1890

DOYLE, Thomas (Lot 7) - son Peter; wife (unnamed); son James; son Thomas; son Maurice; son Patrick; daughter Bridget; daughter Mary; executors son Peter DOYLE and Michael DALTON; witnesses Michael DALTON and Thomas O'CONNOR; written 24 Apr 1863

DOYLE, Thomas (CR) - daughter Catherine (wife of James SINNOTT); daughter Jane (wife of George COOK); James D. HAZARD, Esq; daughter Ann (wife of Thomas JOHNSTON); son-in-law Lawrence MORRIS; wife Ann; son George; executors son-in-law Lawrence MORRIS and wife Ann DOYLE; witnesses Richard REDDIN and Archibald McDONALD; written 22 Apr 1865

FLYNN, Edward - son James; wife Catherine; daughter Elizabeth; Rev. Thomas PHELAN; executors Thomas CURRAN and Patrick FURLONG; witnesses Peter McGRATH and Patrick BEARNEY; written 12 Aug 1857

FLYNN, Charles - brother John; (late) sisters Margaret and Mary; Margaret RYAN; executors Martin James MURPHY and Richard READY; witnesses John FORRISTAL, Simon FORRISTAL; written 16 Dec 1889

FLYNN, James (Lot 34) - wife Bridget; son James Junior; son Edward; son Matthew; daughters Catherine and Mary Ann - all children under 16 years of age; executors Patrick HAYES of Tracadie Road and William LANGE of Little York; witnesses John McLEAN; William LANGE and Donald FLINN; written 16 Dec 1866

FLYNN, John (Lot 35) - wife (unnamed); son Thomas; P KIELY; J. COURT; "youngest" daughter Bridget; witnesses Peter KIELY and Patrick KIELY; dated 10 Mar 1880

FLYNN, Michael, Sr. - wife Flora McISAAC; witnesses Patrick O'DONNELL and Patrick CARROLL; dated 14 Mar 1859

FORGAN, Susan K. - widow of William; daughter Mary; executrix Mary FORGAN; witnesses Edward J. HODGSON, Charles E. McKINNON; signed "Susan Kemys Forgan"; written 4 Nov 1885

FURLONG, Patrick - wife not named; son James; son Lawrence; unmarried daughters Bridget, Margaret and Catherine; son Thomas; daughter Mary Ann; executors James FURLONG and unnamed wife; witnesses Isaac THOMPSON and William THOMPSON; written 1 Feb 1868

HALFPENNY, Andrew (Charlottetown) -labourer; property a town lot (#93 of 1st hundred of town lots in Ch'town); sons James, Patrick, Henry; wife Anne HALFPENNY; son Andrew; daughters Bridget and Margaret; grandsons Andrew GRENNAN and Patrick SMITH; executors - John A. McKENNA, Charles RILEY (?) of Charlottetown; written 26 May 1868, proved 21 Jan 1869

HARRINGTON, John (Lot 22) - wife Nancy; son Timothy; unmarried daughters, not named; son John; executors William BOWLAN and William HAGAN of Hope River; witnesses Joseph HARRINGTON and William BOWLEY; written 1 Mar 1883

LANDRIGAN, James - wife Mary Ann McAULAY; brother David; (children not named); trustee David LANDRIGAN; witnesses Laughlan McDONALD and John L. McDONALD; written 8 Feb 1874

LANDRIGAN, John (Lot 34) - sons James and Dennis; son John; executors Edward MULLENS, Simon POWER; witnesses John FITZPATRICK, John HUGHES

McGILLIVRAY, Alexander - Rev. Joseph WESSEL of Annapolis; Rt Rev Peter McINTYRE; executor Rev. William GRANT; witnesses A. J. McDONALD and John CORBETT; written 27 Jun 1883

McGILLIVRAY, Christy Anne - executors Aeneas McDONALD and Joseph McDONALD; witnesses Augustine McDONALD and Donald McINTYRE; written 24 Jan 1889

McGILVRAY, John (Lot 65) - Murdoch McLEOD; son Neil; son Duncan; daughter Ann (wife of Neil LAMONT); daughter Flora (wife of Neil McKINNON); executors Ann LAMONT and Flora McKINNON; witnesses Charles BINNS and William FRASER; written 28 Nov 1883

McGILLVRAY (MacGILVARY), Mary - "widow"; sister Malvina MacDONALD;executors Roderick R. MacDONALD of Georgetown and A. C. STEWART of Georgetown; witnesses John DUFF and A. C. STEWART; written 18 Mar 1881

McISAAC, Allan - mother Marjorie; wife Charlotte; executors John CLARK of Cascumpec and Angus McMILLEN of Summerside; witnesses Daniel ARNAUX(?) and William QUIGLEY(?); written 11 Aug 1868

McISAAC, Angus (Lot 47) - son Dougald; son John; daughter Margaret; daughter Flora; executor Donald STEELE of Cardigan; witnesses Ronald McCORMACK and Angus CAMPBELL; wirtten 20 Jun 1878

McISAAC, Donald (Lot 42) - Mary McKINNON, Catherine McISAAC, Sarah McPHEE (no relationship given); executor Angus D. McKINNON; witnesses Michael McISAAC and John O Henley; no date given

McISAAC, John (Lot 8) - wife Margaret; son Angus; Neil McISAAC; son John; daughter Sarah; executors Ronald McDONALD and John McISAAC (Neil's son); witnesses D. G. RAMSAY, Ronald McDONALD and John McISAAC; written 19 Apr 1878

McISAAC, John (Lot 45) - John McDONALD; Rev. P. McINTYRE; Rev D. F. McDONALD; servant Elizabeth SMITH; wife Christy; son James (not 21); executors Michael McCORMACK and John McKINNON (both of Souris); witnesses Angus McPHEE and Alex. GILLIS; written 8(?) Nov 1869

McISAAC, Neil (Lot 9) - son John; son Michael; son Bruno; son Allan; son Alfred; daughter Maggie; daughter Matilda; daughter Mary Ann McALLER; daughter Theresa; daughter Elizabeth ("of unsound mind"); wife Nancy; son James; executors John McISAAC (Roderick's son) and Neil McPHERSON; witnesses James BARCLAY, Lorenzo RAMSAY; written 29 Dec 1887

MacPHEE, Donald - wife Margaret; executrix wife Margaret McPHEE; witnesses Angus MacEACHERN, Charles SERANIS(?) and David LACHY; written 15 May 1820

McPHEE, Angus - wife Catherine; sons Neil and Norman; daughters Flora, Joanna, Elizabeth, Catherine, Margaret, Ann and Mary (all unmarried?); son Archibald; executrix wife Catherine MacPHEE; witnesses Angus MacEACHERN, Allan McDONALD and Angus MacDONALD; written 10 Dec 1816

McPHEE, Archibald - wife Catherine; daughters Catherine, Mary Anne and Sarah Ann; youngest son Neil; son Hugh; son Archibald; executors brothers Ronald and Angus MacPHEE of Bear River Lot 44; witnesses Dougald McDONALD, Daniel McDONALD and Angus P. MacDONALD; written 9 Jan 1864

McPHEE, Alexander - daughters Jessie and Mary; daughters(?) Margaret, Christy and Catherine; sons Martin and Archibald; son(?) Murdoch; executor son Martin McPHEE; witnesses John McLEOD, Timothy MARTIN and Ewen MARTIN; written 9 Mar 1865

McPHEE, James - son William; son Michael; executor Archibald John MacDONALD of Georgetown; witnesses Joseph L. MacDONALD, James McPHEE, Jr. and Pius FLANAGAN; written 22 Jan 1880

McPHEE, Alexander - wife Nancy; Donald McPHEE; John McGILLAVARY; daughters Margaret, Emmy and Mary (unmarried); son Francis; daughter Christy; sons Angus, John and Donald; executors wife Nancy McPHEE and son Donald McPHEE; witnesses Donald McDONALD and Stephen KELLY; written (no date)

MacPHEE, Donald - son John; "the widow MacVARISH"; Ronald MacPHEE; wife Mary; executor Rev Donald Francis MacDONALD of Souris; witnesses James R. MacLEAN and Joseph M. McDONALD; written 28 May 1881

McPHEE, Donald - son Daniel; daughters Ann, Ellen and Jane; daughters(?) Eliza, Margaret, Mary Ann and Catherine; son Michael; executors Pius FLANNIGAN and James McPHEE of Georgetown; witnesses Archibald MacDONALD and Henry GRIFFIN; written 1 Sep 1881

McPHEE, John - son Herman; daughter Martha; John GRINSELL; Captain Ronald McDONALD; Ann McDONALD(?) "at present living in the house"; son James; Laughlin McDONALD; Lewis McEACHERN; Daniel McINTYRE; executors Paul McPHEE of Bear River and Neil McPHEE of New Harmony; witnesses D.J.G. McDONALD and Lewis McEACHERN; written 14 Apr 1880; codicil same date

McPHEE, Neil - son Angus (not yet 21); wife unnamed; son Michael; daughters Catherine Ann, Sarah Ellen and Mary Ann; executor Donald J. McPHEE; witnesses Stephen KELLY and Neil A. McPHEE; written 17 Jun 1880

McPHEE, John - wife (unnamed); Ben ACORN; John MORRISON; John BANKS; son William; John McPHEE; Ronald McDONALD; son John (not yet 21); William BLACKED; Allan MORRISON; daughters Sarah, Effy, Flora, Maggie and Christy; executors William McDONALD and Angus McLEAN; witnesses Samuel McDONALD, William McDONALD and Angus McLEAN; written 3 Dec 1877

MacPHEE, Murdoch - son Ronald; son Murdoch; son Angus; son William; son John; daughter Jessie; daughter Annie; daughter Katie; daughter Bessie; daughter Mary Ann; wife Flora; executor (none); witnesses Duncan CRAWFORD an Alexander BLUE(?); written 8 May 1883

McPHEE, John - Donald R. McDONALD (of St Margaret's); wife (unnamed); daughter Christy; son Archibald; daughter Penelope (wife of John D. McDONALD); grand-daughter Margaret McISAAC; sister Catherine; son Alexander; Mary (no surname or relationship); executors (none); witnesses Donald R. McDONALD and Paul McPHEE; written 28 Jan 1883

McPHEE, Donald - son Donald; wife Catherine; daughter Isabella; grandson Edward (now living with me"); executors "friends" Hugh McMILLAN and Donald NEVIN of Lot 31; written 26 Jul 1884

McPHEE, John - son William; executor son William McPHEE; witnesses William McPHERSON and Hugh McPHEE; written 8 Jan 1885

McPHEE, Donald - eldest daughter Sarah; late John McDONALD; Michael D. McCORMACK; eldest son Hugh; daughter Catherine; son Michael; neice Julia Ann McPHEE; executor (none given); witnesses Angus McPHEE and Ronald McCORMACK; written 29 Jan 1885

McPHEE, Roderick - son Angus; Monald B. McCORMACK; Neil McCORMACK; son Paul; daughter Ellen; wife Catherine; executor (none named); witnesses Michael D. McCORMACK and Michael McPHEE; written 12 Nov 1886

McPHEE, Neil - son James; wife Mary; son Peter; Willie McEACHERN (no relationship given); executors Hugh McAULAY (of Souris Line Road) and James HARNY(?) of New Harmony; witnesses Stephen McAULAY and John McDONALD; written 3 Apr 1889

McPHEE, Peter - son Charles; son Angus; daughter Mary; daughter Catherine; son James; Natus McPHEE; son Janus; Rev Daniel McDONALD; Rev Charles MacDONALD; executors (none named); witnesses Archibald J. MacDONALD and John J. MORRISON; written 5 Sep 1885. Codicil (same date) adds Rev Stephen PHELAN and Rev John McMULLEN; witnesses Archibald J. MacDONALD and T. McDONALD

McPHEE, Pius - wife Sarah; Neil P. McPHEE; Leo McCORMACK; John J. McPHEE; George LESLIE; daughter (unnamed, not of age); executors (none named); witnesses Michael D. McCORMACK and James P. McPHEE; written (no date)

McPHEE, John - George WARREN; son Allan; son Daniel (in the US); executor son Allan McPHEE; witnesses Benjamin DesBRISAY and George HUGHES (druggist of Charlottetown); written 23 May 1879

McPHEE, Felix - nephew John McPHEE (Hector's son; "now abroad"); grand-neice, Flora Ann McPHEE (Neil's daughter); nephew Neil McPHEE (Hector's son; of Little Harbour); brother Clement; sister Christina(?); sister Nancy; executors nephews Neil McPHEE and Peter McPHEE (Hector's sons); witnesses Michael J. FOLEY, Michael H. McDONALD and Clement McPHEE; written 3 Feb 1890

McPHEE, Ewen - son Archibald; daughter Ellen; daughter Catherine (widow of Hector McLEAN); daughter Flora Ann (wife of Neil McKENZIE); son Paul; executors son Paul McPHEE, Donald McDOUGALL (farmer of Canoe Cove) and John McLEAN (teacher of Long Creek); witnesses Neil McKENZIE and Dugald CURRIE; written 2 Aug 1888

NOONAN, Jeremiah - children Thomas, Daniel, Abraham, Patrick, John, William, Johanna CASADY, Margaret McLEAN, Ellen DUIGAN and Sarah MURDOCH; wife Ellen; son Joseph; executors Solomon WRIGHT and Dugald WRIGHT, both of Searltown; witnesses Peter WADMAN(?) and John HAYS; written 23 Aug 1869

NOONAN, Patrick - son William; son Jeremiah; daughter Emma J.; wife Eliza Ann (wife of William WISE); son John Henry; Dugald McNUTT, Esq. of Malpeque; Donald S. McLELLAN, Esq. of Indian River; Phillip ROACHE of Darmley; executors Angus McLELLAN (Augustine's son) and James McLELLAN (Roderick's son) both of Indian River; witnesses John McLELLAN, James RAMSEY and ?. S. GILLIS; written 21 Jun 1888

REID, James - son Richard; son William; wife Mary; daughters Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Catherine; "Mary CAIE of Tignish"; witnesses John WOODMAN and Joseph LANACK(?); dated 6 Nov 1865; CODICIL - daughter Elizabeth; Alexander LARKIN; John REID; Thomas FOY(?); witnesses Edward BURKE and Wm Henry BURCHFIELD(?); codicil dated 6 Dec 1865

REID, John (Lot 63) - son Alexander; wife (unnamed); children Ann, Charlotte, Jane, Jean, Elizabeth, John, (illegible name), Daniel and Janet; executors son Alexander REID, Andrew MILLAR and David MacCLEAR(?); witnesses ??? McKAY and Andrew MILLAR; written 13 Jan 1865

READ, REV. John Herbert - neices Emily, Susan and Fanny (daughters of brother Chester) of Penzance, Cornwall, England; brother Charles READ; borther George Daniel READ; executors Percy POPE of Charlottetown and Charles READ of Penzance; witnesses F. L. HASZARD(?) and Oliver RATTENBURY; written 30 Jul 1886

REID, Martin - wife Bridget; son James; son Martin; son Thomas; daughter Ellen; son John; Mrs McDONALD; executors Rev Thomas PHELAN and "my brother, James REID, merchant of Charlottetown"; witnesses Richard Bernard REID and James McQUAID; written 27 Apr 1857

READ, Rosara - widow of Ephram READ; "his daughter" Arlotte; "his sons" David and Richmon; "our son" David Perrington; "our son" Charles Richmon"; witnesses Alexander LAIRD and Thomas Whittemore READ; written 3 Aug 1883

REID, Richard - daughter Maggie; daughter Julia; daughter Elizabeth Emily; son Martin; son Edward (in US); son John; wife Johanna; son Richard; executors Rev John A. McINTYRE and James CARR (son-in-law of Millvale); witnesses James HENDERSON and Samuel ARBING; written 4 Oct 1888




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