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Exerpts from Ezra Williams's Pension File
Williams Family in Wethersfield, CT
Williams Family in New Jersey


 Obituary for Martha Dennis Williams McQuiston
  (Widow of Ezra Williams and Murdock McQuiston)

  From Meadville Evening Republican
  Thursday, January 31, 1901


Martha Dennis Williams McQuiston is buried among other McQuistons in the Lakeview Cemetery at the bottom tip of Conneaut Lake between routes 322 and 429.


Robert Bryant Williams
Youngest member of Co. E, 111th PA.Vol. Infantry
Photo taken in Pittsburgh about February 1864.
The veteran's stripe on Robert's sleeve,
indicates he had already reenlisted.
Photo from Crawford Co. Historical Society
Courtesey of Pat Knierman and David Strong
Robert Bryant Williams,
  Son of Ezra Williams and Martha Dennis
  Picture Courtesey of David Strong

See letters written by Robert Williams
while serving in the Union Army.




 Amos Clark Williams,
  (Youngest son of Ezra Williams and Martha Dennis)

  Picture Courtesey of John Edward Hamilton



Alternate Genealogy for Samuel Williams

Lyle Keith Williams claims that this Samuel Williams, the father of Moses Williams, is the son of Miles (4), son of Samuel (3), son of Thomas (2), son of Matthew (1). Source:The Williams Families of New Jersey (Descendants of Matthew Williams of Wethersfield, Connecticut) by Lyle Keith Williams, Anderson Publishing Co., 1998.

The line shown in the Williams Descendant Tree (Samuel son of Joseph, son of Joseph, son of Samuel, son of Matthew) is from family records as compiled by Paul Gamble of New Wilmington, PA, who cites History of Elizabeth, N.J., Hatfield 1868; Will Abstracts-New Jersey Archives; & records of 1st Presbyterian Church of Elizabeth.



Exerpt from Personal History written by Glenroie McQueen,
son of Cynthia Dennis and Thomas McQueen.

"I have a vivid recollection of the comet of 1861, and of standing by the well curb where we drew the water for family use, and of hearing the grown ups talking of how the comet portended the breaking out of the war between the North and the South.

One of my Uncles, Ezra Williams, husband of my mother's oldest sister, and father of nine dependent children, was among the first to volunteer for service in the Northern army. Ezra was soon killed in battle, or died from sickness, or was among the missing. At any rate he never came back, nor was he ever heard from. Ezra's oldest son, Robert, likewise volunteered. Rob was under eighteen, too young for the service, but as heard explained, he wrote "18" on a piece of paper which he placed in the bottom of his shoe, and so swore he was over "18"."

Thanks to Karl Dennis. Also available at Meadville Public Library



Conneaut Lake Civil War Monument
This monument is located in the center of Conneaut Lake Town. It lists E. Williams under "Died in Hospital".



These are 7 children of Ezra Williams:
front row, left to right - Anna (MaryAnn) McMichael, Sarah McQueen, Charlotte Doane, Samuel Williams
back row - Josephine Nichols, Robert B. Williams, Amos Williams

Thanks to Roma Hamilton for above identification