Our line starting at Mayne Smith Meyer and Elaine Pearl Horn

Our line starting at

Mayne Smith Meyer and Elaine Pearl Horn

Generation 1

Mayne Smith Meyer

Elaine Pearl Horn

Generation 2

Ernest Emile Meyer and Esther Smith

William Allen Horn and Ethel Vera Thompson

Generation 3

Fredrick August Engelbert Meyer and Emilie Christian Hannibal

Isaac Smith and Margaret Alice Howson

Solomon Sturgess Horn and Catherine Hibbs

Thomas Thomson and Ruth Malinda Harnsberger

Generation 4

Frederick Heinrick Johannes Meyer and Anna Dorothea Elizabeth Jensen

Peter Christian Hannibal and Sophia Siverson

Isiah Smith and Ann Barron

Willliam Howson and Ellen Ollerton

Daniel Horn and Jane Mariah Bush

Mahlon Hibbs and Elizabeth Hurst

Joseph(John) Thompson and ??Hannah??

Wesley Harnsberger and Jane Alley

Generation 5

Moses Meyer and Sarah ??

Christian Jensen and Elsa Marie Christensen

Christian Hansen Hannibal and Bolette Jorgensen

Andreas Ole Siversen and Christine Marie Larsen



Charles Howson and Margaret Samples

John Ollerton and Alice Dandy

Daniel Horn and Susannah Croy

John Bush and Elizabeth Cullem

Mahlon Hibbs and Nancy Ann??

Jesse Hurst and Nancy McCarty

?? Thompson

?? Hannah??

Jacob Harnsberger and Catherine Harnsberger

Hosea Alley and Abigail Halsey

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