Mike Henderson

Benjamin Franklin Nichols and Samantha Dorotha Jones

The Nichols family and events in and around Shinglehouse, Potter Co., PA.  The family goes back to Ipswich, MA by way of Reading, MA, then Worcester, MA,  Dummerston, VT, Bainbridge, NY and the Shinglehouse, PA. "Richard Nichols, The Immigrant", by George E. Nichols.

Myron Whipple Rounsavell and Jennie Plummer Ellingwood

The Rounsavell family in Kankakee Co., IN then Bluffton, OH,  Hayward, Ashland, and Cable WI. The Rounsavell's are another old family, that came from England in the 1600's. "Richard Rounsavell and his descendants (1687-1994)", by Brian Elliott Rounsavill, 1994.

Peter Henderson and Lucille Boardman

The Henderson family and events in and around Shinglehouse, Potter Co., PA and Endicott, Broome Co., NY. The family goes back to Newburn, Northumberland UK around 1800, by way of Warrington and  St. Helens, Lancashire, UK, Jeannette, Westmoreland Co., PA and Fairchance, Fayette Co. PA. They immigrated to the US in 1888, and were naturalized in 1896. They worked in the Window Glass industry in St. Helens and Jeannette, then came to Shinglehouse to work at the Palmer Window Glass Factory.

Albert Alonzo Chaffee and Rosalia Campbell Helmer

Pike, Wyoming Co., NY and Shinglehouse, Potter Co.,  PA. The Chaffee's are an old family, and described in "The Chaffee Family", by William Chaffee, 1909. The Helmer's go back the Palantine in Germany -- "The Helmer Family, Philip Helmer (The Pioneer) and his Descendants", compiled by Pascoe W. Williams, 1931.
Ichabod Warner and Hannah Ryther
Bernardston, MA, 1740's-1900, with several branches of thefamily moving to Potter Co., PA in the mid 1800's.

Charles Rosenzweig and Wilhelmina Burgard

The Rosenswie family and events in and around Shinglehouse, Potter Co., PA. The family goes back to Germany, near Frankfurt -- Altenwald, Offenburg, and Friedrichsthal. They came to Jeannette, Westmoreland Co., PA, then their sons moved to Eldred, PA to work in the glass factory in Shinglehouse, PA.

Jacob Cramer and Sarah Elizabeth Miller

East Huntington Township, Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania. 1850's-1900.

Americus McMahan and Anna Hood

Leith, Washington Co., OH 1850's-1930's.

William Henderson and Delcina Heckathorn

         East Liverpool, Columbiana County Ohio. 1880's.


In my grandmother's things were two newspapers from around the turn of the century, and several from the 40's and 50's.  They are the Ceres Mail (McKean Co., PA) and The Oswayo Valley Mail (Shinglehouse, Potter Co. PA). Both are linked from my Shinglehouse page.

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