Descendants of Jacob Cramer and Sarah Elizabeth Miller
Descendants of Jacob Cramer and Sarah Elizabeth Miller

Jacob M. (1851-1900) and Sarah Elizabeth (Miller) Cramer's (1855-1931) had a daughter Mary Elizabeth Cramer (1878-1960) who married Charles John Rosenswie. Sarah E. Miller's parents were  Jonathon and Ann M. Miller.

Jacob Cramer and Sarah Miller

1880 East Huntingdon, Westmoreland Co., PA E.d. 91 Sheet 4 Line 21, Film T-9 1203
Jac. M. Cramer Head 28 PA PA PA
Sarah E. Wife 25 PA PA PA
Mary E. Dau 1 PA PA PA
    Occ: Laborer  
1880 East Huntingdon,Westmoreland Co., PA E.d 92 Sheet 18 Line 28, Film T-9 1203
Jonathon Miller Head 53 PA PA PA
Ann M. Wife 53 PA PA PA
Daniel Son 22 PA PA PA
George F. Son 19 PA PA PA
Josiah W. Son 16 PA PA PA
Margaret Dau 14 PA PA PA
J. Nelson Son 11 PA PA PA
Silas A. Son 9 PA PA PA
Occ: (Jonathon) Tenant Farmer
1900 Westmoreland Co, Mt. Pleasant E.d. 122 Sheet 11 Line 71
Jacob M. Cramer Head Dec 1851 48 PA
Sarah E. Wife Mar 1855 45 PA
Mary E. Dau Nov 1878 21 PA
Ann M. Dau July 1881 18 PA
John F. Son Jan 1885 15 PA
Philip D.  Son Aug 1889 10 PA
Harry Son July 1896 6 PA
Celia M.  Dau May 1896 4 PA
Nancy M. Dau Dec 1898 1 PA
Married 23 Years 8 child, 7 living Occ: Day Laborer

Celia and Nancy, according to their SS-5's, were born in Kecksburg, Westmoreland County, PA. This is a little north and east of Mount Pleasant.

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