Descendants of Peter Henderson Sr. and Lucille Boardman
Descendants of Peter Henderson Sr. and Lucille Boardman

     The Henderson family and events in and around Shinglehouse, PA. The family goes back to Lemington, Northumberland, by way of St. Helens, Lancashire, UK then Jeannette, PA, and Fairchance, PA.
Cuthbert Henderson 
Jane Charlton
 Robert Forster 
   m. Feb 26, 1781, Newburn, NBL
Elizabeth Walker
   William b. July 16, 1802
    John    b. Dec 26, 1803
   Thomas b. Mar 6, 1806
   Heath b. May 12, 1808
   Cuthbert b. Dec. 11, 1810
   Isabella b. Sept 14, 1799
   Sarah b. Nov 29, 1802

0 William Henderson  b. July 16, 1802 Lemington, Northumberland.
          m. Apr. 1, 1826 Warrington, Lancs.
    Sarah Forster b. Nov. 29, 1802 Newburn, Northumberland.

         1 Cuthbert Henderson b. Abt. 1828, Warrington, Lancs.
         1 Jane Henderson        b. Abt. 1830, Warrington, Lancs.
         1 Robert Henderson    b. Abt. 1832, St. Helen's, Lancs.
         1 William Henderson   b. Abt. 1835, St. Helen's, Lancs.
         1 Peter Henderson b. August 17, 1839 Sutton, Lancs.
           m. May 6, 1860
           Margaret Ashcroft b. Mar. 14,1841, Bickerstaffe, Lancs. 

0 James Boardman        0 Thomas Melling

1 Thomas Boardman b. Abt. 1835, Newton, Lancs.
     m. July 18, 1859, Farnworth Parish, Widnes, Lancs.
   Mary Melling         b. Abt. 1830, Holland Moor, Lanc

    2 Thomas Boardman b. Abt. 1860
    2 James Boardman b. Abt. 1863

          2 Peter Forster Henderson b. 1/22/1860, St. Helens, Lancs.
                                                  d. 3/6/1927, Endicott NY

    2 Lucille Boardman b. 3/19/1864, St. Helens, Lancs.
                                 d. 12/26/1913, Fairchance, PA

m. November 24, 1881 St, Helens, Lancs.

3 Thomas Henderson, b.2/12/1882, St. Helens, Lancs. d. 1948
   Coral O'Dell b. June 24, 1886, d. February 1975

3 Peter Henderson b. April 20, 1884, d. January 8, 1953
                        m1. July 18, 1908
   Allie Chaffee b. July 2, 1888, d. January 25, 1939

  m2.  Anna (Paul) Mather b. July 26, 1885 d. February 8, 1978

3 Nellie Henderson (adopted) b.August 10, 1897 d. 2/1972
  m. Charles Richelieu b. January 4, 1892 d. July 1968 

           2 Ada Henderson 
           2 Clara Henderson 
           2 Jane Henderson 
           2 Margaret Henderson 
           2 Thomas Henderson 
b. Abt. 1871, St. Helen's, Lancs.
b. Abt. 1873, St. Helen's, Lancs.
b. Abt. 1874, St. Helen's, Lancs.
b. Abt. 1879, St. Helen's, Lancs.
b. Abt. 1880, St. Helen's, Lancs.
2 Jane Boardman
2 Charles Boardman


b. Abt. 1867
b. Abt. 1871


The 1881 English census lists Peter Sr.'s family in St. Helens, Lanc.:

Peter HENDERSON,  41 Head Glass Maker
Margaret, 40 Wife
Peter, 20 Son Glass Maker
Ada, 10 Dau
Clara, 8 Dau
Jane, 7 Dau
Margaret, 2 Dau
Thomas, 1 Son
1871  UK Census, Eccleston Lancashire 76, Page 89. 101 Albion St.
Peter Henderson Head 31 Mar M Flint Glassmaker Lancashire, Sutton
Margh. Wife 30 Mar F Dressmaker Lancashire, Bickerstaffe
Peter Son 10 Un M Scholar Lancashire, Windle
Ellen Daur 7 Un F Scholar Lancashire, Windle
Ada Daur 7mo Un F Lancashire, Eccleston
1871 UK Census, St. Helens, (West Sutton Ward) Lancashire. 37 Pilkington Row
William Henderson Head 68 Mar M Glass Maker Newburn, Northumberland
Sarah Wife 68 Mar F Newburn, Northumberland
William Son 37 Un M Glass Maker St. Helens, Lancashire
Thomas Son 30 Un M Glass Maker St. Helens, Lancashire
1861 UK Census, Sutton Lancashire. 10 Pilkington Row
William Henderson Head 58 Mar M Glass Maker Lemington, Northumberland
Sarah Wife 59 Mar F Sutton, Lancashire
Robert Son 29 Un M Glass Maker St. Helen's, Lancashire
Thomas Son 18 Un M GlassMaker St. Helen's, Lancashire
1851 UK Census, Sutton Lancashire, 75. No. 13 Pilkington Row
William Henderson Head 48 Mar M Crown Glass Maker Lemington, Northumberland
Sarah Wife 48 Mar F Newburn, Northumberland
Cuthbert Son 23 Un M Crown Glass Maker Warrington, Lancashire
Robert Son 18 Un M Crown Glass Maker Warrington, Lancashire
William Son 16 Un M Crown Glass Maker St. Helens, Lancashire
Peter Son 11 Un M Crown Glass Maker (Assist) St. Helens, Lancashire
Thomas Son 9 Un M Scholar St. Helens, Lancashire
T.C. Barker, "The Glassmakers", Widenfeld & Nicolson, 1977, which is a history of Pilkington Glass in St Helens, has a payroll from 1849 that lists a P. Henderson. This might be Peter Sr.'s father Peter (who would have been 8 yrs, and who was earning the lowest wage 3s/week). Pilkington Row, while listed as being in Sutton is actually in St. Helen's, and was part of a set of workers houses on the grounds of  the Pilkington factory. It has since disappeared, with buildings where the row houses were. William Henderson was born in Lemington, Northumberland, which is very close to Newcastle, near the Scottish border. There was a Crown Glass works in Lemington, called the "Lemington Glass Works". Newburn is close by to Lemington.

Peter Sr. and his sons Peter Jr. and Thomas Sr. were glassworkers. They arrived in the US in 1888, and were naturalized August 28,  1896. There was a glass industry in Jeannette at that time, and  Peter Sr., Thomas Sr., and Peter Jr. all worked there. They are listed in the 1900 census in Jeannette, and in the 1910 census Thomas and Peter Jr. were in Shinglehouse, PA,. working at  the Palmer Window Glass factory in Shinglehouse, PA. In 1910 Peter Sr., Lucy and Nellie were in Fairchance, Fayette Co. PA. In 1920 Peter Jr. and family were still in Shinglehouse, but Thomas Sr. and family were in Endicott, Broome Co., NY.

Thomas Henderson was on (at least) the 1910 and 1916 Shinglehouse baseball teams. The 1936 Golden Jubilee and 1956 sesqui-centennial editions of the Oswayo Valley Mail have pictures of these two teams.

The National Archives has a microfilm of the immigration cards for Peter H., Ellen H. and  Lucy H. that were filled out on their arrivals in New York City, and Philadelphia, and ships passenger lists for those voyages.

                    Lucy, Peter and Thomas from St. Helens to Philadelphia. Kensington, arriving Nov. 26, 1894.
                              Peter was naturalized in Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., PA on Aug 28, 1896.
                    Peter from St. Helens to NYC. SS Campania, lv. Liverpool July 28, 1900 arr. Aug. 4, 1900.
                    Lucy from St. Helens to NYC. SS Lucania, lv Liverpool  arr. New York July 18, 1901.
                    Peter  and an Ellen Henderson from St. Helens to NYC. SS Lucania lv Liverpool 6/21/1902 arr. 7/28/1902.

Lucy died in 1913 in Fairchance, PA, and is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Fairchance. According to the family Peter H. Sr. married a second time to Mary Wilcox. According to the family Nellie (Ellen?) was adopted, was a cousin, and later married Charles Richelieu who owned the Richelieu Theatres in Bellefonte, PA and Clearfield, PA (Union, PA?). Eventually Charles R. and Nellie sold the theatres and moved to Florida (Bradenton FL?). It seems reasonable that this is the Ellen who came with Peter from Liverpool in 1902. However, Nellie Richelieu's SS-5 application lists her maiden name as Patton, born in Fairchance.

The glass factory in Shinglehouse made cylinder glass, a technique that was replaced by float glass in the early 20's, and the factory went out of business about then. The factory also relied on natural gas for its furnaces, and the supply was running out about then. In the 20's Peter Jr. left Allie and the kids and moved to Endicott, NY. He remarried, to Anna (Paul) Mathers, and worked for IBM for more than 25 years. After his son Kenneth graduated from High school, and married Marion Nichols, they moved to Endicott, and he also worked for IBM. After Marion's father Earl died they moved back to Shinglehouse and lived near the Nichols family farm.

Peter H. Sr. died in Endicott, (buried in Riverhurst Cem., Endicott NY) as did Peter Jr.(buried Vestal Hills Mem. Park, Vestal NY).  Thomas Henderson Sr., also lived and died  there (he and Coral are buried Riverhurst Cem., Endicott).

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