Descendents of John Anderson  

Descendents of John Anderson

John Anderson was born in 1731 in Antrim, Ireland and died Feb 1814 in Washington Twp, Westmoreland, PA.

These pages and the list below were put together to assist researchers of John Anderson and his wife Elizabeth ONLY. Their descendants are spread throughout the Americas and many are not surnamed Anderson. Click here to see known related surnames.

We're looking for researchers to join with us in researching John's descendents.

This webpage has an associated list. The purpose of this list is to allow researchers of John Anderson and his wife Elizabeth Wilson to share information. John and Elizabeth emigrated from Ulster about 1772, briefly settled in Lancaster Co, and then in Western Pennsylvania.

The line of Moses Thomas Anderson was researched by Lois V. Anderson. The line of Frances Anderson has been researched by Ralph Anderson, Shirley Anderson Mason, and Linda Mason Merle.

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What we know about John Anderson

John married Elizabeth Wilson in Ireland. He immigrated around1765 to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where he was from 1778 to 1782 Ruling Elder of the Middle Octoraro Reformed Presbyterian church. He appears on the 1786 Westmoreland Tax lists. His will was signed 4 Feb 1814 in Will Book 1 Page 10 Westmoreland Co Court. He was buried 1814 in the Polk Run Reformed Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

John was one of the founders of the first Covenantor Societies in the western Pennsylvania area, Puckety Creek. It met in his home for 30 years.

John's wife, Elizabeth Wilson was born in Ireland and is buried at the Poke Run Reformed Presby Church.

Where did John come from? Family history says that John and Elizabeth came from Antrim. In Antrim in the early 1700's, there was an Anderson family.  Like our Andersons here, they built mills. These Andersons originated in North Antrim, Dunluce to be specific. They appear in the 1630 muster lists.  In Ulster "Everyone Knows" these Andersons came in the 1500's with the McDonald family from Islay. Originally their name was "McGillander" or "son of the devotee of St. Andrews". There are still Andersons and McGillanders on Islay today.

They had the following children:

1.  John Anderson, born in Ireland, Tanner by trade, married Ann Kane. She was the aunt of a Rev William Kane, and early preacher at the Presbyterian Church in Freeport. They had one daughter, who died young. John presumedly pre-deceased his father since he is not mentioned in his will.

2   Elizabeth Anderson traveled at age 11 along the road that Brigadier General John Forbes had built in 1758 from Carlisle to PGH with her parents in the journey from Lancaster. She married Alexander Hunter, another Covenantor. The Puckety Creek Covenanter Society eventually became 3 churches. During the split in 1833, the children of Alexander and Elizabeth Hunter removed their hymnals, bibles, and dug up their ancestors from the church graveyard! They reburied them on part of John Anderson's original farm, where they are downright hard to find now without a weed whacker. Follow the link to see the Hunters' children.

Francis Anderson was born Aug 1774 in Conococheage Valley, Eastern PA. He settled about 1806 in Buffalo TWP, Butler County, PA, where he married Jane McGary. Francis was known as an Indian scout and a veteran of the War of 1812. He was the First Justice of the Peace of Butler Co. He died 23 Feb 1839 in Clinton Twp, Butler Co and was buried in the Westminster Cemetery. Francis is MY line, though he is also the ancestor of thousands of others.

4.  Robert Anderson was born 2 May 1776 in Conococheage Valley, Eastern PA and died 5 Jul 1846 in Westmoreland Co. He is buried in the Bull Creek Ref. Presby Church. Robert married Mahala Thomas on 25 Dec 1799 in Westmoreland Co, PA. Robert's descendents preserved much of what we know about John Anderson. He married Mahala Thomas on 25 Dec 1799 in Westmoreland Co, PA. His descendent Lois Anderson wrote an extensive history of the Robert Anderson line, from which much of this information is derived.

5.  William Anderson lived in Washington Twp, Westmoreland Co and later moved to Fall Creek Township, Wayne Co, OH. William married Margaret Haegerty. He was possibly killed by Indians. One on his descendants, Samuel Anderson became minister at College Springs, Iowa.

6.  James Anderson married Sarah Nelson and as usual produced a hefty brood of Andersons.

7.  George Anderson married Jane Jamison and had a houseful of children.

8.  Sarah Anderson was living at home unmarried when her father died. She later married Samuel Borland and they had three sons.

9.  Mary Anderson was born 1781 in Conococheage Valley, Eastern PA and never married. Apparently she had a disability.

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