Descendants of Philip Helmer "The Helmer Family: Philip Helmer (The Pioneer) and his Descendants", compiled by Pascoe W. Williams.

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John I. Helmer

John I. Helmer, (John G., Godfrid, Lendert, Phillip), was born at Palatine, Montgomery County, August 30, 1788. He married Elizabeth (Betsy) Walrath, and moved to the Town of Pike, Wyoming County, N. Y., about the year 1822.

1. Zebulon, born July 29, 1813. Baptized February 6, 1814 at Fort Plain. Sponsors Peter Brown and Nancy, his wife.
2. James.
3. Oshea.
4. John D., born March 4, 1819, at Canajoharie, N. Y.
5. Sally.
6. Jemima.
7. Maria.
8. Jelany.
9. Herman Knox.
10. Leonard.
Two of these children died in infancy.

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John G. Helmer in the Revolution

John G. Helmer (Godfrid, Lendert, Phillip), was born at Palatine Montgomery county, on either January 15th or February 15th, 1758. His pension record gives the latter  date while the family Bible gives the first date a discrepancy of one month in the two records. His parents were Godfrid Helmer and his second wife Anna Margaret _____.

John G. Helmer served as a private in the Revolutionary War. In his pension papers he refers to several periods of service, He entered the service in January, 1777,  as a militia man. At that time he was a resident of the Town of Canajoharie, Tryon County, now Montgomery County. He was attached to Colonel Cox's Regiment,  Capt. William Cox, and went with that Regiment to Ticonderoga against the British and Indians until March 17, 1777, when he returned home.

Additional Names for the Oriskany Roster.

In July, 1777, he went under the command of Capt. Peter Bowman, in Colonel Cox's Regiment, to Unadilla. He served at the Battle of Oriskany under General Hermiker  on August 6, 1777. After assisting to remove the wounded to Herkimer, he returned to Oriskany to bury the dead. His brother-in-law Captain Peter Bowman and Lieutenant  Campbell are mentioned as among those killed at Oriskany. Captain Peter Bowman (Bauman) was the first husband of Catherine Helmer, sister of John G. Helmer. He later served at Saratoga under Captain John Bowman, brother of Captain Peter Bowman killed at Oriskany. At another time he served in Captain Gray's Company in Colonel Gansevoort's Regiment of the New York Line of Continental troops.

In his pension application he also mentions that his was killed at the Battle of Oriskany, but does not give the name of this brother. He had one half-brother Leonhart and three brothers Godfrid Jr., born January 31, 1760, Joseph (Joost) born February 8, 1762, and Henry born August 20, 1764. The brother he mentions as killed at the Battle of Oriskany must have beem wither Leonhart or Godfrid, Jr., as Joseph and Henry were both alive after the close of the Revolution. Or could it have been another brother of which we have no record?

John G. Helmer resided in Montgomery county until September, 1827,and removed to Pike, then Allegany County now Wyoming county. He died August 5, 1837 and is buried at Theresa, Jefferson County, N. Y. His tombstone in the Old Cemetery reads "John G. Helmer died August 5, 1837, ae. 79 y. -- A Revolutionary Patriot of '76."

John G. Helmer was one of a family of nine children. In his pension record he refers to his birth as February 15, 1758. The old family Bible gives the date of his birth as follows:

"1758, my second son was born the 15 of January (John G.) and was taken to the Holy Christening the 5th of March; the christening witnesses are these, Johann Helmer and Margaret Heltze."

Affidavit of Robert Flint

From the affadavit of Robert Flint born in March, 1757, accompanying the pension application of John G. Helmer, it will be seen that Robert Flint was not at the Battle of Oriskany, being unable to go on account of lameness. Robert Flint served at other times during the Revolution. He was born in Montgomery County and was a resident of Pike, Wyoming (formerly Allegany) County on September 28, 1832.

Children of John G. Helmer

John G. Helmer married Magdelena or Margaret Ehle about 1780 to 1785. Having no definite date of their marriage, this date is only approximate, being arrived at
only from the dates of the birth of their children. Can anyone supply he exact date of their marriage? Magdalena Ehle was born about 1760. Her name appears in the record of the St. Johnsville Dutch Reformed Church as Magdelena, but in later years she seems to have been known as Margaret.

John G. Helmer and his wife Magdalena Ehle were the parents of six children:

1. Anna (Nancy) born October 2, 1786.
2. Johannes (John L.) born August 30, 1788. Sponsers Johannes Ehle and Elizabeth Ehle.
3. Christian, born March 27, 1791. Sponsers Henry Nellis and Christina Helmer, his wife.
4. Gottfird, born December 30, 1793. Sponsers Anthony Ehle and Catharine Berhch (Barse,,)
5. Wlizabeth (Betsy) born June 14, 1796.
6. Mary (Polly). No date of her birth. She may have been the daughter mentioned in his pension application as being twenty years of age in 1820.

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Godfrid Helmer

Godfrid Helmer, (Lendert, Phillip), was born at Schoharie, N. Y., either December 17or 27, 1715. The record from the old family Bible written in German gives his
birth as December 17, 1715. The Kocherthal Church record gives the following record at Schoharie: "Johann Gottfrid, born Dec. 27, 1715, child of Leonhard and
Elizabeth Helmer; sponsers Gottfrid Ruhl and his wife. Baptized January 24, 1716." This is a discrepancy of ten days in the two records, which may be either
as a result of the records not being legible or a mistake in transcribing.

Godfrid Helmer probably moved with his parents to the Burnettsfield Patent about 1723. Thirty or more families from Schoharie settled on the land in Burnettsfield in 1723, and  were given land certificates. The Burnettsfield Patent was issued April 30, 1725, his parents both being patentees.

On July 14, 1751, he with his father and brother Johann Leonhart (Leonard, Jr.) weresigners of a "Statement of the Churches of the River and Stone Arabia,"
which is found in the Reformed Dutch Church at Fort Plain, formerly known as the Reformed Calvinist Church of Canajohary. This would indicate that he had moved to the vicinity of Fort Plain or Canajoharie, about twenty-five or thirty miles down the Mohawk Valley from Burnettsfield.

His will was dated March 14, 1765, at which time he was living in the vicinity of Canajoharie, now Montgomery County. Letters of administration were granted
March 25, 1784, to his son John Helmer of Canajohary District. There appears no record of the date of his death. His will mentions his wife Anna Margaretha
amd nine children, five sons and four daughters.

In his will Godfrid leaves to his eldest son Leonhart all the right to his estate and his saw mill till the "four sons of my deceased wife" shall become of age and
become equal  partners of it.

The question arises whether he may have had other children not mentioned in his will. If there were no other children than those mentioned in the will, then four
of these sons were by the first marriage. The four daughters wree older than three of the sons and were therefore also by the first marriage. This would leave
only one son, Henry the youngest, born Aug. 20, 1764, by the second marriage. The church record of Henry's birth states that his mother was Anna
Margaretha. The second wife of Godfrid Helmer.

Godfrid states in his will that his daugher Margaretha was to have the choice of living with any one of his sons during her life. This would indicate that she might
have been an invalid.

It is not believed that Godfrid, Sr., was a soldier in the Revolution. But he had a son Godfrid, Jr., who was probably a private in a company of Rangers (scouts)
in the Revolution. The scouts were usually much younger men and it was probably his son of the same name who had service.

Godfrid Helmer married (1st) April 6, 1737, Magdelena or Laura Ehle, and (2nd) Anna Margaretha ____. No date available of his second marriage.

If we assume that the four sons mentioned in his will are the four sons by his first wife, then the children would probably be as given in the list below. But it
must be emphasized that this arrangement is open to serious question.

Children probably by first marriage:

1. Leonhardt. No further definite record. Mentioned in his father's will, Has anyone any suggestion as to whom he married, etc.? There were two others by the name  of Leonard, whose records are unidentified and will be given later. One of these may be this son.
2. Elizabeth. Mentioned in her father's will. No further information.
3. Margaretha. Also mentioned in her father's will. She was probably an invalid as would be judged from the statement in her father's will to the effect that she
shoiuld have the privilege of living with any of his sons during her life.
4. Christina, born February 10, 1749 died June 24, 1827, married Henry Nellis, born October 3, 1746, died April 22, 1829. No record as to when they married.
She was probably his second wife. Did they have any children? Henry Nellis had one son Geo. H. born June 27, 1767, probably by his first marriage. There
were several men by the name of Henry Nellis in the Revolution. Does any one know if this Henry Nellis was one of them?
5. Catharine, married first September 7, 1767, Captain Peter Bowman (Baumann) kill August 6, 1777 at the Battle of Oriskany. The marriage record and pension
record give the name of her first husband as Peter not Adam as some people have written. No record of children by her first marriage. Catharine Helmer married
second Adolph Waldradt. Four children by her second marriage. Query, was Adolph Waldradt's first wife Anna Zimmerman? Both Captain Peter Bowman and
Adolph Waldradt were in the Revolution.
6. Johannes (John) born January 15, 1758, died August 5, 1837, married Magdalena (Margaret) Ehle, born 1760. He was a soldier in the Revolution. In his pension
application his name was given as John G. Helmer to distinguish him from several others of the same name. He was one of three men named John Helmer in the
same regiment and his service will be given later. Sponsers at his baptism March 5, 1758, were John Helmer and Margaret Helse (Hilts). John G. Helmer and
Magdelena Ehle were the parents of six children.
7. Godfrid, born January 31, 1760, baptized February 10, 1760. Sponsers Godfrid Humacher (Schumacher?) and his loved fiancee. No further record is found of
Godfrid Jr. He was probably a private in Captain John Winn;s Company of Rangers (scouts) in the Tryon County Militia. Was he the brother killed August 6, 1777
at the Battle of Oriskany? mentioned in the pension application of his brother John G. Helmer?
8. Joseph (Hanjost or just Joost) born February 3, 1762, baptized February 28, 1762. Sponsers Jost Kios and Elizabeth, his wife.Joseph married September 16,
1786-8, Susanna Flint, daughter of Alexander (Sander) Flint. Josepg Helmer served in the First Regiment, Tryon County Militia, commanded by Colonel Samuel
Campbell. He was at the Battle of Johnstown. Eight children.
9. Henry, born August 20, 1764, baptized Septmeber 2, 1764. Sponsers Henry Nellis and his wife. Henry Helmer married November 4, 1792, Catherine McCaffery, born 1770, died 1837. Six Children.

Godfrid Helmer's Will

In the name of God, Amen, the fourteenth day of March, 1765, I, Godfrey Helmer of Canajohary, Albany County, N.Y., being very sick and weak in body,
I leave to my beloved wife Anna Margaretha 50 acres of land in the New Patent, No. 118 granted to George Klock "in company for her" while my widow;
also the remainder of the estate I now live upon as long as she will stay by all my children as my widow.

Unto my beloved son Leonhart all the right of said estate and my saw mill to be commander of it till my four sons of my deceased wife, being of age, to
become equal partners of it.

Unto my son Johannes 120 acres of New Patent No. 7.

Unto my son Godfrid 100 acres of New Patent No. 53. Unto my son Joost 100 acres of New Patent No. 101. Unto my son Henry 100 acres of New Patent No. 154.

Lots Nos. 7 and 53 must deliver timber for the saw mill and timber fencing and fire wood for the said farm.

Unto my four daugthers namely Elizabeth, Margaretha, Christina and Catharina 5 pounds each to be paid by my sons equally when demanded by my daughters.

My daughter Margaretha to have the choice of living with any one of my sons during her life.

The loose estate to be undivided until my children are of age or one of my daughters shall marry, to take two cows if there is a stock of creatures not to be "hurted" to the family.

I make Daniel Miller and Jacob Kraus both of Canajoharie executers.

                     GODFREY HELMER
Note -- Letters of administration were granted March 25, 1784, to John Helmer of Canajohary District, Montgomery County, the second son mentioned in this

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Lendert Helmer

Lendart Helmer, son of Phillip, was a Burnsfield Patentee, being granted Lot 21 of 100 acres on the North side of the Mohawk river. His wife Elizabeth
(probably Ruhl or Riegel) was granted Lt 14 of 100 acres also on the North side of the river. This Patent was granted April 30, 1723. While there appears
to be no deinifite record of his birth, we can assume the date of his birth by that of the birth of his eldest son Godfrid born either Dec. 17 or 27, 1715. The old family Bible gives the date of Godfrid's birth as Dec. 17, 1715, while the Kockerthal Church record gives his birth as Dec. 27, 1715 and his baptism as Jan. 34, 1716. In Lendert Helmer's will he mentions Godfrid as his eldest son.

Lendert Helmer was naturalized October 11, 1715, at which time he was living at Scholraie, N. Y.. In the census of 1710 he is probably one of the two men
of the Helmer family. This would place the approximate date of his birth as from 1690to 1692; possibly as late as 1694, but not later.

Lendeart Helmer lived to a very old age. His will was dated June 27, 1781, and probated April 28, 1791. No mention of his wife was made in his will, so
it is probable that she had died previously. His will mentions two sons Phillip and Johannes (John), heirs of deceased eldest son Godfrid; grandson Hansjost of Johannes to whom was given a large Bible; his brother Adam and son Hendrick A.; his daughters Maria Margred wife of John Headcock (Hatcock);
Gerroud wife of Jacob Krouss; Anna Magdalena wife of Philip Peer; and Elizabeth wife of Peter Eygenbrodt.

The witnesses of his will were Johannes Nellis, Johannes Flander and Richard Young.

The executers of his will were Colonel Peter Waggoner, Peter Wormwood of Palatine and Peter Dygert of Canajohary.

His will mentions seven of his children. There is ample proof in the Stone Arabia Reformed Church record and in deed records of another son Johann Leonhardt,
known as Leonard, Jr., who probably died before the date of his father's will.

Lendert Helmer and his wife Elizabeth had the following children:

1. Godfrid, born Dec. 17 or 27, 1715, at Schoharie. Sponsers Godfrid Ruhl and wife, Godfrid Helmer married (1st) April 6, 1737, Magdalena or Laura Ehle and
(2nd) Anna Margaretha _____. Nine children.
2. Phillip. No further record. There were three Phillips of this generation and what little information available is confusing. Can anyone supply any further
3. Johann Leonhaddt, knownas Leonard, Jr., married before 1751, Catherine Nellis, born Jan. 18, 1724. died Aug. 20, 1805, aged 81 years, 7 months, 2 days
(tombstone record.) She was the daughter of Christian Nellis and Baalis (Barbara) Klock and gradndaughter of Hendrick Klock, pioneer. One son by this marriage.
Catherine Nellis married for her second husband Col. Jacob Klock. No children by this marriage.
4. Anna Magdelena, born about 1720, married Dec. 15, 1741, Phillip Peer (Pier). Two children.
5. Johnes (John) married Feb. 7, 1760, Gertrude Bell, daughter of Frederick Bell. Four children.
6. Maria Margred, married befre July 15, 1766, John Headcock (Hatcock).
7. Gertroude, married before 1751, Jacob Krouss Jr. (son of Jacob Krouss Sr.). Two children.
8. Elizabeth, married before 1765, Peter Eygenbrodt. Two children.

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